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  1. Yes it was greyed out for us too in March. We attended interview and when asked to pay we went to the tax office and showed them our application form, there are two boxes which indicate the fee. They took the money off us (cash only), gave us a receipt which we took back to the Göç idaresi and that was it. We completed the process in mid May (offices were closed for a while) and got my card through the post this week. God luck Dona

  2. On 23/03/2020 at 20:48, REDDERS said:

    All GOC offices are closed until 6th April provisionally.


    Update on this. We were told that some Göç Idaresi offices were still open. We called 157 but they could not tell us if our local one is open. Today we drove in and were told by the official that yes, he remembers us and sending me to self isolate (our appointment was a few days after returning from UK). He said that are not processing RPs at the moment, but would probably start again around  mid April. He assured me that as we had finalised the application before the residence had expired there would be no problem.

    Stay safe folks.

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