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  1. IbrahimAbi

    Dutch guy dating a Turkish girl

    What about your family taking a trip to Turkey to meet her family? Ask her how she would feel about this.
  2. IbrahimAbi

    Residence Permit Procedure in Izmir

    I would bring the police clearance certificate anyway, it is very difficult to get once you have left Japan. Who knows when the rules will change. Also after one year you may wish to take up SGK (Turkish government health care) you will need your marriage certificate to get this.
  3. IbrahimAbi

    Turkish Property Site

    I will send you a PM
  4. Do you need a smartphone to use the lyrics training Ken?
  5. IbrahimAbi

    Turkish Pensions for Foreign Employees

    To be honest Fil, my info is at least 8 years old. The only ones of my (foreign) colleagues who could claim a pension were those with Turkish citizenship. I hope that i am wrong as I paid into the system for 7 years.
  6. IbrahimAbi

    Kolej Help

    If it is to be official then the Ministry of Education requires teachers to have a college degree in the subject that they are teaching and an officially recognised teaching certificate. I would be wary of schools that hire teachers without these qualifications.
  7. IbrahimAbi

    Health Insurance for over 65

    I believe that the SGK will cover you over 65, but as far as I know you do not need to provide evidence for residency if you are over 65
  8. IbrahimAbi

    Criminal Record Need to Know

    If possible you should get it from the country where you have lived for the last few years and bring it with you.
  9. IbrahimAbi

    Turkish Pensions for Foreign Employees

    Only foreigners who have taken Turkish citizenship are entitled to claim a pension, even if they have worked and paid their SGK contributions.
  10. Sounds great Ken, sounds like you have found a good one. We need to do more, too. I would like to watch more Turkish TV but I cannot stand the overacting.
  11. I get by, can make myself understood in most situations, and can get the drift of a conversation. I never really had lessons, we live too far from town and they tend to be intensive courses. Being British we also have problems with the names of tenses, future perfect, past imperfect, pluperfect etc means nothing to me even in English. My wife works hard at Duolingo each day and it is helping her. The other issue we have is that most of the Turks that we meet each day do not speak correct Turkish, or in full sentences either. For example the recent 'Iskan Bariş' is also referred to as 'Imar bariş' or 'Af' by others.
  12. IbrahimAbi

    30 awesome Turkish expressions to know before you go

    The only way to learn these is to practise them. The missus was not too happy when I told her that her mosque had fallen down but her Mihrab was still standing.
  13. IbrahimAbi

    Burglary in Turkey

    Excellent security advice, and covers most types of housing.
  14. We live in a village of about 80 people, 25km from town. We do not have immediate neighbours, the nearest are about 60m away. We have dogs (mainly because we love them), out fences can be climbed in about 4 seconds, they are to keep our dogs in, and other dogs out. Dogs are not really good for security as they can easily be poisoned. We have considered CCTV cameras, but this is not because we feel we need them, but it would be good to be able to see what the dogs are barking at, without going to look. It is normally wild boar.