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  1. Congratulations Pete. When you apply for a Turkish licence they will take your UK licence. Some people are not happy about that and get their UK licence translated and notarised. You can drive on this if you have a turkish RP, but need to leave the country and re-enter every 6 months. iyi Yolculuklar.
  2. The two different names are no problem as long as you have a marriage certificate in those same names. We have different names and have had RPs for 16 years. I really would not go to the trouble of changing names afterwards. too many certificates, licences and things in your old names
  3. Sorry, I don't know of one
  4. Hi, welcome to the Forum. Most of the people who use this Forum are actually foreigners living in Turkey, so any replies that you get may not be too representative.
  5. I think it is due to be paid twice a year, January and July, so it will depend on when you purchased and when it was last paid by the previous owner. I would wander along and ask what is due. Good luck
  6. You should go to the municipal office in the area that you live in (Belediye). You will need your title deeds (Tapu). You need to pay the building tax (bina vergisi) and the environment tax (Çevre vergisi). This may have changed a little recently as we have been given a tax break for 5 years, so have not paid it recently. Earthquake insurance (DASK) can be paid at any insurance company office. I hope that this helps Fada.
  7. You will need your passport and a Turkish foreigners' ID number (available from Göç idaresi office). The number is 11 characters and will start with a 99 for foreigners. you will need this number for just about all official work. The 120 day rule will not apply if the phone is bought in Turkey.
  8. Surely the security deposit was paid when the contract was signed. We had this in TRNC when we rented. It was one month's rent. We were contractually obliged to give one month's notice at the end, this we did and did not pay the final month rent in lieu of our deposit. Landlord was happy with that, as we gave access to his workers to paint the house while we were still living there so that he could re-rent it quickly.
  9. Wife will have to go through the same process. you will need to get your marriage certificate translated (if not in Turkish) and notarised. then she will be recognised as a dependent. personally I would put enough money in the bank for a few months (I would still work on 1000USD per month for two persons). I think the bank account will need to be a joint account or separate accounts for each of you.
  10. There are about 42 IBO schools in Turkey, a few in Istanbul, one in Izmir, Bursa and some in the East of Turkey. They will all be private and rather expensive I am afraid.
  11. IbrahimAbi


    Great photos Dona, thanks for posting. We were last there in 1987!
  12. The only schools that teach in English will be private schools. The fees would be in excess of $10 000 for each child for a year. most people will have no choice but to put their kids into Turkish school. Children will soon learn the language.
  13. I think the cost of residency is 140USD per person per year. there is no longer any minimum that you need to have in your bank, it is up to the officer who is carrying out your interview. For piece of mind I would like to be able to prove 6 month's living expenses though. I hope that this helps. Good luck.
  14. I would say that two people (without rent) should live comfortably on 4000TL per month. We run two vehicles and spend about that, but we rarely drink alcohol when we are out. This includes lunch out maybe 6 times a month.
  15. Congratulations, and good luck for your husband's application.
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