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  1. Not sure about No 4 there Ted, maybe I have not been here long enough.
  2. I have just looked at the Migros internet shopping site, but cannot find alcohol at all. I suppose it is to stop minors buying it online.
  3. Nowadays they are not allowed to show the nature or the name of the product in the windows, or on view at all eg in a fridge on the street. Efes Pilsen are currently using a word 'Esas' (fundamental, natural) to describe their beer. When everyone associates this word with Efes Pilsen then that word will appear outside all of their retailers. Clever strategy and it is beginning to work. Afiyet olsun.
  4. We also live in a conservative area but we do have 'Tekel' shops (licensed liquor vendors) and some of the supermarkets sell alcohol. We do have to drive a minimum of 25km to get to one though. Good luck
  5. You should find some wine in a Migros supermarket, most will stock it although there is one in my local town that isn't allowed to as it is next to a mosque.
  6. If instigating a court case there is no 'awarding of costs' to the winner of the case, both parties are liable for their own court and legal costs.
  7. I think I would book a holiday in Greece instead.
  8. Yes, be careful to make sure that he knows you want karaciğer and not akciğer (lungs)
  9. Most butchers work to a pattern, possibly to have meat in when the town is busy for market day etc. Ask the butcher when he will have some in. Yes, we have bought it from a local butcher before.
  10. I have found liver very hard to find in supermarkets. The butcher will normally have it. I am not sure which is cheapest, but I love Arnavut ciğeri Good luck
  11. About the same decision we came to. I see that you managed to add the photo, aferin sana
  12. LC, When you are writing your post there is an option to choose the photos to add, or drag them in. keep the file size small though.
  13. Good job it missed the barbi too
  14. When you have won 50 days you get a free 'Kuddly Ken' to put your pajamas in.
  15. If I don't say much sometimes people take me for Turkish. The other day in a computer shop I was doing OK and the chap got what I wanted for me. There came a point when he sussed that I was not Turkish, it was at the point when I told him that I did not want a plastic bag, he said it's OK it';s free, I told him it was bad for the environment. At that point he asked my nationality!
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