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  1. It is possible to put (heat) insulation (mantolama) on the inside walls of your house, instead of outside. Whilst there will be a few issues with electrical sockets (outlets to you), this should help with the sound insulation, as well as keeping the place warm/cool
  2. I cannot see how an American company not based in Turkey can apply for a work permit for an employee who is based in Turkey. This is a really grey area.
  3. We could not make an appointment online. It would not accept my TC number. I did persuade the chap on the door to let me in though!
  4. Just give her the keys, we each have a car registered in our name and drive them interchangeably. We have often been stopped at roadside checkpoints, have produced the documents as requested and there has never been an issue. I assume that your wife's residence permit shows the same address as you. My wife does not uses the same surname as me either.
  5. Congratulations on your new car 'Güle güle kullanın . Foreigners who own cars in Turkey must have 'MA' plates. When the MA series runs out they move to MB, MC etc. It does not matter that you have paid full price including tax. You can sell it to a Turk, but then they must change the plates to normal Turkish ones. The important think for you to remember is that only you and your immediate family can drive a car on MA or MD plates.
  6. I must confess that international drinks and cocktails are not really my area, i am more of an Efes man myself, but look forward to trying some History Geography and science quizzes.
  7. I suggest that your daughter approach a customs clearance agent in Marmaris, there should be a few. It will be difficult to solve this from the UK
  8. I believe that you are entitled to citizenship based on your marriage to a Turk, this may be subject to the amount of time that you have been married though.
  9. I just completed this quiz. My Score was 56/100 and my time was 478 seconds  
  10. Congratulations Dona, that is a really great score. I will try tomorrow!
  11. Did you receive a printout from the göç ıdaresi to prove that you have applied? If so this should be enough to take to Turkcell. A friend of mine managed to sell her car just based on this document.
  12. You can get things photocopied and printed in a stationery shop (Kirtasiye), they are very common in Turkish towns, especially in ares where student live.
  13. You do not need to purchase a property to get a residence permit. You can do this with a rental contract in your name.
  14. When you get your residence permit you are no longer a tourist, so any lock down measures apply to you as they do to a Turk.
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