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  1. What?

    And what about the player who plays for English premiership club Burnley when he visits Turkey? When the police ask for his name, 'Ben Mee'
  2. What?

    Reminds me of my old flatmate here in Turkey, he had problems with his name 'Ben' not to mention our other friend 'Kim'
  3. If the IBAN does not match the name of the account holder the transfer will not go ahead.
  4. If a man is working away from home for the 'season' then he may well be tempted to make other friendships. These friendships are likely to become more intense if he denies that he has a family. I am not defending this, merely stating a possible reason for it.
  5. It sounds to me that this is a discussion that you should be having with your boyfriend no strangers on a Forum. You cannot discuss 'Turkish Men' in general, there are many regions in Turkey and some people are more strongly bound to customs and culture than others.
  6. I had forgotten about the 'bathroom' shoes until a Turkish guest asked us last week if it was OK to wear the slippers that we had provided into the bathroom, as we had no 'bathroom slippers' outside the door. I understand the reasons when there were Ala-Turka toilets but with today's Western type I can see no good reason for changing.
  7. eating out? check your receipt

    Look for alocal water company van and take the number from the side, call them when you are home and they will deliver. they will take a deposit for the container (damcan), I think maybe 8 or 9 TL which they will give you back when you leave. This way you are not wasting plastic every time you buy water, the containers are re-used for several yaers.
  8. eating out? check your receipt

    So how much do they charge for 19 L bottled water delivered to your house? We can buy it at the depot for 7TL
  9. eating out? check your receipt

    I guess it depends where you live Meral. we are up in the hills and in winter our water comes from the mountain, no sign of grit on a regular basis (although we do find it when we empty the gauze on the taps each Spring). Whatever you drink, Afiyet olsun
  10. eating out? check your receipt

    The milkiness is only gas due to the pressure the water is under.
  11. eating out? check your receipt

    No, we drink water from the tap, use it fo ice cubes, wash salad leaves and cook with it too. 25 years ago I did use a filter but there is almost no sand in our water now.
  12. I don't know the answer to your last question about transfer via ATM, if you wish to transfer using the internet banking to another bank you should use the EFT option. With some banks you need to set up authorised EFT transfers at the bank before you can do this, but not always.
  13. Changing surname

    My wife and I have been married for 29 years and have lived and worked in Turkey for many years with different names. i cannot forsee any problem that you will have by not changing. Best wishes.
  14. Hi Nicole, welcome to the Forum. I helped a friend get hers in Oct last year, and had the same problem. I called 151 and reported it, we also reported it at her interview in November. They said that they knew and 'were working on it'. The answer is to flip the language into Turkish and carry on. You do not need to start again, you can flip to English and back to Turkish at any time. good luck, my wife and I need to do our own in April.
  15. I don't use Ziraat bank, it is normal for them, after you have set up internet banking at the bank, to send you a password to your mobile by sms. When you log in, there will be the chance to change this password to one that you can remember. there should be an English menu for you to select. When you make a payment on the internet you should get the chance to email a copy of the receipt to yourself (or the landlord) and download a copy for your records. Good luck