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  1. IbrahimAbi

    Confusing message from Il Goc

    We also have tourist short term visas even though we own outright in one name. No worries
  2. IbrahimAbi

    Confusing message from Il Goc

    It seems that you need to prove their relationship, eg marriage certificate, which should be translated into Turkish and notarised.
  3. IbrahimAbi

    It wouldn't happen in........

    Turkish people are naturally curious, they do stare at people/things which they cannot fit into their normal pattern of things. I have not experienced them being angry though, in fact quite the opposite, they have gone out of their way to help us.
  4. I am not sure if it works for International but ther turkish courier companies can arrange for the adressee to pay for the transportation on collecting the goods at the other end. It maybe worth asking a company like UPS
  5. IbrahimAbi

    E-Visa Kiosks Being Removed from Airports

    It will cause delays at the checking in desk as the staff will now have to check that each passenger has a visa for turkey before checking them onto the flight. More delays at the airport before departure to Turkey. If you don't have the printout you will not be allowed onto the plane.
  6. IbrahimAbi

    My Friend Needs Help

    The story does not sound right to me. I would advise caution.
  7. IbrahimAbi

    Account open processing time

    You may be able to get them to send it to the branch and hold it for you.
  8. IbrahimAbi

    Account open processing time

    You can open an account quickly and easily, if you have a valid passport and tax number (available from the tax office). You will not get any kind of bank card for at least two weeks. Banks in Turkey are reluctant to give credit cards to foreigners, they will send out an ATM card to enable you to take money out easily.
  9. IbrahimAbi

    Lisa Morrow (Göreme1990) Interviewed on CNN Turk!

    Congratulations Lisa, great interview. I am impressed with the Turkish too. Now I can see why you did so well with the Turkish Kultur quiz.
  10. IbrahimAbi

    Vale Abi.....

    Condolences to family and friends. RIP Abi
  11. IbrahimAbi

    Turkish Culture Quiz

    I just completed this quiz. My Score was 83/100 and my time was 398 seconds  
  12. IbrahimAbi

    north cyprus

    I would be very wary of buying in TRNC. The land issue is very complicated and there seem to be very few regulations which are actually enforced regarding estate agents and lawyers.
  13. IbrahimAbi

    Tax Free Car Buying

    If you fancy something powerful but want to keep the tax bill down the Mazda RX8 beats the system. It's rotary engine comes in at low displacement (1.3L) but has around 220BHP.
  14. IbrahimAbi

    Tax Free Car Buying

    In my opinion it is more trouble than it is worth. You have to leave a large sum as deposit in a no interest earning account for the duration. If you buy a Turkish car (and pay the taxes) it will retain a high value on resale. Bite the bullet and save all the stress. I cannot find the road tax details off hand, i will post later if i can find it. The real jump comes if you go over 2000cc, and tax is cheaper on cars over 3 years old. there is also a threshold between 1800cc and 2000cc. In my opinion you will need 1800cc or more to carry your family and use air con in the summer.
  15. IbrahimAbi


    It could be your Turkish ID (if it is it would have 11 digits and begin with 99 for a foreigner). If it is 10 digits it would be your tax number. You can get your tax number from any tax office in Turkey. Can't comment on property prices though.