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  1. It depends on which part of the country you are applying in. Areas with lots of foreigners eg Istanbul, or Muğla may take longer than others. In my case it was about 4 days.
  2. The early bird may get more worms but it is the second mouse that gets the cheese. Congratulations Betty.
  3. It depends on the postman. I have received residence permits for a friend who was registered at our address whilst she was in the UK, but the postman knows us, he does not care who signs the form.I do not think it will be a problem as they are delivering it to the same address.
  4. What do you mean by developer? Is it a new-build and did you buy it from the developer? it is not right to judge a country by the actions, or in-actions of one person.
  5. They normally charge on a fixed day of the month (This is normally set by you when you first make the application, many people choose a date soon after their salary is paid). I am not sure about the interest, I am embarrassed to say that I never look!.
  6. Is there a list of the documents that we will need to get a Turkish driving licence by trading a UK one? i did look around but can only find a page to say that it was being updated. Has anyone done it recently?
  7. Almost certain, there is a small chance that the guys in Ankara will spot that something is missing, but think positively!
  8. I am not sure about imported vehicles, some companies do not want to insure cars for foreigners. We have Turkish registered cars, and insure through Axa, and allianze .
  9. Personally I would do it in Afyon, I know that here in Isparta we have had non of the hassles that people encounter in areas where there are lots of foreigners. Also, I suspect all the offices are much closer together. You could cover both options, travel to Afyon via Isparta, meet your landlord, get the noterised document (just in case) and then go on to Afyon.
  10. Can you courier the document to the landlord and let the landlord notarise it and courier it back to you? Or catch a bus to Isparta it is only an hour away (and miles cooler than Antalya)
  11. Why not go to the Göç idaresi to change your registered address ahead of the appointment time. We went to the Nufus and they told me to print out our address from the on-line e-devlet site which we did.
  12. You need to have biometric photos, the photo studio should be able to put them onto your flash drive, or a CD so that you can upload them onto your on-line residency permit application. You also need to take printed copies with you to the interview.
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