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  1. Historical debt collectible?

    We have had texts from two different law firms trying to collect a debt on behalf of a Turkish company. I have ignored them all as the company concerned actually cancelled the contract themselves and the debt does not exist but still the threats continue.
  2. New Biometric Kimlik

    They will also take fingerprints as part of the new residency procedure at the interview and more photographes from the front, back and side.
  3. Sailing Dinghy Wanted

    Try this site, let us know how you get on. https://www.sahibinden.com/deniz-araclari-yelkenli?a4653_min=3&a4653_max=7
  4. In our case (also March 2018) they would not accept a bank statement printed out at home, they wanted a document printed stamped and signed by the bank. No problem in a small town but better if you know to get it in advance.
  5. Turkey today

    No photo here, as I was driving, but congratulations to the Turkish White-van-driver who stopped in the road yesterday to lift a tortoise across the road as he was passing. It restored my faith in both Turkish drivers and White-van-drivers. yay
  6. Urgent

    Normally the Labour Ministry in Turkey supports the worker rather than the employer in most cases. I think you will get support from them.
  7. It seems like fake news to me. Why would a foreigner who can show overseas income be interested in working for the kind of wages available here. Fortunately many of us are in a position not to consider working for the minimum wage, but only because we have put in many hard shifts in the past.
  8. Please help mee

    You need to be aware that private schools in Turkey are very expensive, get in touch with the schools to learn their fees before you waste time or effort in making the decision.
  9. Turkish Postal Service

    In my experience it is totally trustworthy. You need to use taahutlu to have the receiver sign for it. It is a very reasonable price (compared to Europe).
  10. Foreigner and public hospitals

    The quality of treatment in the public hospitals is generally good, the private ones are cleaner and more modern looking but do you want to pay for that? The other concern I have with private hospitals is that they always recommend this test and that scan (all costing lots of money), I wonder if the tests are necessary or do they have to get a certain number of tests done per month just to pay for the loan on the machines?
  11. Foreigner and public hospitals

    In 2004 I cut my hand badly and went to the Accident and emergency dept at the local hospital, I did not have insurance at that time. I had to register at the hospital and pay for my treatment before they treated me. the answer is yes, foreigners will be treated at public hospitals but they will be charged the full cost of the tratment. Whether they pay before they are treated or afterwards probably depends on how serious and urgent treatment is. I hope that your wife makes a full recovery soon.
  12. Academic jobs

    I think it was Idi Amin who said that he had no problem with freedom of speech but there could be a problem with freedom after speech
  13. Academic jobs

    Your field sounds quite dangerous to be teaching in Turkey right now. Have you been following the news?
  14. Looks great, iyi yolculuklar, keep away from large 4x4s
  15. The problem is Angela that you cannot buy or sell a car without the residency, and it is needed for various other things too. Mike did not need to return to the UK, a visit to a Greek island would have done. In my case I also experienced a problem. My wife and I held 5 year residences and prepared to renew them in good time. We had the Biometric photos taken and i logged into the Goc idaresi site one month before they expired ie 30/03/2018. The site accepted my wife's application but could not 'find' mine. So we drove the 50km to the goc idaresi office to be told that although my residence permit stated that it expired on April 30th, their system had it as expiring 30/03/2018, the day before. So i had to apply as a first time applicant. Problem was that when I went to the 'Nufus' office to prove that my tapu was valid the system would not recognise my TC number as my residence had expired. catch 22. All sorted now. Inshallah