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  1. Update on this. We were told that some Göç Idaresi offices were still open. We called 157 but they could not tell us if our local one is open. Today we drove in and were told by the official that yes, he remembers us and sending me to self isolate (our appointment was a few days after returning from UK). He said that are not processing RPs at the moment, but would probably start again around mid April. He assured me that as we had finalised the application before the residence had expired there would be no problem. Stay safe folks.
  2. Loads of people out and about over 65 today. I think I was served by one in the hardware shop.
  3. Does anyone know if the Göç İdaresi offices are open these days?
  4. Welcome to the forum, I am not sure about finding a job, do you have Turkish nationality?
  5. You should not have a problem with this.
  6. It is a very humid heat. Some people drive up into the mountains for a cool picnic. last year we went to the mountains with our Turkish neighbours in August. It was so cool that the missus needed to borrow a sweater!
  7. No dependents as the wife also had a work permit. Our work permit was written into our little blue residence permit book and was always accepted as ID. We resigned in 2010, that was before the RP became a plastic card. When we moved areas within Turkey we had to register our new address but the blue book stayed the same. They annotated it to say that we no longer had permission to work but we paid for the new residence permit ourselves but the book stayed the same.
  8. As far as I know if you have a work permit you do not need a residence permit. The work permit IS a residence permit with permission to work granted in it. I worked here for 7 years and never had a residence permit until I resigned. Good luck
  9. IbrahimAbi

    Law question

    I have never heard of anyone going to jail just for debt. As for holding other people's ID this is not legal. Sounds very fishy to me. Sounds like your mum needs to be very careful here.
  10. Tarsus American College is an IB school
  11. I would have thought that the Turkish system would register that two people have tried with the same ID number. Back to the drawing board.
  12. We have a VW Passat CC 2000 cc engine 2009 model. Last year we paid 1918TL for fully comp (Kasko), and 638TL for Traffic. It also depends on the province, large cities are more expensive. Id did ask my agent if it is more expensive because are foreign, and was told the price does not change but there are some companies that won't take foreign clients.We do have about 3 years no claims bonus and I am over 60. Hope this helps
  13. Maybe letter writing will catch on
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