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  1. Asking for a friend from the village. How does a Turk get a HES code if they are not registered with the e-devlet system? Anyone know?
  2. Could it be the Turkish for cough, öksürük?
  3. Totally unnecessary to have a firearm in Istanbul, I lived there 3 years without fear of anyone.
  4. I hope than non of our Turkey Central members were adversely affected by Friday's terrible earthquake. Please let us know that you are OK.
  5. I have paid traffic fines through the internet banking of garanti bankasi before (of course it was the missus who was driving).
  6. I cannot belive that in these days of pandemic someone would be jailed for an unpaid debt. Dodgy story to me.
  7. If you are in Turkey you could ask a noter how is should be done.
  8. It seems to work with a non-smart phone too, I got a code number in reply. Thanks Ken
  9. So how does it work if you choose not to have a smartphone? Anyone got any ideas?
  10. I am not sure how this works if the friend you are staying with is of another gender. I had to get a permission letter from my wife (translated and notarised) before our female friend could register herself at our address. We also had to have the letter promising to cover her expenses (fortunately for me this did not include speeding fines).
  11. It depends on which part of the country you are applying in. Areas with lots of foreigners eg Istanbul, or Muğla may take longer than others. In my case it was about 4 days.
  12. The early bird may get more worms but it is the second mouse that gets the cheese. Congratulations Betty.
  13. It depends on the postman. I have received residence permits for a friend who was registered at our address whilst she was in the UK, but the postman knows us, he does not care who signs the form.I do not think it will be a problem as they are delivering it to the same address.
  14. What do you mean by developer? Is it a new-build and did you buy it from the developer? it is not right to judge a country by the actions, or in-actions of one person.
  15. They normally charge on a fixed day of the month (This is normally set by you when you first make the application, many people choose a date soon after their salary is paid). I am not sure about the interest, I am embarrassed to say that I never look!.
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