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  1. This isn't common practise at all with Turkish/foreign marriages. I'm afraid you're on the way to being scammed.
  2. If your child cries expect him to be whisked away and doted on by the waiting staff.
  3. I received mine a good 2.5 months after application. It's a pain in the behind if you apply over the summer as it somewhat buggers up your summer plans. You can also check at the police station if you're getting a bit impatient....it might be sitting in a drawer somewhere.
  4. Here is an article I wrote recently about my experience on the Istanbul to Sofia train ride. Obviously it's done with tongue firmly in cheek. Part 1. Part 2.
  5. I use Zenmate. Which is a free chrome extension with an easy toggle-switch between countries. Streams perfectly for me at no cost.
  6. Whilst in a pub, in Ireland my little sister was screeching her head off. So the barman dunked her dummy in brandy and she promptly fell asleep. So, in my completely sound medical opinion. Do that.
  7. Hi piscesdiver, You say you're volunteering at a school, are you getting paid for this? And will they sort out your work permit? As for the father. I would go in with the full 'yes sir, no sir' attitude and let him dictate the atmosphere. He will be looking at how suitable you are for his daughter so he will probably ask you a lot of questions that might seem odd to you. Don't be too offended or taken aback by this... Laughing at his awful jokes is always a winner aswell. Clinky.
  8. Hi Greg. If you're really into this girl you have talk it through with her and come up with a solution. You say you have a job in London, I don't know what it is but is there a chance your company has an office in Istanbul? My friend works for a computer software company and he transferred his position to Istanbul when he met a Turkish girl. Many relationships with Turks often don't last, although many do. I've got friends who've been together for 10+ years and I know couples who've moved heaven and earth to be together in Turkey only for it to fail after a few months. It's a matter of discovering the sacrifices both of you will be making. You've obviously spent many years focusing on your career. Is she worth your career? It's a horrible feeling when you're faced with the decision of stick or twist. I came to Istanbul for a girl and I'm still here after 3.5 years, and now that looks like it may finish...although the only major thing I gave up, to move here, was a season ticket at the Villa. If you've any more questions, just ask.
  9. Someone tried this on me once with the old 50tl to 5tl banknote trick. I held his nose and twisted, until he gave me the right change. Then I called the police over to the car. What I would recommend, if you go to Istanbul again is to stop a taxi, take a picture of the front license plate then take a picture of the company logo again with the license number which is on the side. When it comes to paying say what you are paying with, if you're paying with a 50 note say 'elli' to him. Never let the driver out of your sight either.
  10. SouthWest Education consulting in Istanbul have always been very helpful. They try and find you a job as quickly as possible and also help you with the relevant paperwork. They are based in Istanbul so I'm not sure they can find you something in Izmir, but it's worth a shot.
  11. I live in Kadikoy and can confirm it's a really cool place. Lots of shops/bars/restaurants/cars/people/trees/pokemons/ninja turtles and lot's of nice areas to walk. Kadikoy's a big place though, 2 million or so people leave in this area alone. We're a friendly bunch.
  12. Don't really know what to say. You're happy being in the situation you are yet ask for others opinions. Go out and buy different outfits every week, go out and get your hair and nails done to please your OH. If this is making you content and keeping your relationship together...knock yourself out. In my personal opinion. I think it's bonkers for you to feel it a duty to keep your OH happy, through your appearance.
  13. Yeah... I have far too many controversial things to say about the current set-up. I don't want to be disappeared in the middle of the night.
  14. Ken, we talked about not mentioning that night, ever again.
  15. What do you call a sleep walking nun? A roamin' Catholic.
  16. Depends if he's religious enough to worry about the meat on the pizza being halal. Plus, there might be the situation of pork on the pizza. Ask him. I don't think he'd be offended.
  17. Yes Kadikoy seems to be the place to ride a bike. Fairly flat, wide roads with equally flat pavements. Cyclists are growing in number around here as well. The coast road from Kadikoy stretches for miles and is often packed with cyclists. There are at least 4 bike shops that I know of within a 2 mile radius of where I live.
  18. If you're bored on Saturday night. Come to the pub, I'll talk at length about zonal marking with your fiance. I recommend coming over to Moda and walking around, maybe an ice cream and waffle too.
  19. From my angle, you need to walk out and not come back. When you're married (if that's the path you're going) it's going to be much more difficult to think clearly and assess the situation. Very calmly lay the cards on the table and walk away. She's hurting you and will end up destroying everything you want to be in life, the more it continues. About your father. Don't link your situation with his. Don't be afraid to walk away because it'll make you think that you're your father, or worse. It's your life you're living, you're not living it based on past decisions of another person.
  20. It's quite strange what you see in different areas of Istanbul. Uskudar and Kadikoy are right next to each other but in Uskudar you'll see most of the girls often fully covered. Take a 5 minute dolmus and you're in Kadikoy where you'll see girls wearing miniskirts and low cut tops. It's quite a contrast. I'm always getting strange looks in Uskudar when I wear my leggings and ugg boots.
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