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  1. hello everyone! It's confirmed that my bf is going to do Nişan in 3 months!! I really need detailed information about everything: costs, how to prepare it, etc.he told me that the girl's side takes care of nişan... is this true? I need info about:1. who buys the rings... (I've read that the girl has to buy the boy's ring, and the boy the girl's ring, is it true?2. do i need to serve Turkish coffee, desserts, etc??3. it's necessary to put the red ribbon on rings? who puts this? who cuts it? OK, i'm totally lost in all this. Please I need help with the details of this type of ceremony!!!! thanks in advance!!
  2. Gaby

    thank you Abi for you comment!!! I just saw your pics and you two make a wonderful couple!! and lovely dogs!! you're in Turkey? wow!! blessings for both! :)

  3. Abi

    lovely photo of you and your man :) :)

  4. Hello to everyone! Before I start I would like to apologize myself for my English since it's not my mother language, I'll do the best I can! I'm Latin american and I have a Turkish boyfriend since 2 years now. For me he is the perfect guy, the one I've been looking for since a long while: he's caring, responsible, committed, loving... he has proved me that he's serious in our relationship. I believe we love each other deeply, BUTTT I don't believe in blind love, e.a. I think we have to love, but still maintain a big degree of logic and reasoning in our acts and decisions. I call my love a rational love, and therefor I still have some doubts about him. Since many of you are already married, have boyfriends, maybe in the same situation as me, I would like to learn some "tips or advises" to see if what he promises me, what he always tells me and what he feels for me is TRUE. I've traveled to Turkey for 2 times, met his family, his friends and everyone treated me nice, except his mom for the 1rt week, (she had her fears, which I totally understand her, and thought I could come with bad intentions). Over there I really enjoyed myself, my bf and I met beautiful places in Turkey and I have to confess that he took care of the payment in anything, I really payed so less stuff. (this gave me a good idea about him). He insisted in staying in his house, since he didn't want me to spend money in hotels, but I just stayed for a week cos I didn't want to be a burden in any way. I came back to my country, we still maintain our stable contact AS ALWAYS, (we have never left net, mobile, sms contact). From time to time I ask him if his mom changed her mood towards me and he says that she loves me already, that she overcame, and that now she "realizes" her fault. In his words, his family , and specially his mom accepts me as their future "gelin". (but here comes my doubts, i don't know if Turkish moms can change so dramatically!). Anyway, he did his military service this past August and came back in January because "he wants to get rid of all the obstacles for our future life" (these are his words). He always say he did his service for me and for us, and now he wants to finish so quickly his master degree so he can travel here to my country and meet my family. So these are our current plans: i'm waiting for him to come this summer and spend a month with me, meet my family, my city, everything of me like i did over there with him. He really seems a good guy, constant and stable in his words and acts, but i don't know why i still have many doubts!!! Maybe because I've read and heard SOOOOO much about Turkish love rats? Am i being too much paranoiac? Well sorry for writing too much!! And thank you all so much for reading me! i'm also here to make new friends!!
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