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  1. Hi there we rented a house in 2012, in August we needed to move out earlier as i needed to take a job in the UK We told our landlord everything and she also got a new tenant. She also send us a man who checked the house if everything is in good order. Now this week we got a letter from her lawyer asking us to pay 3 months rent plus fees and everything, if we don't pay ... it will go to the court ... so actually she doesn't sue us right now ! that's now over 27 months after we moved out. She also claimed she was hit by the financial loss (3 months rent) ... but i l
  2. Sorry but thats not true since living in the UK I can tell you exactly where you can move ect. plus Uk is the most sh*tty country in the world ... level of service is so low and on the same time you pay for everything... if they take taxes for breathing air.. Uk will be the first country who will take them. I hate itttt
  3. Hi i took the Bus a lot ... I try to explain you now.. hence its a bit late : from Uckular ( Balcova ) ) it goes a Bus to Mordogan.. i think like 3-4 times per day, you just go to the little House and say you wanna go to Mordogan.. Mordogan, bir billet it goes directly to town center which is on the coast Hope this helps
  4. still dont get it does it cost you Guys something to let me know what is a nice place to live ? anyhow np ... ı can fix this by myself ... seems noone really has s clue where to live in England ..lol maybe my topic was not clear enough.. says uk citızen .. who ıs a real <ukcıtızen from the one who replıed ? if you ask me where to live in İzmir than i can gıve an easy answer wıthout lunch ıs free or world ıs not free or the early bırd catch the worm ..... what else do we have ? whatever thanks for your kınd effort beeıng smarty smart and one more ........ ıts so cold lıke the eg
  5. i dont understand ? free lunch ? where and most important why you said this ?
  6. ammo

    moving to izmir

    izmir is much safer as other places... but aswell hre as anywhere else in the worlddont go outsie alone when its dark , only with friends mind small streets when its darktake a cab or dolmus... also be careful in a crowded bus, some idiots tend to touch womans there
  7. ammo

    Izmir vs Adana

    never ever Adana ... people are known for beeing over agressiv
  8. i see, so she cant keep the deposit but can sue me for full rent what if she founds another one right away ?
  9. Hi, as few know i will move to the UK soon, and i informed my landlord that i need to move out. Now the contract says 1 year and we moved out after 6 months, is she obligated to keep the deposit ?or does anyone have a source where the laws are written related to renting ect. thanks
  10. yeah, my job does not really need me to be phisically all time in the office so if i have a laptop and internet stick, i can work at the train ... so i dont see a big problem there actually I ofc dont know what HR says but i will ask if there are no flexible hours ... i think they will understand that there is no work time waste as im anyhow in need to work at home aswell to get my paycheck raised. Okay the cottage its from next April so not really an option , but thanks a lot .. i actually think 1,5k GBP is a bit much for rent I was thinking some could say , go and look there ( Place), train
  11. there is not much time i need inside london as its camen an hey have a railstation im not sure why you say : Your commuting time won't be part of your working time. you meant its not calculated as your working time ? cauz otherwise i dont think you are my HR manage wo can decide this anyhow .. my question was not if its expensie, takes my time ect... im looking for a nice place outside london and wanted some suggestions
  12. yeah i know, we have a dog and a cat.. so i cant take a flat somewhere ... and i can probably just work the time i spend in the train.. i will see if they can somehow count this to my work time so u dont have any area in mind which is nice ?
  13. dont think anything did or will happen to you and your friend if i would be a woman i would just not talk to turkish mans....very annoying, loud and hairy lol ( im turkish and a man so i can say this )
  14. HI, are you still searching for things ? i know its quite a time ago.. we want to move far away to Ingiltere and have a bunch of stuff we could/want to sell dining tables, couch ... maybe a bit too expensive and other stuff, im quite lazy to write down now WOW ... u can live with 1500 TL ? i need to track my spendings but i wish I could live on this aswell.. without rent, i probably need much more as 1,5k ... but my streetcat gets top notch food and a big Bowl with cold mlik on hotty days plus some sausgaes from time to time we do have the problem they like us so much ..
  15. Hi i probably will move to the UK very soon and work in London.anyhow ... im trying to find nice place on the country side .. Kent, Essex.. an how they are called to have a affordable House with a garden. I dont mind travelling .. max. 1,5hr to work does anyon of you know a nice none haunted place ... where its nice to live and near London ? If someone knows a real estate agent in this area he recommend would be the cherry on the top Im looking for 2 bedroom house .. pls no neighbours directly connected to me ( hate this in Turkey and im really fed up ) and it must have a garden tahnks for
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