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  1. Hi there we rented a house in 2012, in August we needed to move out earlier as i needed to take a job in the UK We told our landlord everything and she also got a new tenant. She also send us a man who checked the house if everything is in good order. Now this week we got a letter from her lawyer asking us to pay 3 months rent plus fees and everything, if we don't pay ... it will go to the court ... so actually she doesn't sue us right now ! that's now over 27 months after we moved out. She also claimed she was hit by the financial loss (3 months rent) ... but i learned she already sold the house in June 2012 So i actually don't want to pay as we moved out and everything was fine. I also want to get a lawyer ... but wanted to ask what would be the best move ? i think its very odd everything.... 2.5 years later ... lawyer sends a letter , house already sold ... if i have a financial loss i will send this letter right away normally
  2. Sorry but thats not true since living in the UK I can tell you exactly where you can move ect. plus Uk is the most sh*tty country in the world ... level of service is so low and on the same time you pay for everything... if they take taxes for breathing air.. Uk will be the first country who will take them. I hate itttt
  3. Hi i took the Bus a lot ... I try to explain you now.. hence its a bit late : from Uckular ( Balcova ) ) it goes a Bus to Mordogan.. i think like 3-4 times per day, you just go to the little House and say you wanna go to Mordogan.. Mordogan, bir billet it goes directly to town center which is on the coast Hope this helps
  4. Hi i probably will move to the UK very soon and work in London.anyhow ... im trying to find nice place on the country side .. Kent, Essex.. an how they are called to have a affordable House with a garden. I dont mind travelling .. max. 1,5hr to work does anyon of you know a nice none haunted place ... where its nice to live and near London ? If someone knows a real estate agent in this area he recommend would be the cherry on the top Im looking for 2 bedroom house .. pls no neighbours directly connected to me ( hate this in Turkey and im really fed up ) and it must have a garden tahnks for any infos
  5. Hi, i want to know if someone knows a proctology specialized doctor in Izmir or near Izmir. It would be perfect if he would speak german or english , but it not a must.. but it would be great if he has a modern praxis and EU standard . Thanks for any infos
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