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  1. Thanks for response. It is possible that is what happened. I had read that system would pick up age from date of birth entry and omit the Health Section hopefully it will not cause problem at interview. Thanks again for your comments Redders.
  2. Can anyone clarify the situation regarding over 65 health insurance requirement for a short-term residence permit? I understood that no entry required on permit application however when completing form I was unable to proceed without confirming I had Health Insurance( I am 69). I called 157, explained my age and was told " just tick box you have insurance". At the moment I have no cover due to reluctance of home country providing cover as My Government viewed Turkey as Co-vid problem. I propose to come to my apt in Turkey around 5 or 6 months a year over 2 or 3 visits. I am concerned interviewing officer will query what insurance I have. I am happy to purchase insurance for periods I reside here. Any information would be greatly appreciated.
  3. I read on earlier articles that start date should be day after visa expires. I would like to start on an earlier date. I called 157 who advised me I can apply now( date of entry from UK to Turkey 18th May). I would prefer to have a start date around middle of July. Does anyone know if this would create any problem? I know I can apply for touristic reason. As I own property in Turkey would using " immovable property" create any additional scrutiny of application?
  4. Thanks Ken for all your help. Much appreciated.
  5. I was just reading through your guide to the short-term residence permit and note there is mention of "tapu devam belgesi,". is this a different document/notation from Tapu Kaydi Ornek?
  6. Thanks Ken. I thought I was going to have to visit two offices- Tapu and Municipal. After reading your article I see both can be obtained at the tapu (property title deed) office! Thanks a lot for all the good work you do on this site. I think you must have helped thousands of people find their way around the systems here. Much appreciated!
  7. Hi Ken no problem. your advice was sound. The notification email only showed your opening remarks. When I accessed the site to see there was no posting. I was just interested in reading the rest of your post. No luck with access to e-Devlet. I tried to make and E-Appointment at the tapu (property title deed) office as tapu needs notation as I bought over 2 years ago. I got as far as entering the date of appointment but their drop down for time of appointment is not working; in view of the article perhaps they have disabled this. I better look out those walking shoes!!!
  8. Hi Ken I received notification that you had sent further response beginning " Oh Ok"I do not see the response on the site.
  9. Hi Ken. Thanks for your response. Yes I tried that. I do not recall using the site before so was unable to use that route. I had a residence permit until 2017 (old book system). I intend to apply for a short-term residence permit and was trying to cut down on legwork going around the various offices. I have a 99 number. This week 3 visits to bank to sort out address.
  10. I am looking for help with an access problem. When I ty to access the site via Internet Banking I get a screen message " login could not be completed due to server problem". I have tried to access using various modes( iPad, smart phone and PC) but none work. Any advice appreciated.
  11. Hi ,Can anyone tell me the name and address etc of a good english speaking lawyer in Alanya? ThanksTimmy
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