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  1. Hi ,Can anyone tell me the name and address etc of a good english speaking lawyer in Alanya?ThanksTimmy
  2. Sorry I used the wrong terminology. The tax I am referring to is the Real Estate Sale and Acquisition levy of 3.3%( should be 1.65% each but usually paid by purchaser).
  3. Hi , Yes I suspect the same. Unfortunately I was not there and someone else did the transfer for me. I will be back in Turkey soon and will take your advice. I did pay over the corect tax figure.
  4. Hi,I recently bought an apartment in Turkey. I was aware of the "local" custom to declare the municipality value on tapu rather than the actual purchase price. This was a situation I wanted to avoid being aware of possible problems later if property sold and a capital gain achieved. I have no intention to sell however I am anxious to get the true price entered on the tapu. Does anyone have any experience of doing this and what it might cost? I would add that I have been assured that the correct stamp duty has been paid based on true purchase price paid by me. I have read the guidelines issued by the Turkish authorities which are a little unclear. My fear is that anything other than the true purchase price on tapu is wrong so I want to rectify this.
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