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  1. Abi - thank you so much for you help!! It has helped alot.. Where would I get residancy from?? Do i apply for that when I am in turkey? What information to i need? Thank you again, you have been a great help!!

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    2. Abi


      You will have to get the forum from the Police station. It's best to ask them what they need as it varies from area to area. As I said before look in the Visa, Residents Permit section and it will give you an idea of what is required. :)

    3. sarahowens06


      Thank you so much for the information. Sorry for the late reply. So it seems fairly straight forward on what i have to do. What would be the reasons for them refussing a residency?

    4. sarahowens06
  2. Abi - I have tried to go on the meet and greet section but it wont let me comment. I need information on whether i should go to the Turkish Embassy in London and get a multipy year visa or do the Rhodes trip?

  3. I need help or information on getting a year visa?

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