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  1. Abi - thank you so much for you help!! It has helped alot.. Where would I get residancy from?? Do i apply for that when I am in turkey? What information to i need? Thank you again, you have been a great help!!

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    2. Abi


      You will have to get the forum from the Police station. It's best to ask them what they need as it varies from area to area. As I said before look in the Visa, Residents Permit section and it will give you an idea of what is required. :)

    3. sarahowens06


      Thank you so much for the information. Sorry for the late reply. So it seems fairly straight forward on what i have to do. What would be the reasons for them refussing a residency?

    4. sarahowens06
  2. before by going to Greece for the day. The new visa's will be for 90 days but once the 90 days are up you will not be allowed into Turkey for another 90days, so you will have to get a Residence Permit. If you look at the Resident Permit section in the Moving and Living in Turkey section there are lots of posts written on Visa and Permits. I'm running out of space again, but look in th...

  3. Hi again,

    You can't get a Tourist Visa for 1 year. If you want to stay in Turkey for one year you should get a Tourist Visa when you enter Turkey, it will cost you 10 pounds and the visa is valid for 90 days. After that you will need to get a Residents permit for the remaining period because from May this year the law is going to change and you won't be able to renew a visa as be...

  4. Abi - I have tried to go on the meet and greet section but it wont let me comment. I need information on whether i should go to the Turkish Embassy in London and get a multipy year visa or do the Rhodes trip?

  5. Hi Elizabeth, It would be better if you go to the main forum and post in the Meet & Greet section and then we will answer you :)

  6. I need help or information on getting a year visa?

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