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  1. We go to Bolu next week for 5 days, hotel booked. Will drive in 4x4. Any advice appreciated. looks like snow is on the way too!
  2. Just wondering if anyone is planning on bringing their car to Turkey this summer who might want some help with the driving. I have done this trip maybe 5 times so I know the routes. I would like to bring some boaty bits with me - only a couple of items as his is the easiest way to do it. I could be available between June and September.
  3. Wow but I would just like to offer my experience to give readers an alternative impression. I have driven to Turkey many times with few border difficulties which have reduced each time. On all occasions the car - an estate was stuffed with boaty things. The penultimate time I drove maybe it was 2006 I had an inflatable rib and trailer on the roof and a caravan on tow. Only the caravan was stripped out and packed with household stuff. I went the long way round to avoid the mountains viz through Hungary Romania Bulgaria. It was slow but at least I kept a space for sleeping in the caravan. The scariest moment was crossing the Danube by ferry at the border between Romania and Hungary. It's a very steep and long ramp each side. Going down was OK but up ..... surprised the clutch didn't burn . Ferry was 2 barges lashed together requiring a U turn at one end. The barges float at different heights depending on the load. Only issue at the Turkish border was customs wanted to see separate registration papers for the caravan. I did not have any. So they stamped my passport instead - meaning I had to take it out with me which I did. Otherwise I can add Romanian roads are the pits and its true the border staff change shift at 08.00. Arrive then and they prefer not to have their breakfast disturbed... Confirmed by the last trip. Car fully loaded with large L bath covered on the roof and a Turkish plate. Less than 10 minutes to cross the border. As I get older I am less inclined to hurry. Taking the ferry from Venice to Igoumenitsa is very relaxing and now the Greek side is all motorway to Ipsala. It's more money but the view up the Grand Canal from the top deck is unforgettable.
  4. Just a quick reply to anyone interested. You are right paperwork more complicated than installation. I had this done on my Terios. Dealer would not fit even though it was listed as an optional extra. Got a recomendation to go to an accessory place. I had to pay about 850TL which included engineers report and registation on car document. Work was done badly - wiring all wrong, fuses broken and bypassed and registration not completed. Got the company to fix the wiring - I sorted the fuses but registation - at police station I had to do (read wife did who is turkish) We were fined about 150 TL for doing this late.
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