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  1. NEWS Gunmen rob bus to Istanbul:Kathimerini news Athens "A bus carrying businessmen and other passengers from Thessaloniki to Istanbul was held up yesterday for more than two hours by armed gunmen who stole some 30,000 euros in cash as well as a number of valuable personal items. Police said that there were 29 passengers and two drivers on board the private bus, which left Thessaloniki yesterday morning and was due to stop in Xanthi and Komotini before crossing the border with Turkey. Passengers said one of the robbers was on board from the start and another got on at Xanthi. A little later, both men put on balaclavas and pulled out guns. They forced the driver to take the bus to a remote spot on the country road between Diomideia and Feloni, where another three gunmen were waiting. The five suspects forced the passengers and drivers to hand over all their cash, jewelry and anything else of value. They only left when they spotted a police patrol car that was passing by chance."
  2. In short form: A really bad idea. It is hard to avoid the Turkish language in Turkey, and why do you care to?
  3. Being from a hurricane prone area, I am used to long power cuts. Steve has it right, and all I can add is cover everything but the compressor{it may restart} with blankets. I have made a full freezer last frozen for 4 days {don't open it} with this method. If you still have partially frozen food with ice crystals, it will be good.
  4. Don't know where you are, but in the US the police will inspect and issues you a sticker that it is safe. Basically, they need to see your hands for obvious reasons!
  5. If you have a home phone in the US and a computer with you use skype and it will be the best you can do. Over the years I have tried about what there is in the way of phones, and that gives me the best rates to the US, Greece, Korea, Georgia, and Italy. have not tried other countries, but you get the idea. Unless you need a phone in your ear 24/7. Funny that talking to yourself in public used to be mental illness, now it is a status symbol.
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