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  1. ohhh wine, i finally have you :)) x

  2. what a lovely day!! hope it lasts :)

  3. keanan has just had his first taste of mummys lasagne and he lovvveeddd it :) x

  4. in need of a really good night out!!!!

  5. when will my luck change? hope its soon cause i cant take any more bad luck!!!!!!!

    1. Abi


      Sorry to read that you are going through a bad time.:( Hope it ends soon for you.

  6. Cant wait to get my baby back home!

  7. well, got the kids in bed and decided to go for a nice soak in the bath with piece and quiet, ran the bath just got in Aaaahhhhhh lovely...........MUMMMMM come here quick!! poor brianna was sick everywhere :( there goes my nice hot bath lol x

  8. so proud of my baby girl at her school concert. well done brianna! loved it :) xx

  9. the packing has started :) oooooo excited :)

  10. a week tomorrow till i am back with my husband eeekkkk cant wait :))

  11. omg went inside at 4 didnt look out till now lol holly moally lol

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