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  1. I agree with Sunny. They have done an amazing job with the restoration. Rumour has it that this winter it will be open as a church aswell x
  2. I have also seen it in İzmir but its so expensive compared to the UK prices. Im going back to cardiff in may so will pick some things up there xxx
  3. TaterTot The green was definatly a put off and there was a different taste aswell. I also eat mine by biting off the top and scooping the insides out with my finger lol. x
  4. omg!! Aston you have saved my life!! Cadburys creme eggs are my favourite thing in the world and I think they should be sold all year round. For easter (yes I still get easter eggs at 24 yrs old haha) mum sent me a whole box of them like the pic TaterTot have posted of the halloween ones and Im ashamed to say they have all gone haha.TaterTot I have tried the halloween ones but I dont like them as much as the original ones!! I really have to get some syrup when I go home in may! xxx
  5. A family member (turkish) have recently announced he is gay. I kind of guessed a long time ago but never said anything to anybody except for my hubby. The family are taking it quite well a few arguements but they are getting used to the fact I think that this is how M is and that it cant be changed. Maybe Turks are changing x
  6. welcome to the forum Liz!Mersin is a place I plan on visiting one day. xxx
  7. We made reservations last year and it was really busy when we got there. xxx
  8. Last year we went to the hilton and it was fantastic. Abit expensive but worth it if your like me and the hubby and enjoy a good drink hehe xxx
  9. It all depends on where your moving to really hun. When I moved to Turkey I was worried about the same thing but I moved to Fethiye which is full of expats and really easy to make friends with people. They end up being your neighbours, you see them in the supermarket, there are places expats hang out etc. After 6 months in Fethiye I moved to a little seaside town called Ozdere in Izmir and there were no expats there so I had to make friends with the locals which did improve my turkish and my confidence. Then when I moved to Çeşme I met a group of british ladies who are married to turkish throu
  10. no more thunder please my heart cant take it anymore!!!

  11. That is shocking but it really dont come as a surprise in a way to me anymore. When I lived in özdere our neighbour who lived above us tried to attach his electric to ours. I am now going to check the house for any leaks or drips!! xxx
  12. Great photos. I actually have a Haluk Ozozlu photo of the ballet dancers in my bedroom it was a wedding gift from a cousin of the hubby. Its just a poster and have been put in a frame but I love it.xxx
  13. Yayay I agree with Sunny. If you enjoy being with this man then go for it. I met my husband in august and by the november I moved to turkey to be with him and a year later I married him. yeah it all happened faster than it would have if I met a british man but it felt right. If it dont work out at least you can say you gave it ago and you wont always question yourself with 'what if' x
  14. is now selling Home Car & Health İnsurance For All Around Turkey. For More Information Please Send Me A Message.

  15. Im guessing its less than 40 days now for you Im so glad that the time is flying by for you hun.xxxx
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