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  1. no more thunder please my heart cant take it anymore!!!

  2. is now selling Home Car & Health İnsurance For All Around Turkey. For More Information Please Send Me A Message.

  3. Nadolig Llawen a Blwyddyn Newydd Dda.

  4. loves being back in Cardiff! Its amazing how much I missed all the bickering between my brother and sister haha but the 1 thing I havent missed is the winding up and constant tricks being played on me! Im the oldest so listen to me u pair *runs away and hides* lol x

    1. Abi


      Sounds like you are having fun. Hope it isn't raining too much x

  5. is in her new home putting the last few things together! aww I love it love it love it! visitors are welcome too hehe xxx

  6. Hello everybody hope your all well. I have been sorting through mine and the hubby's wardropes and have got alot of clothes that we are not wearing anymore so I would like to give them away. I was just wondering if anybody in Çeşme know where Kızılay is (I have looked on the internet and I havent gotten anywhere) or if there is another place I can take these clothes. Many of them have hardly ever been worn and some even have labels on (terrible I know!) If anybody could help me it would be great. Thank you xxx
  7. 19 days and I get to see mummy and daddy!!! yayyy!!

  8. doğum günün kutlu olsun aşkım!! happy birthday hubby!!

  9. is back on the forum!! hope u all didnt miss me too much haha xxx

  10. is back in Çeşme!! so nice to be back xxx

    1. Abi


      and it's very nice to see you back her as well xx

  11. is waiting for her chinese food to be delivered!! 1st chinese in over a year!!!

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. samanthaozkara


      aww abi it was amazing. cured my hang over too hehe xxx

    3. Abi


      Glad to hear it, I can only dream :(

    4. swabs


      hope you enjoyed! x

  12. is off to cardiff in 12 hours time eekkkkk!!!!

    1. jojo8080@hotmail.co.uk

      [email protected]

      hope u have a great xmas :) x

  13. is addicted to tea!!!! suppose there are worst things to be addicted too!!

  14. has just been to Fener to see the wall made of fish tanks!! amazing!!!

  15. can not be bothered sitting in the office all day ... back home I go :D :D :D

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