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  1. Hello everyone...Just so you know.. he has not asked me for a dime and I wouldn't send it anyhow. He is working on his own in his own small restaurant business and is making it all on his own. I was married and divorce in Istanbul. In order to be married there I had to get permission from the US embassy before it could be reconized as legal. If I ever married again then it would probably be in Turkey again. But I will have all my paperwork showing my legal divorce since I actually had a lawyer and it notarized and met in court in front of the judge. So no problem there if that were the c
  2. Update.. We got divorced. He has run into to major finanical problems in the year we were seperated. He told me we needed to divorce so I granted it. It took three days and he paid for my notary and the lawyer. He still loves me very much but since I live in American he feels things would not work out in our marriage because of his mistakes. Like I said before he is very young,impulsive and impatient. So now he is working in a small business trying to pay off his debt. In the mean time he is not happy. I could see that the day we divorced. He looked at me with love in his eyes but h
  3. no his application was already on hold by his choice. We had gotten to the end of the process and I am his agent which he approved to get all information. In order to the visa process to be final he would have to sign some forms I sent him and I would then pay their processing fees. He told me he didn't want to come here and the last forms I sent him he never returned. Nothing can be finalized without those papers and the payment for processing. He truly never wanted to come here. He loves his country like most Turkish. He only was going to come here for me. He wanted me to move to Tur
  4. Thank you all for your opinion in regards to this situation of mine. I think the main thing I am going to Turkey for is to get closure. My husband is very young and he has not actually made any action toward finishing this relationship; especially since he does not consider what it takes to get divorced. I don't agree with his recent behavior which is only surfaced the past two months. Before that there was nothing to lead me to believe our marriage was doing fine despite the long wait for the visa process. He admittedly is impatient and his decisions have proved his immaturity is appare
  5. My husband never really wanted to come to America. He wanted me to move there. It took a lot to convince him and I new he was still hesitant. He doesnt' know alot about America and I know some of his friends were jealous and would bad mouth American women. Saying they are not loyal etc. I don't know if she is turkish but I think so. We did have a physical relationship through our courtship. So that isn't the problem. His english is very good and we talked all the time in english. I do know one thing is that he is very impatient; and he is very young. the ex has been out of the picture
  6. hello,I am an American woman recently married to a Turkish man. We met on facebook and I am not sure how he found me to begin with. I was not looking. We began a internet relationship; seeing each other every minute we could on the webcam even the the time difference. He didn't know any english but because he loved me he began to take classes. He devoted himself many times openly on his facebook and even deleted all the woman. We talked about everything. What we wanted and marriage and headship and respect. We talked about children and even decided on how many and their names. I have been in l
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