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  1. Meter reading is the best way to avoid any rip off. Sometimes the taxi drivers offer you a round trip to save on costs and don't run the meter but don't go by that. Just tell them that you will pay for the distance covered.
  2. ericR12

    Visit To Turunc

    Quite a useful information shared by all the members. Also check out here http://www.marmaristown.com/sightseeing/turunc.html Nice information. This little fishing village is very beautiful and surrounded by greenery, landscapes and hills. So you are going to have a great time there. It is also worth hiring a car for road trip to the surrounding areas. We generally prefer hiring a car from www.turkeyrentalcars.com whenever plan to visit Turkey. This company offers reasonable car rental rates and it is also easy to book a car online with them. So if you want to rent a car check if they are providing car hire services in and around Turunc.
  3. Really wonderful thread to read..........
  4. For a long journey, I always prefer to travel by train instead of a bus. Trains are much faster, decently priced and have good facilities for travelers.
  5. Recently my close friend had been to Ankara and he stayed there at Ogulturk hotel. It is a decently priced hotel with clean rooms.
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