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  1. Meter reading is the best way to avoid any rip off. Sometimes the taxi drivers offer you a round trip to save on costs and don't run the meter but don't go by that. Just tell them that you will pay for the distance covered.
  2. Quite a useful information shared by all the members. Also check out here http://www.marmaristown.com/sightseeing/turunc.html Nice information. This little fishing village is very beautiful and surrounded by greenery, landscapes and hills. So you are going to have a great time there. It is also worth hiring a car for road trip to the surrounding areas. We generally prefer hiring a car from www.turkeyrentalcars.com whenever plan to visit Turkey. This company offers reasonable car rental rates and it is also easy to book a car online with them. So if you want to rent a car check if they are prov
  3. Really wonderful thread to read..........
  4. For a long journey, I always prefer to travel by train instead of a bus. Trains are much faster, decently priced and have good facilities for travelers.
  5. Recently my close friend had been to Ankara and he stayed there at Ogulturk hotel. It is a decently priced hotel with clean rooms.
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