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  1. Hey Fil - I was working there around those years also, though it's all a bit vague now. I'm Neil Kendrick - back then not the most reliable of employees! Came back to Turkey in 2008 after 15 years in Asia - Janice: your name sounds familiar - and as mentioned, Tom Godfrey is still on the scene I hear, though I'm in Denzili and not in ELT these days. Sorry it took 4 years to reply - just stumbled on this thread while searching for something.
  2. My wife got regular harassment in Bodrum ... it became a daily annoyance, and she does nothing to attract this. In Bursa where we live now things are fine. A lot depends on where you are and if you are alone or not. Shouldn't happen but it does.
  3. Late reply but using a VPN like uktvaccess.com will get around the geo block. Radio is available in all countries though so not sure why you are having problems with that. If it's an issue with the app, as well as the VPN you would need to change the device location settings to download that first I think.
  4. British homeschooler in Aydin here ... son is 14, did 3 GCSEs already
  5. I always prefered the Karsiyaka side for strolling around - nice atmosphere
  6. i'm with Jud on this - uktvaccess woks for me, only had grief with other systems and can at least use the same account on my laptop, pad and TV. The other issue is free means no technical support, and I have found Neil to be really helpful when i have had the occasional problem. (am a bit of a techno-numpty). as he also lives in turkey, he knows a lot of the main common problems people face here, too -bwhen i was having trouble one time he correctly diagnosed the issue and showed me how to get ttnet engineers out to fix my line - hats off (or should i say fezzes?)
  7. i met my ex-wife's dad by climbing drunk through her bedroom window at 3 AM - he was in her bed, had me in a headlock before his daughter came in and said it's ok he's a friend - guy went back to sleep.
  8. Just moved to a new house (site in Denzili) - heard from neighbours that once a year the bekciler put out poison for the street dogs (all of them lovely mutts) - as there would be no way to prove this, anyone have any suggestions about how to prevent this? muddy
  9. uktvaccess.com - the guy who runs it lives in Bodrum, so he is also up to scratch on ttnet issues.
  10. Anyone can volunteer. I help out at my local shelter once a week.
  11. to be honest i'd say neither ... private schools aren't much to write home about, my son boards at the uk cause there's nothing here in bodrum
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