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  1. I love this country, cooking away and the lovely neighbours pop round with stuffed peppers, olives etc... my sister was cooking a spinach and chick pea curry! well l started eating the goodies & then a huge plate of broccoli covered in lemon & garlic arrived on the scene.. plus good conversation - needless to say the curry can wait for tomorrow & who know's maybe we can all have a bowl full!You just can't feel bad living around such wonderful people.. My body has to go home but my heart will stay here! Bev xxx
  2. Thanks KKW, (sorry for delay in response) yes we have thougth of that & it may be the only way! just waiting to see what happens with the visa situation concerning Thomas Cook carrying pets from Turkey, should know by mid Nov?Had his first bird kill this morning - YUK lucky for me l knew nothing of it... thinks he's one of the lads now.. Bev xx
  3. Hi Abi, thank you very much. Yes it seems like a wait and see situation but l am sure it will be ok, Dylan loves it here so not sure he will be too pleased to leave!!Apologies for not being very active but had a few issues getting on line. I look forward to posting soon. As for the 'romantic' stories, l have to say reading the posts as l have done over the months, l'm happy to say l have stuck to the good Turkish food & lovely places to travel!!! l know, what a wimp! haha... take care Love Bev xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  4. Hi Sunny, Sorry didn't make myself clear, we have the original box he flew out in & that will be fine. Its a trustworthy pet company that we need. Having said that we had an e-mail yesterday saying that 'Thomas Cook' had applied for a visa to fly pets out of Turkey, they are awaiting feedback and will know more by November. So it may be that we can cut out the middle man (and save cok para) and organise most of it ourselves! fingers crossed.At this stage any help would be great. Thanks Sunny. Love Bev xxx
  5. Hi everyone, Hope all is good with you. Have now been in Fethiye since June, what joy. Am going back to England in Jan 2012, after new regs come in regarding quarantine rules. My sister's cat Dylan who flew out last Nov via Petair and Thomas Cook needs to return with us,have discovered that getting him to Turkey easy, getting him home not so easy!!! He has all the requirements ie. Rabies vacc & booster, blood tests, pet passport, microchipped basically everything he needs to legally be allowed back into England. Our problem is finding a good pet carrier. Have tried Sumaman t
  6. Hi Vic801,Just wanted to say, sorry l have not posted before - been away and busy as a bee! l have read your posts, glued to my chair!! You are something else, hats off too you.. you should write a book of your experiences, they really are gripping.Just want to wish you all the luck in the world and keeping my fingers crossed for you with the outcome, although it does sound like it's in the bag. You should also write a book on how to stay sane in troubled times, cause you seem to have managed that big time.. Good luck and keep us all posted.Love Bev xx
  7. Hi Ieezar,A topic very close to my heart (unfortunately)! sounds like your friend needs help and support. Is this due to boyfriend trouble? and how old is she? l ask these questions because things can seem very traumatic when you split with someone you love & feel like life has no purpose anymore.I lost a very dear friend (male) whom l had grown up with and he hanged himself over a girlfriend who made his life a misery.This may have been a cry for help, usually if someone really wants to end their life, there is no warning - they seem happy and then it just happens out of the blue.Tell you
  8. I have also re-read your posts, mainly because at times we love to give help and advice, but want to ensure that we are fully aware of the whole story before we do so - even then we do this with an open mind..having said that Meral's post is very important - nobody would wish to scare you at all, but l agree that you need to be vigilant here.You have only known this man a short while and yes his remarks are alarming.You need to ensure that when you discuss your relationship and its demise, that you have family/friends with you. Our bodies usually tell us when we should be more alert! listen to

    Hi Abi, just a little concerned about you! hope you are ok. lots of love babe xxxx

  10. What a shame that you are still in such an unhappy marriage. Sunny's advice struck a real cord with me, please read her post again.. l understand that you love this man but 'love' is a difficult emotion to define. Having said that it should mean 'happiness, fulfilment, trust and most of all feeling free to live together but also as individuals!please find the strenght to send him home with your blessing. Anyone who can say 'l will tell my family you are dead' is not worth your love and hurt.. as said before. yes it will hurt and you will grieve the loss - but you will recover and be stronger f
  11. That sounds yummy Cleo - will give that one a try with my yorkshire puddings!Bev x
  12. Hi all,I love meat, although l do not eat much of it (red meat that is) l normally stick to chicken and fish, and living by the sea the fish is always a joy as its fresh. I also only eat free range chicken, that way l know its had a good life and is healthy.I know many people say that they cant afford to buy free range/or orgainic, and l agree its not cheap, l am lucky l only have to think about myself so l can be a bit fussy!However in Antalya the meat was not good!! many of our Turkish friends did'nt eat it at all. We tried it and to be honest it was not good. When we went to Fethiye we wer
  13. Thanks KKW,I will be buying that & thanks for the receipe too.. you are obviously a fan of the good old yorkshire Pud!Thank you so much.Bev xx
  14. Vic801,Welcome and just to say what a story! l did have a tear in my eye & a lump in my throat.T looks like a dog to be treasured, which you obviously do.Hope you stay happy together.Bev x
  15. Hi All,As some of you know l am coming to Turkey in June (Yipee) sorry.. My sister is desperate for my homemade yorkshire puddings to accompany a nice roast beef, roast pots and lovely fresh veg & horseradish sauce, god l am now hungry just writing this!!When l was last in Fethiye l stood in Migros looking at the array of flours available and just picked one out (cant remember the name) the pancakes were great but my puds did sort of end up more like flat breads!!Please can you tell me what the best flour (plain flour) would be to make lovely yorkshire puds..Thank you Bev x
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