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  1. I love this country, cooking away and the lovely neighbours pop round with stuffed peppers, olives etc... my sister was cooking a spinach and chick pea curry! well l started eating the goodies & then a huge plate of broccoli covered in lemon & garlic arrived on the scene.. plus good conversation - needless to say the curry can wait for tomorrow & who know's maybe we can all have a bowl full! You just can't feel bad living around such wonderful people.. My body has to go home but my heart will stay here! Bev xxx
  2. Hi everyone, Hope all is good with you. Have now been in Fethiye since June, what joy. Am going back to England in Jan 2012, after new regs come in regarding quarantine rules. My sister's cat Dylan who flew out last Nov via Petair and Thomas Cook needs to return with us,have discovered that getting him to Turkey easy, getting him home not so easy!!! He has all the requirements ie. Rabies vacc & booster, blood tests, pet passport, microchipped basically everything he needs to legally be allowed back into England. Our problem is finding a good pet carrier. Have tried Sumaman twice now and they have not e-mailed or been of much help! its put my sister off using them as she has lost faith. Can anyone help with this one! Petair can't! the vets here have been fantastic and are helping with the appropriate export paperwork and tests etc, need to know if anyone has any idea's. Our lovely Turkish neighbours have said they will use him to round up their sheep (dylan is 8kg)!! big kedi! but we love him and he must come home with us. I appreciate any help/advice you can give. Thanks guy's. Love Bev xx (& Dylan)

    Hi Abi, just a little concerned about you! hope you are ok. lots of love babe xxxx

  4. Hi All,As some of you know l am coming to Turkey in June (Yipee) sorry.. My sister is desperate for my homemade yorkshire puddings to accompany a nice roast beef, roast pots and lovely fresh veg & horseradish sauce, god l am now hungry just writing this!! When l was last in Fethiye l stood in Migros looking at the array of flours available and just picked one out (cant remember the name) the pancakes were great but my puds did sort of end up more like flat breads!! Please can you tell me what the best flour (plain flour) would be to make lovely yorkshire puds.. Thank you Bev x
  5. Hi all,I was enjoying a relaxing afternoon at work today, when suddenly there was a terrible noise from outside. I work in a natural fitness centre, right on the seafront. I can see the sea from where l sit and the main door was open, when l went to investigate the noise everything then happened in slow motion! 3 dogs were at my feet, one had another smaller dog in its jaws, l recognised the breed of dog immediately (bull terriers) the smaller dog was screaming, a sound l wont forget for a long time. I didn't think l just jumped in and attempted to yank one of the dogs off, l know l hit it several times and tried pulling on its collar - after what seemed like a lifetime the dog let go. The owners who were just standing around shouting did nothing! all they kept saying was they have never done anything like this before! l must admit l lost my temper and told them that they should be on leads, they could have attacked a small child, it was a lovely day, the beach was very busy and lots of young children were running around screaming. I was covered in blood as was the lady owner, her husband was ringing the police and they still stood around whilst their dogs were still running around. I screamed at them to put the dogs on leads and get them away from the area - they at least did that. The poor dog was bleeding and in shock so l called a local yet and a nice chap who was passing by went and got his car and took them to the nearest vets!! The lady phoned me later to say the dog was OK, needed stitches and a few jabs, but luckily none of the injuries were life threatening.. it wasn't till l calmed down that l realised two of my fingers were blowing up and knumb! mind you l work in the right place and all the therapist were on hand with their lotions and potions. When l left work tonight l noticed a very well built lady sitting on a bench with her very large long haired alsation dog, she asked me if l was ok, l replied yes a little confused, she went on to tell me that she was an off duty police officer! she knew what had happened as she knew the owners of the poor dog - she told me she was going to ensure that the owners were located (she said its happened before, and they are low life scum)! so on my drive home tonight l felt a little better knowing that hopefully that poor little dog would get justice after all - however its not really the dogs fault, its the irresponsible owners who should not be allowed to have dogs in the first place...no doubt they have children of their own! Sorry but l needed to get that off my chest.. Bev x
  6. Hi everyone,As some of you probably know l am moving to Fethiye in June this year. I have already offloaded most of my furniture and things which have no sentimental value (can't believe the stuff l was hoarding)! I do have some lovely pictures and l am a collector of unusual lamps which l just can't sell or give away. Can anymore give me advice on the best way to get these things sent to Turkey. I think l am more worried about the cost at the other end as they seem to go by weight at airport customs - is there anyway of by passing customs? do companies like UPS etc deliver in Turkey, door to door. I am not taking any electrical items but the lamps obviously have english plugs on them. Thank you Bev x
  7. Hi all,Flying out to Antalya 14th Dec (YIPEE) can't wait to warm up! I probably should know this but l don't. Need to take out some food stuffs as sister is missing things like porridge, oxo cubes, cat food pouches, the list goes on but have told her to be realistic. Is it okay to pack this type of food in my main luggage, which will obviously go into the hold? PS. Dylan the cat is missing the cat food, not my sister!! Any advice appreciated. Bev x
  8. Hi everybody,Hope l am posting in the right place. I am going to Antalya 14/12/10 to visit my sister in Antalya. She has been there nearly a month now. She is okay but a bit lonely as she doesn't know many people. She has meet nice people in her apartment block and they have been very helpful ( as the Turkish usually are). We are going to visit Fethiye in Dec and l would like to know if anyone can recommend a good place to stay, about 4 days. Also if anyone know's a trustworthy agent as l would love to look at apartments to rent for next year (long term 6 months onwards). It seems Antayla is a lovely place but my sis is missing the Brits and although she has a good knowledge of the language she still misses a good old natter. Any help would be really appreciated, plus good area's to be looking at. Hope you guys don't mind me picking your brains. I spoke to my sis today and the ladies in the apartment above are both on Proxac (nothing wrong with that) bit she did say she was gravitating towards the bottle! so any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Bev x
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