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  1. Feeling amused, I completely forgot that I was asked to share the story of how I met Ihsan in, that's life! magazine way back in August! Imagine my surprise when a friend message to tell me about.

  2. It's beautiful here today.

  3. Thoughts to all those who have lost their lives and those who have lost their homes in the terrible earthquake in Napal.

  4. Hi Everyone We are currently living in Demre and my parents always stay with us but would love to rent an apartment/villa for two weeks in October in Kas or Demre area. Can anyone recommend someone to rent from or has a property they rent out? I would also appreciate an idea on local prices for rentals etc Hope someone can help me out. Kerry
  5. Dawn has your Dad seen this?

  6. Kirstie Yemm have you got these for the wedding?

  7. Fife/Cowdenbeath area

  8. “Both secular and religious state-controlled schools produce uniform citizen prototypes. People should get the education they require and the education they want, not the education that the state deems appropriate to impose on them,” he said. “We are squeezed between only bad choices, between the state-controlled worship of God and the state-controlled worship of Atatürk. Neither side is acceptable.” http://www.theguardian.com/world/2015/feb/12/turkish-parents-steered-religious-schools-secul...

  9. This what Demre looks like.

  10. Road heading from kas to Demre today.

  11. Teaching Baran Kendine iyi bak (Take care of yourself) He says it perfectly. Minutes later he produces a bag and says candy bag! This is what he thinks he is saying....

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