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  1. My friend Beverly telephoned to-night,but it was'nt her speaking,it was one of her Turkish neighbours informing me that Beverly had sadly died earlier this evening around 6.30pm at her home. Someone will contact me tomorrow to arrange for me to go to the Devlet/Morgue to see her. I would like to find out what was her cause of death and where she will be buried. When Beverly was granted Turkish Citizenship a few years back she took a Turkish name. I only know her as Bev or Yildiz. Is there anybody within this Forum that would know her English n Turkish Surnames. Sorry to post a sad message. I'm still in a state of shock,finding it hard to take in what has happened to this lovely lady. May Bev/Yildiz be that Free Spirit that she once was. Lindy Lou
  2. Have the laws on bringing a mobile phone from the uk changed or are they still they same? It used to be that you could bring 1 mobile per passort within a 2 year period,then register it with your preferred mobile networks n that was that! A friend told me the other day that these laws are changing,soon you won;t be allowed to bring them into Turkey, the snag is she can't remember which Forum she read it on. I can't find any info,just wondered if anybody using this Forum has any info on the subject. I'm due to go over to Scotland at Easter time for a wee holiday n was hoping to treat myself to a new phone as they're quite expensive here! No point bringing one back with me if the networks are not willing to register them,then it'll have been a total waste of para! Lindy Lou
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