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    Hi Sheila. Welcome to the Forum.I'm presently living on the outskirts of Fethiye n i've just recently been made aware of a Garden Centre by the name of Evim in Ovacik.They have a Facebook Page n seem to sell everything for the home n gardenThe owners name is SaffettHe;s very helpful met him last week when i picked up an electrical item that i;d ordered the previous week.Look through his F/B page.If you donlt see anything just send Saffet a message..Hope you find what you;re looking for. Lindy Lou
  2. Hello Quinn, i think you deserve some well earned time off with your hubby.Perhaps you can find another school if your present one won't listen to your e,mails.Enjoy your holidays.Iyi Bayranlar.Lindy Lou
  3. I hope you don;t have too long to wait Kelebek,I was born in Glasgow/South side of the City,Which part are you from?Now i'm happily settled in Fethiye/Mugla.Lindy Lou
  4. Nikemre, i can't add any more advice,i think it has already been said.All i wish for you is Good Luck with your Relationship n your Future wether it be in Austrailia or Turkey.Take good care of yourself.Lindy Lou
  5. Sunny n Chee Chee,thanks, I was so happy that someone took it into their heart to take this beautiful pup home with them to love n share with thier family.I was bubbling at her leaving but happy also that a new home was found so quickly for her.The owner has contacted me to say that all is going well n she was off to the vet for the pups injections.Yeh this story did have a happy ending,many pets out there don't.
  6. Hello there Animal Luvers, just thought i let you know that i a luvly couple from Ovacik.Fethiye took home Tarcin with them on Saturday.Her new name is Shadow,named by their 9 year son.The lady contacted me yesterday to say that all was going well n Shadow was going to the Vets for a check-up n to start her injections.I'm over the moon that this dog was'nt left to roam the streets,we only had her for 2 week n luckily a new home was found for this gorgeous Big Black Lab Girl in a relative short time.Happy ending to this story.Lindy Lou
  7. How can anybody just close the door on their so called pet!!!.Big shame on the owner !!!I live on the outskirts of Fethiye where many dogs roam free.most of them are actually owned by Villagers.1 little b*tch had been scanning our garden n 2 dogs.Eventually she broke in.funny at first but she;s a rather yappy dog n neighbours were begining to think we had a new addition to our family.Then the b*tch went into season.OMG!!! I think all the dogs in Karagedik came to pay her a visit.I awoke one morning to 7 male dogs in our field of a garden.My 2 were in their kennel watching all the goings on.M
  8. Another great Picture Cukur,We had a storm two nights ago in Fethiye but my pics were definately not as good as yours.Pratice,pratice makes perfect,or so they say.lol.Lindy Lou
  9. I'm sure the two of you had a real good time .mmm......Well worth waiting for,eh?Roll on to Kaans last day of service,then you can get on with your married life together,Be strong girl,Lindy Lou
  10. Cukur, what a brilliant picture so,so dramatic!As Sunny says,yes you should enter this into a competition.
  11. Congratulations Carley,Less stressful days now. Victoria 1, Congratulations on your Husbands Visa that came thru so quickly.
  12. I just thought i;d put some pics up of the pup that i'm having to look after just now.well until her new owners come along.Her name is Tarcin,she's about 3 months old.Playful n so so loveable.Free to good Home.We are in the Karagedik area of Fethiye,5 min drives from Pelin Hotel,Calis.PM me if anybody is out there n looking for a new adoreable pet.Lindy Loups.I can;t seem to put any pics on.My other post is in the Fethiye Section with Tarcins photos.
  13. CHee Chee, thats great you've got yourself a new pooch.Fingers crossed somebody will take this georgous puppy that i'm fostering just now to fit into their new home soon.Enjoy your new found friend Chee Chee,Lindy LouHi Abi, My Hubby has conatcted a few vets in Fethiye n i;ve posted a few adds regarding our new little black friend.Surely somebody out there would luv to take her home with them.No charge for her.she just needs somebody to love,take for long walks n much playtime to get rid of all her energy.Any takers?Lindy Lou
  14. Chee Chee, too bad that you live in the Bodrum area,My husband brought home a luvly 3 months old black Labrador,3 days ago thinking that i would be happy,She;s georgous but we already have 2 dogs.I suffer from Arthritist n walk with a stick so i can just about manage the 2 that we have,but another 1 is out of the question.My husbands is not the normal Turkish man,he loves all animals.It;s a struggle every month no we can;t have Chicken,sGoats n so on.The reason being that i;d be left to look after them all.I live on the outskirts of FethiyeProbably around 3/4 hours away from where you are just
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