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  1. thanks ripley, yeah it would be terrible to lose her/anyone via suicide her father died two months ago..plus a turkish guy broke her heart, so thats the reason... she is better for now ... yeah, we are looking for a good affordable doctor to help her depression... thanks everyone for showing your support
  2. thanks for your wishes you guys, i forwarded them to her. Yeah, she needs help too much emotional baggage.. anyways... if anyone learns that odd term, lemme know
  3. Well yeah, they just took the passport number.. but that's it.. no questions were asked :S And the next day she was visited by a psychiatrist for like 10 minutes ... and yeah, the police took the phone number, address and info of her roommate. But nothing was said about whether she will have to go in for an assessment or something. And neither the police nor the hospital officials have contacted her roommate since that time... she didnt have a phone. So we assumed it was the end of the communications :PIs committing suicide a crime in Turkey? A Turkish speaking friend of ours said it was, but Im not sure... In US, in some states it is a crime.Please people, throw in whatever info you've got
  4. Hi, So 4 days ago a close friend tried to commit suicide by overdosing on sleeping pills found over the counter in Turkey. She fainted and was almost going to get into a coma before we took her to the hospital. She spent 3 days in the I.C.U. (admitted immediately)... Strange thing is that we were expecting a massive bill... but we had taken her to a government hospital (devlet hastanesi) which are much cheaper than the private hospitals but not free, of course... but the hospital didnt charge anything for 3 days in the I.C.U... how come? In the UK, it would have been 3000 pounds or more for the same services ...We asked the staff and at the reception why her whole treatment was free... and they kept saying a particular term...under which all treatments are free ... it was not "ACIL" or emergency.. because that much Turkish I know... Can someone point/say that term for me? It is strange because our friend isn't even Turkish... so what health programme is it in Turkey under which treatment of attempted suicide by foreigners is treated for free/by the Turkish Government?Im just very curious thanks everyone by the way, my friend is doing much better now.
  5. Buhuhu, I bought an Iphone in the US, jailbroke it and now I could use it anywhere in the world with any sim provider... except... in Turkey I have another handset registered in my name so cant register my Iphone. Unless I find someone to register it for me, I am doomed to buy a new handset - dont wanna lose my Iphone .. buhuhuhu (((My question, when I register my Iphone, would I have a problem (legal or otherwise) because it was jailbroken? The person /representative who will register my Iphone wont know that my Iphone was jailbroken, can he come to know this while registering it? Thanks people!!
  6. hehloh!I just went to register my iphone with avea.. and I was turned down because apparently I had another handset registered within the last 2 years But, there is one way I can still register my handset... good news for people in my situation The Avea and Turkcell representatives told me that if I find a Turkish national who has been abroad within the last one month, and if that person is willing to register my handset, they can register my phone in his/her name and wala! Done!So people dont be disappointed, just ask a Turkish friend who has been abroad recently to register your phone for you! One last note - the phone registration can happen in two ways - the first one allows your phone to work in Turkey with any SIM card (so you can switch SIM cards, for whatever reasons you wanna switch them)... the second one allows only 1 particular SIM card for one said handset, hence even if your handset is shown registered, you will be able to make it work with 1 SIM card you registered it with. Tough, eh?I have no idea why this ridiculousness? There is some new techno phone, new phone upgrades in the market every month, who keeps the same phone for 2 years now?Can someone please explain the logic behind this block/register thing? Thanks
  7. hey nikolan, check your pm box, i sent you a msg!
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