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  1. Hi Ladiesjust thinking today how i have not heard from him now in over a week, he sent me txt letting me know how life is S*** in Turkey for him at the moment, whilst letting me know that he has had car problems etc and of course how it has costed him alot etcI sent him a txt to say money wasnt everything and that i had given up one of my jobs so now i only have one job now, funnily enough i have not heard from him since!He proberly thinks im too poor and not worth bothering with.I did have a look at the pictures of my time with him and had a little bit of a cry today, can't believe how people
  2. [email protected]@[email protected]@lucidThanks for your lovely messages, i dont know what i would have done without this website and support/guidance from the members here.I have not really spoken about the details of my trip to family and friends, so having a site like this helps so much.I have learnt from this and will ensure i do make savvy choices and not get sucked in by anyone! The positive for me is that at least i got to experience a different culture and visit a beautiful country i will never forget, i sure know i will go back again to visit and i hope next time i meet and make genuine frien
  3. Hi TinaFGood for you for naming and shaming the love rat..sorry to hear you lost your money to that rat!My god i feel my situation could of ended up like that, im glad it didnt. Its so sad that men behave like this.I really hope you find a job soon and have a really nice lifegood luckNikkixxx
  4. Hi,apologies if my last recent post sounded like i was sterotyping all turkish men.I want to make it clear that, No i dont think all men who work in the resorts are gigolo in their spare time, but some are, my friend i visited has done and most likely still does.I didnt go to Turkey to look for a man nor have i ever flaunted myself with any man whilst on holiday and would'nt either.From the day i arrived i had this feeling that he was not being straight with me, didnt know what it was but had this feeling. The day after my arrival, we decided to go out for drinks, prior to leaving the house he
  5. Hi Nikki here.I did go back to turkey to see him...i experienced every kind of emotion out there...Yes i paid for everything, food, petrol, cigs etc. So sad that these men have no shame!!!Yes i will visit Turkey again, but will be staying away from the resort areas, to be honest i think these resort workers are Gigolo in their spare time.Thanks guys for all your adviceanyone wants to know what happened can send me a private message.Nikkixxx
  6. Thanks for that..i sure will be asking many many questions, i will let you know how it all goesNIkki xx
  7. Hi, thanks for all your replys...The situation at the moment is yes i did send the money for him to collect the next day(he collected the money 3 days later), he has not asked me to send any more and i have taken finance off the agenda (no money talk) and since i've got back, we do speak quite alot on the phone..and i am going to turkey next month to stay with him for a couple of weeks.In fairness to him i did say that is was cheap for me to call him, so he should give me a miss call..I had also dramatically cut down on texting him (i did not want to appear to keen) he noticed this and complai
  8. Do turkish men take black females seriously? i know the culture is different, but i would like to think they are open-minded to different types of people.I don't mind honestythanks
  9. Thank you to kayl3igh and Sonny for replying.Well he is originally from Izmir and he has been living in Altinkum for several years, he has a property there (where i stayed). He said his sister lives in Germany, his brother is in Izmir and mum is still alive. he wants to introduce me to his brother if i decide to go at Christmas.he swears he is not married as i have asked many times, he showed me some document which he said shows he is single (i cannot read turkish) so i took his word for it, not for a second have i fooled myself in thinking he is faithfull to me because i know what the men out
  10. HiI was wondering if anyone can offer any advice to me, i would appreciate it.While on holiday in Turkey, much to my surprise i met someone whom i really like. After reading many posts of Turkish men being love rats etc, I'm concerned that maybe the man i met could be one of them, not only that i am a totally different culture to him..I am black british! he is 2-3 years younger than me, we are both in our 30s, he has is own place and drives, while out there i ended up staying at his place for the duration of my holiday as the friends i went out there with proved they were not real friends, na
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