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  1. Just an FYI to everyone interested in the Urla area...it's getting crowded and prices are getting up there. Have family that lives there currently and I have been visiting the area since 2007. But chances are, if you've been looking anywhere around Izmir...you already know its getting expensive & a lot more crowded just about all over.
  2. Thanks for the replies everyone. So it's been a while since I last logged in...but I'm back! So I've been here since Aug and it is small, but close to everything (at least in N. Italy/South of the Alps). Family loves it...it's typical Italian but since it's such a small city, i frequently run into other Americans somewhat often. Venice is close & so is Milan, Bologna, Florence etc. Anyway...it sure beats Afghanistan lol.
  3. Has anyone been to Vicenza, Italy? It's going to be "home" for the next few years (Ken...I feel a PM from you in the works lol...shoot me one). Anyhow, would love some input from anyone who has been there. I've only been to Italy once earlier this year (Bologna, Florence, Rome, Pisa & Venice).
  4. The Inka should be fixing any issues on a newly built-newly purchased build. I had this issue with my property (leaky window, paint, door frame holes for door lock catch not cut out etc.). I'm sure there was more since my wife was the one dealing with it...but they came in and fixed stuff.
  5. Forever & always will be the province of Izmir for me.
  6. As a young man married to a Turkish woman (11 years!)...I will tell you its all about culture. In Turkey it is "not normal" if a woman and a man just live together. No matter how old, it's frowned upon lol. The solution to this is to get a prenup (as Ibra stated above)...your lawyers can walk you through that. You can still have your trust for your kids, but you can also have something set up for you significant other if you so choose. This is what wills & prenups are for. If its love, go for it man!! Good luck!!!
  7. I compared Algiers vs Izmir: https://www.numbeo.com/cost-of-living/compare_cities.jsp?country1=Algeria&country2=Turkey&city1=Algiers&city2=Izmir FOOD: Izmir is relatively cheap in terms of street food and having the occasional beer. HOUSING: As for the flat, you can use the suggestions Ken wrote. If you plan on staying with in Izmir (city), I would suggest areas such as Buca, Konak, Alsancak, Bayrakli, Karsiyaka. They all have convenient transportation options (bus, metro, tram & ferry). Housing is relatively reasonably priced (for now). https://www.sahibinden.com/en/for-rent-flat?address_town=474&address_town=464&address_town=466&address_town=458&address_town=459&a20=38474&address_city=35 SCHOOL: Here's where it gets tricky. If you want to send the kids to a private school it can get very expensive, very quickly. As there are many choices, I just did a quick google search of the city area. This is not all-inclusive. My 8 year old goes to a private school (for personal security reasons, I will not say which)...but it is not cheap & requires a school bus (which is not included in the price of the school), in addition you must purchase a lunch meal for the children as well. My average cost per month just for school, transportation, meals, snacks is approximately $1,300. This DOES NOT include the 4-5 sets of uniforms (pants, shorts, long sleeve/short sleeve shirts, physical education clothing, jackets, ties & various other things they make the parents purchase). I am not trying to discourage you, but I want you to be aware of the pitfalls as well. Hope this helps. Welcome to the forum & best of luck!
  8. https://www.jet2.com/en/flights/turkey/izmir Seems they just started flying from the UK to Izmir direct...
  9. Hello, I've been in & out of Turkey since 2007. I haven't had any serious run-ins with any of the issues listed on the state.gov website. Just like everywhere else in the world, keep your head on a swivel (I'm looking at you FRANCE)...but that wouldn't stop me from going. although there have been some serious issues in major cities, I do not fear for my safety. As for Anti-Americanism...you will find that everywhere in almost every country (including the US). But you spend your money and boost the economy...it is appreciated anywhere you go. Majority of people who get caught up in the banning, are people who talk against the government etc. Where you plan on moving to...you will be fine. p.s. I am married to a turk from Izmir & have a son. We are all US Citizens...if I had any fear for their safety, I wouldn't send my son to a Turkish school & we sure wouldn't have bought a house in Turkey either lol.
  10. Hey also...Pegasus (PGS) Airlines, still fly from Adnan Menderes Airport to to S. Gokcen Airport in Istanbul...I'm sure a few other domestic carries do the same as well.
  11. Mavisehir/Karsiyaka (KSK) are close to highway (which gets you to the airport in a reasonable amount of time), that area has an amazing (in my opinion) city layout when compared to Alsancak, plus lots of things to do. A very nice hospital (Medical Park) is within close reach & if you ever have a need to go across the bay, there are many daily ferries & a car ferry as well. Developers have started to build housing areas in the Cigli district which is slightly north of the KSK area & a bit more country. A bit further north is Foca....not far, but not close either. Best bet is really to take a few days and just explore.
  12. If you noticed the trend of us throwing "Seferihisar" as a viable choice. Seferihisar Sığacik is great. http://www.visitizmir.org/en/district/seferihisar/nasil-gelmeli/sigacik
  13. Izmir is a wonderful city/province...and the Ege region to me is the best
  14. No worries...happy to help. If you're keen to stick around the Urla/West Izmir area, Cesmealti is a nice area...Seferhisar, Teos, Karaburun & of course Cesme too. Karaburun is another area that is quite nice. Guzelbahce straddles Urla/Izmir, but still offers a lot of green space. If you're not looking for such a strict village atmosphere: Balcova is on the western outskirts of Izmir (city) & has nice areas as well...modern shopping areas close by, renowned for its thermal heat etc. Bornova is a bit away from the city center, but offers nice areas too. Nice outdoor mall, good hospital & a skating rink w/hockey I live in Konak now....lived in Alsancak (the "it" area of Izmir...or so ppl say). Nice area, nice pubs, coffe houses, kordon etc. Parking is a nightmare as you can imagine. If I could do it all over, Karsiyaka/Mavisehir would be a good choice...the city is newer and you can tell the city has a modern plan, a LARGE modern mall, solid outdoor activities, KSK pro basketball team, an excellent hospital...with that said, Izmir has been pushing for an update city/province wide with its infrastructure. There are great things in the works. Check out the above areas & lmk if you have any more questions. -Phil
  15. Pete...I hate to break it to you but Izmir (even little Urla) has been slowly taken over by folks from Istanbul as well. I know Urla all too well, as my wife's family hails from there. Back in 2007-2009, it was really a village paradise. Not so much anymore. However, it's a bit less than what you are experiencing in Bodrum, that I can say for sure. There's a lot of area in Urla & the outskirts as well. The hills have nice land/property for sale and I have seen some really top-notch villas built... A good place to start your search would be here: https://www.sahibinden.com/en/for-sale/izmir-urla Do some virtual exploring: https://showmystreet.com/map-streetview/#mtdqo_fxn8b_8q_0_je42 Best of luck!
  16. Oh cool. Been married over 10 years now. I've been all over TR with exception to the Marmara region. Did back to back Izmir tours, left & went back and bought property in 2017. You can go back freely w/no restrictions commercially, but now Space-A is pretty much non existent since the Lik is on lockdown. Fenerbahce is my favorite. Gule gule!
  17. Every Turkish citizen who is male is required by law to serve. It is not war, but essentially a draft system to ensure the military is manned. As the article says, you can opt out by paying. I know many people who have done this. "I have a turkish friend, he told me he has to go to the army for three weeks if I pays for it..." We saw this and looks like you're stating that he wanted you to pay....as Ken said, do not pay.
  18. Look what I came across: http://www.pbase.com/dosseman/izmir&page=1 It is mind blowing how much Izmir has evolved over the years!
  19. https://www.dailysabah.com/turkey/2018/07/18/25-days-and-a-small-fee-for-new-military-service-exemption Under the proposed regulations, anyone aged 25 and younger can pay TL 15,000 ($3,133) and be exempt from military service, save from 25 days of conscription. This short enlistment term distinguishes it from previous practices of paid military service where applicants only needed to pay the fee and were not obliged to serve even for one day. Why are you paying for it?
  20. Awesome! So are you guys back stateside or still in Turkey?
  21. I just completed this quiz. My Score was 73/100 and my time was 708 seconds  
  22. Beautiful property. I was stationed in Izmir for 2 years...I rented. I got of of the military 2 years ago & my wife (who is Turkish) and I decided to buy a place. We live in Izmir. We bought a 2 level top-floor apartment (commonly referred to as "Dublex") and we love it. Security is not an issue if you are careful/cautious (as you should be in any country). There are plenty of villa options in Bornova, as well as Guzelbahce. Karsiyaka on the opposite side of the harbor is a wonderful choice as well. As Ken mentioned, it's a renters/buyers market currently. $1 gets you 5.26 as of this morning...and it seems to be going up every few hours. Good luck & keep us updated
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