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  1. To a certain degree...I disagree...as I have lived in Turkey (prior to marriage) & I had a high success rate as a bachelor. To be clear, I was in my mid-20s and a master of the PUG (pick up game)...these days I just call it practice or keeping in form lol. There are many ladies out there they stay the high ground & opt only for no sex until after marriage (I pursued 1 for a short time)...a lot of times they are looking for serious, no kidding, you have to marry me type. There's the other end of the spectrum that are like the women in the US/UK/EU etc...they are a little more open to different things & I welcomed that. Granted, as a black American I didn't have to really put myself out there. I exclusively dated my wife for roughly 8/9 months or so then I popped the question. She was already moved in with me around the 5/6 month mark of dating (so shacking up is possible). As a matter of fact, many guys I knew had live-in girlfriends...who in the end they got married to. Anyhow, her Dad didn't meet me until 1 week before the wedding. We are now best of friends. Again, your results may vary....but, anything is possible. I'll hit the 10 years married milestone this year...Matt is correct about the movies...also watch Ay Luv Yu. No matter what...she is always right. No matter if you show video evidence...you will still be wrong haha. Happy wife. Happy life. Good luck & keep us informed!
  2. Brits Abroad! How We Act.

    I always get a chuckle when I hear a Brit say "It's so bloody hot here!".
  3. Adana Revival

    & his wife is Turkish as well...
  4. Adana Revival

    Crazy...I know another Matthew G (Matt G.)...he lives in Izmir though...but used to live in Adana (Incirlik) years ago as well...
  5. Brits Abroad! How We Act.

    Same...I had my first proper EB in Marmaris.
  6. hi  how are you doing?

    1. FenerEniste


      Hey how's it going?  I'm doing alright.

  7. City center from Istanbul Ataturk airport

  8. yep. contact the consulate & ask them any details. & yes Ankara is where I went as well.
  9. American/Turkish Visa Ban Lifted?

    I'll be in Turkey in February as well....
  10. Geography Quiz 1

    I just completed this quiz. My Score was 93/100 and my time was 391 seconds  
  11. Welcome to the life of dating/marrying a Turk.
  12. Hi Susanna, First of all, welcome to Turkey! It's not common that [covered] girls/women are approached by men. Granted, its not unheard of. There are plenty of guys that I am sure would love to talk to you, but are fearful that you will say no because you are being modest (or so they think). Are you fully covered or the common Turkish 'Turbanli' dress..or just a headscarf? Don't trust the date sites!
  13. American/Turkish Visa Ban Lifted?

    Good news...the visa problem is OVER finally.
  14. That is not the case as many people ride their motorbikes through the country. I'm not sure of the details, but you may have to contact the Turkish customs department.