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  1. Every Turkish citizen who is male is required by law to serve. It is not war, but essentially a draft system to ensure the military is manned. As the article says, you can opt out by paying. I know many people who have done this. "I have a turkish friend, he told me he has to go to the army for three weeks if I pays for it..." We saw this and looks like you're stating that he wanted you to pay....as Ken said, do not pay.
  2. FenerEniste

    Early 70's In Izmir

    Look what I came across: http://www.pbase.com/dosseman/izmir&page=1 It is mind blowing how much Izmir has evolved over the years!
  3. https://www.dailysabah.com/turkey/2018/07/18/25-days-and-a-small-fee-for-new-military-service-exemption Under the proposed regulations, anyone aged 25 and younger can pay TL 15,000 ($3,133) and be exempt from military service, save from 25 days of conscription. This short enlistment term distinguishes it from previous practices of paid military service where applicants only needed to pay the fee and were not obliged to serve even for one day. Why are you paying for it?
  4. Awesome! So are you guys back stateside or still in Turkey?
  5. FenerEniste

    Turkish Culture Quiz

    I just completed this quiz. My Score was 73/100 and my time was 708 seconds  
  6. FenerEniste

    Living in Turkey

    Beautiful property. I was stationed in Izmir for 2 years...I rented. I got of of the military 2 years ago & my wife (who is Turkish) and I decided to buy a place. We live in Izmir. We bought a 2 level top-floor apartment (commonly referred to as "Dublex") and we love it. Security is not an issue if you are careful/cautious (as you should be in any country). There are plenty of villa options in Bornova, as well as Guzelbahce. Karsiyaka on the opposite side of the harbor is a wonderful choice as well. As Ken mentioned, it's a renters/buyers market currently. $1 gets you 5.26 as of this morning...and it seems to be going up every few hours. Good luck & keep us updated
  7. Congrats bro! Welcome to the Eniste club!
  8. FenerEniste

    Moving back to Turkey

  9. FenerEniste

    Moving back to Turkey

    Same buddy. Get well soon. Hopefully everything happens for a reason & you can return to beautiful S. Turkey.
  10. FenerEniste

    Please help mee

    Had the same fear when we moved from the US. Luckily, all of my wife's family speaks Turkish. He had been exposed to the language from a young age & indeed it was sink or swim. Son gets his English practice from my wife & I...although more from me obviously lol. But school teaches Turkish, German & some English. I think he could go to a public school now, but the curriculum is better on the private side IMO.
  11. FenerEniste

    Please help mee

    Hi...lemme give you a reality check... I send my 6 (now 7) yr old son to a well established private school in Izmir. He's about to finish 2nd and start 3rd grade next year. I forked out ~30.000 TL this school year (2017-2018). 2018-2019 SCHOOL YEAR: The yearly cost for just school is (broken down by PAID IN FULL (ADVANCE 26,315 TL), 3 MONTH DISCOUNT RATE (SPLIT INTO 3 PAYMENTS 8.955 x2 + 1x 8.959 = 26.869) OR MONTHLY (WHAT I PAY 2.305 x11 + 1x 2.345): 27.700 TL ($6,554). The yearly cost (9 months) for his shuttle transportation to/from school is: 4.800 TL ($1,135). He eats breakfast at home & takes his lunch to school, however we get a bill (9 months) for healthy snacks/additional food 4.845 TL ($1,146). TOTAL IS OVER 37.000TL ($8,755) BASED ON THE STRONG DOLLAR EXCHANGE RATE AT THE MOMENT. THIS DOES NOT EVEN INCLUDE THE ADDITIONAL TL/$ THE SCHOOL REQUIRES FOR FIELD TRIPS & EXTRACURRICULAR ACTIVITES. DOES NOT INCLUDE THE SCHOOL SUPPLIES YOU MUST SUPPLY YOURSELF. DOES NOT INCLUDE THE MULTIPLE SCHOOL UNIFORMS (THAT YOUR CHILD WILL GROW OUT OF IN 1 YEAR!!) It might not seem like a lot...but that's a massive chunk down on a new car for my wife AND a new motorcycle for me...but, priorities. Not to mention paying for a mortgage/bills...basics.
  12. Trust me when I say Istanbul isn't the city you need to be in...go further south. The Aegean/Turkish Medd. Marrakech has always been somewhere i'd like to visit
  13. Or just visit Turkey & take a stroll along bar street in Antalya, Bodrum, Fetihye etc. All the best with your search... p.s. Morocco is a great place!
  14. FenerEniste

    Academic jobs

    My money is on "no".
  15. FenerEniste

    Have I "lost" my Turkish nationality?

    Sounds to me like you're a dual citizen...I could be wrong, but it sure seems that way. I don't think you give up the right to be a citizen because of divorce...