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  1. Hi all-)I missed this forum, I don't know how I didn't return for so long. I'm glad to be back!I have literally looked everywhere in all Turkish grocery stores there's no Oatmeal to be found. I have been in turkey now for almost a year and I can't believe it that they don't even have something as simple as oatmeal. Have you lovely people seen it anywhere?
  2. I'm so happy to read all the replies, you guys made me smile and think about about some things. I have so many experiences here that I have never had anywhere else in this world. Like the other day I went out shopping and this woman who worked in the store treated me like royalty (Attention I never wanted). She basically took my shopping off my hands and ignored the queue that was before me lol. I just stood there in disbelief thinking omg, what are you doing? She just headed straight to the till and said it's 'ok'. With a confused look on my face I paid. As the crowd looked at me with absolute envy I just walked out that store quick. I'm not a queue cutter and felt bad that she gave me the celebrity treatment but oh well what can I do? Awkward! About me being black, recently was invited to a dinner by a Turkish friend everyone was turkish except me. Let me also remind you all that I don't speak good turkish but I am starting to understand everything. I have noticed that most of the women at the table were very fascinated with my long curly hair and wanted to touch it lol. They all kept telling me how beautiful I am oh and how much i look like Rihanna the singer. At some point I just wanted them to stop talking about me because I am a shy person I don't like to be put in the spot. I decided to leave early, because I couldn't keep up with all the conversation and I missed my fiance. One thing I have noticed that I want to tell you all is that some Turkish women (a few) look me up & down. Only when I am with my man though! Let me just say that my man is HOT. I assume that has something to do with it. The best thing about here is my friends mom she calls me Kizim! Which means my daughter: She's the best woman she's always cooking me food and bringing it to my home, saying shes my mom and I should never feel like I don't have a family here *sniff* how sweet is that? I'm grateful to God. I'm sorry for the long post, just keeping you all up to date as I haven't posted here for months.
  3. Hi to all of you lovely people I'm starting to slowly fall in love with turkey, but it hasn't been easy for me I'll tell you that. I still get homesick every now but i'm staying positive. So I made some lovely turkish friends. I have no words to describe how amazing they are, its a blessing to have people here who treat me like i'm part of their family as I have been missing my family alot. Anyways I love these friends but how do I get use to being out and about at 1 am chit chatting in the garden playing board games when all I want to do is sleep? After Ifthar I get sleepy and I wanna do is curl up at home and watch some t.v and relax . I find it hard to say 'i cant go' when they show up at my door nearly 1 am lol. So i'm like sure, ''plss plss come enjoy'' they say lol. They are soo sweet they don't want me to get bored. I'm a youngin but late for me is 10 pm to them 1 am is early . Anyways this is not worth the complaint, I should be lucky to have such lovely people who want to spend so much time with me. It's just i'm not use to this. Tell me what y'all think.Have a lovely day
  4. I want to thank you all for taking your time to reply to me. I feel better after reading all the responses. As some of you have said maybe this is just the culture difference and I just need to get use to it. But its not easy being stared at with wide eyed gazes. It instantly brings me down and I get annoyed. I dont even know any turkish so I cant tell them to get lost lol either.Sometimes I feel like everyone is staring at me, I seriously mean everyone. Women, Men, Children. I live in instanbul, and this is suppose to be a more open welcoming city, and I havent seen any of that.I havent been out on my own yet, If I go anywhere I go with my fiance. I'm not use to this I use to be a free person, go wherever I want, travel without worry. Now I dont even feel confident enough to go out on my own. I just dont want to be in an awkward situation on my own. This is all so new to me, I have never experienced such stares anywhere else in the world, this is why I dont know how to deal with it.I want to thank you all, each and everyone of you from my heart. I wish you all Happiness:)
  5. I'm so tired of turkish people starring at me. Seriously, they will stop what they are doing, some even point. I am not one to look at people, but even when I dont want to see anything, all it takes is one glimpse and I catch someone all acting weird, like they cant believe what they are seeing. I'm part black so I have dark skin, so are these people racist? Have they never seen black people before? Why cant they just mind their own business?I've been turkey before last year and this year nothing is different. These people really make me feel like I dont want to be seen. My fiance keeps telling me its because im so beautiful. I have never felt this akward anywhere else in the world. I have been fortunate to travel and see the world at a young age but turkey is a beautiful country sadly some people ruin it for me.
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