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  1. What a fascinating topic -- I had not seen it before.There are so many truly interesting things one can talk about, and really get to know a person's values and outlook on life. Personally I find it rather off-putting when someone rejects this chance for good conversation, instead insisting on banal exchange of personal data.There are ways of getting to the personal data, if that's important for some reason. Why use a sledge hammer to get at it?
  2. When I took this job, I wasn't planning to learn Turkish. That changed fast. So far, I've picked up some phrases on-line and been able to use or at least recognise them in conversation. There's an accountant I communicate with by looking terms up and writing them down, patching together questions.The
  3. Just a few weeks in, I suspect that living in a resort area and working where I am is showing me a very particular subculture. It still feels disturbing to go to an office job dressed so casually, and to see so much human epidermis so casually exposed to UV-rays. A combination of inertia and work success will probably keep me here for a while. Who knows how I'll evolve? Maybe I'll get extensive cosmetic surgeries.
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