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  1. Theoretically we should just have to show the ikamet application form asking for 2 years, the card showing he got only one year and the copy of the receipt showing he paid for two years. However that didn't work. I will let you know if we are successful elsewhere or with another method.
  2. When my husband and I applied for our ikamets in Istanbul this year we both requested 2 years, and paid the appropriate amount. As the apartment is only in my name I was granted two year's residence and he only got one year. We went to the tax department where we paid the fees originally, and they told us we had to go to the main GOC office in Faith and get a dilekce to confirm we had paid (the tax department wouldn't accept the photocopied receipt). I rang 157 and they confirmed this is what we had to do but GOC refused to do this, and then the clerks gave us different reasons - there's a new law, you can't get the money back, go to the tax office and so on. I know from people living outside of Istanbul that it is possible to get the money back. I even had my fees refunded some years ago when I couldn't go ahead with my application. Does anyone know the relevant legislation that I can quote, or anything useful that might help? Thanks.
  3. If you left Turkey without being approved or receiving your new ikamet then yes you will need to obtain a visa before re-entering.
  4. As Ken points out, the date you enter on your passport is recorded, so this suggests you'd have to leave on that passport and then re-enter on the other passport. That said, I don't know if this is strictly legal - the computer system may well match your name and DOB.
  5. I have read on Doc Martin's site that you do not need a translated and noterised copy of your passport when you are making a first application for and RP. Is this still correct?
  6. Yes it's important. An individual living in Istanbul recently had their application to renew their resident permit denied because they had failed to register their change of address. They had to stay out of Turkey for 3 months and when they returned had to wait another 3 months before applying for a residence permit again. And there's a fine for not registering.
  7. Thank you Ken and everyone for your comments. I only just saw this post today.
  8. That's good to know. Good luck and let us know if you get your parcels.
  9. You will have to ask at the PTT. In the past you could send things to any post office, anywhere, poste restante. The item would be held by the post office and you would have to go and pick it up. With this method they don't tell you when it arrives, you just have to guess and ask them. Poste restante is postrestant in Turkish. If you have enough Turkish you can go and ask them Postrestant var mi? and if they say yes ask, Postrestant adres beni yazabilir mi? (Can you write the poste restante address for me). However the most secure way is to give your home or work address.
  10. 22 April is not a holiday in Turkey so the PTT and Banks will be open. Please note that 23 April is a holiday. At the PTT you can send items like letters and envelopes by normal mail or boxes and larger things by cargo. How much it costs depends on the weight and dimensions of the item and who fast you want it delivered.
  11. Like Redders said, if you are a foreigner in Turkey and you want to use a phone, wherever it's from, you need to register your yabanci kimlik number with the service provider.
  12. You also have to register if you have a pay as you go SIM card. I successfully added my TC Kimlik number using the Digital Operator link provided by Turkcell.
  13. Any imam can conduct a religious wedding ceremony in Turkey but it is not a legal binding marriage contract and gives no legal rights to either party.
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