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  1. First up, there is no charge to be vaccinated if you hold a valid resident permit. As I said before, you have the right to be vaccinated if you have a residence permit. Being over 65 means your husband was eligible to get his first vaccination injection over a month ago. You haven't said if you have registered with e-nabiz. This is essential for you to get your vaccinations.
  2. As a foreigner with a residence permit you will be able to get the vaccine but when that happens depends on your age. They have just started vaccinating people in the 60-64 age range. You need to be registered on the e-nabiz site first.
  3. Usama if you are in Istanbul the best thing to do is go to the GOC office at Fatih with all your paperwork (print out the message about your application) and ask what is happening. Going there is the only way to get a correct answer. There are usually long queues so don't go too late in the day.
  4. Turkey is not a member of the EU so having permanent residence in Greece has no impact on your right to stay in Turkey. Depending on your citizenship you cannot generally stay in Turkey for more than 3 months on a tourist visa. If you want to stay for five consecutive months you would need to apply for a residence permit. Given the paperwork and costs involved it may not be suitable for you.
  5. Thanks for giving us the update and I do hope everything goes through easily for your daughter.
  6. If your daughter has residency she will have a Turkish ID number - called Yabanci Kimlik Numerasi in Turkish. Assuming she has the new card ID, this number will be on the card. It will start with 98 or 99.
  7. Ken as you recommended I rang 170. The person I talked to had good English and understood my question perfectly. I had to agree to make an official request for a ruling which took one week. The answer was I am not allowed to sell my books in Turkey via a Turkish print-on-demand company. I would need them to obtain a work permit for me. As this is not possible I won't be selling my books via the website so it's back to the drawing board.
  8. Shevrin and others who say they have received a message from GOC saying their application has been assessed positively but when they check their status on the government website there is a message saying there is a problem with their photo - is the message addressed to you by name or just a general notice? Recently a message about biometric photos comes up automatically even when you don't log in to your application.
  9. I might be wrong but I have never heard of people working in Turkey as buyers' agents'. I do know however that escrow accounts are not used in Turkey. As for wiring the money directly to a seller I would not recommend it. Your only recourse would be to open a court case against the seller and that would be costly and takes years to resolve.
  10. I live in Turkey on a Short Term Resident Permit granted on the basis of home ownership. It does not entitle me to work in Turkey. My question is this. I want to make a Turkish version of one of my books available for purchase via a Turkish print-on-demand publishing company. I will earn a royalty for each copy sold. Although this is not working per se, would this contravene the terms of my ikametgah? I've looked at the GOC website and the Ministry of Labor site (to the best of my ability) and found no useful information. Can anyone point me in the direction of a definite answer? Thanks.
  11. When you say commission do you mean the commission charged by a real estate agent or the tax payable at the tapu (title deed) office calculated as a percentage of the property value?
  12. Hi Ken, Thanks for sharing this information. We both signed one of these but were only told it was confirmation we'd submitted all our documents. No mention that the fees wouldn't be refunded if the application was unsuccessful or only one year granted. This makes me quite angry as you can imagine and also, why is it only in Istanbul. Why should we be discriminated against due to where we chose to live in Turkey.
  13. You can't apply before you arrive in Turkey, you can only apply once you are here. As you wife's name is not on the house paperwork, she will have to apply for a residence permit for touristic purposes. She will only be granted one year while you MAY be eligible to apply for two years on the basis of owning property. That said, if you pay for a two year permit for yourself but they only grant one year, it is impossible to get the second year refunded in Istanbul. I know this from personal experience. Unfortunately I can't help you as to how you apply for your children. Hopefully some else can.
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