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  1. It's "The Knight's Castle on Kastellorizo" written by Vlas Efstathis (our friend) and John Pearn. I've always been interested in ancient history, so now I'm totally captivated with the history of an island I hadn't heard of a couple of years ago!! By the way, what's the best way to get to and from Kas from Kazzie? I'm assuming the Meis Ferry is really geared for people based at Kas so is it a problem travelling the other way? or should we try to get a local fishing boat? Our friends have said we must go to Kas but we didn't discuss how to get there. Unfortunately they're already on Kazzie and leave just before we arrive! Christine
  2. Ah, Josika, Melbourne is my second favourite city in Australia! I've gained the impression there are quite a few Aussies and Brits living in Turkey now. Is this correct? I'd say you've seen more of Qld than I have, Josika. I love Nth Qld and the reef too, specially the Quiksilver trip to the outer reef. We haven't been right up into Cape York or seen the west either, but we hope to get to WA next year. (It's almost as expensive to go there as Turkey!!!!) As for the Meter Maids, there was talk of getting rid of them recently but there was lots of support and a big fundraising effort to keep them. But back to more important issues... how do I order that beer??? Christine
  3. Hi FilI have no ties with Kastellorizo/Megisti/Meis (it seems to have so many names) and hadn't even heard of it until a year or so ago, but after we visit Turkey next month, we're going to stay in a friend's home on the island. His family originally came from Kazzie, as he calls it, and he's actually written a book about the island and the St John's fort. During its history, which dates back to neolithic times, it's been of great importance in maritime navigation, so it's come under the rule of many countries, and apparently at its peak, there were up to 15,000 people living on the island. It was under Italian rule from about 1920 then in 1943 British commandos landed on Kastellorizo and evacuated the whole population to Egypt to protect them from German air attacks. Most of them did not return, but took the British offer to emigrate to Australia, where there are now about 50,000. There are Kastellorizo clubs in most states of Australia, the largest being in Victoria. During the second World War the Castle and some homes were bombed and a fuel dump fire destroyed many other houses. The island was finally reunited with Greece in 1948 and many Greeks whose families came to Australia in the 40s (our friend included) have been returning to the island and renovating destroyed homes. Christine
  4. Hi again Josika You meant "beautiful every day, perfect the next!" Cheeky!!! You're a bit of a character aren't you!!! Actually, the ad is "Beautiful one day, perfect the next!" but you were close enough! Yes, we're really lucky with our weather here and I nearly put that slogan in my email but didn't because I thought it may sound arrogant! Our eldest (daughter) lives and works in Sydney now, where it's cooler, and she jokes that as soon as the temperature gets to 24C everyone wants to "hit the beach" because it's so hot, but she tells them that's still winter where she comes from. You obviously know of the Gold Coast, so where are you from originally? Did you visit the Gold Coast on your trip here? If so, I hope you got away from the glitzy tourist strip and saw the real beauty of SE Qld. I've been looking at lots of photos of areas we're going to visit in Turkey and they're absolutely breathtaking, and so vastly different. Add to that, everyone I know who has visited Turkey says the people are so great, and they're treated so well that I'd say you're "spot on", we probably won't want to leave. Again, I can't wait to get there, and yes, I can spell "beer" but more importantly... how do I ask for one in a bar???? Christine
  5. Thanks so much everyone for such great info. It gives us an idea of how much cash to take. We also now know to ask for prices first, that not everything is included, and where and what to look for. Abi, how did you know we were Queenslanders? Good call! We're from the Gold Coast so yes, we are used to the heat, but we believe our weather here is pretty much perfect all year round. Doesn't usually get below 10 deg C (50 F) in winter, and our summer average is 28-29 deg C (85 F), although we do get a week or so of temps in the high 30s. (nothing better than sitting outside on those evenings with an icy cold beer!)Agamemnon, I don't usually drink spirits but I'll listen to you and Josika and give the Raki a go. I want to try Turkish beer too. We went to Egypt 18 months ago and really enjoyed their beers and wines (and food). Saffron some great tips there, thanks, and the food sounds fantastic. We live in a tourist area ourselves, so I know what you mean about getting away from the main tourist strips. We'll certainly do that. Josika I do hope you enjoyed your trip to Australia, and yes, I do consider that we are RICH, because we're able to enjoy these wonderful trips in our retirement when so many can't! But alas, we're not rich enough to be able to spend whatever we like when we get there, so it's just as well we like the simple things in life. Sunny thanks for the tip on draught beer, ice and salads. Lucid, good tip about the water on the table, and although I don't like paying more than I have to, after your description, I think I might give the 5 lira wine a miss. Cheers everyone. Can't wait to get there. Only 19 sleeps to go!!!
  6. We're Aussies, eagerly looking forward to touring Turkey next month with another retired couple, but I haven't been able to find any site with current food and drink prices, so I wondered how much we needed to budget for lunches, dinners and drinks. We want to eat real Turkish foods, not western style, so what sorts of places do we look for and how much should we expect to pay for a light lunch and an average dinner per person? All our breakfasts and some dinners are already supplied at our hotels, so we don't want to be eating in hotels or tourist restaurants the rest of the time. Is it safe to eat from street vendors and places we find the locals eating? I only ask this because everything I read strongly advises travellers to only drink bottled water, not the tap water, so do we have to take care in choosing what and where we eat? I've read about hazir yemek restaurants. Are these a good option? Also, how much should we expect to pay for beer, wine, and bottles of water? I look forward to your advice. Cheers,Christine
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