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  1. Actually since marriage topic was brought up the plan was to get married in 3 years, we agreed to work first and save before giving that huge next step. It's not like I want to get married tomorrow but I like having knowledge of the reality that might hit me once I'm there.Definitely he hasn't changed the way he treats me, he still wakes up at 4am, sometimes at 3am just to meet me on msn, it's exhausting but the 8 hours of difference are not really helpful. This is from Monday to Friday, on weekends we get to talk more, sometimes 9 hours, I know, it's a little too much to be in front of a screen :rule[1]:If love is real we'll find happiness one way or the other, if we decide to take the easy way out then we can always be friends because apart from being a lovely boyfriend he's an amazing person.
  2. Yes you are all correct, I agree with you and precisely because it is what my parents tell me. That's why I was asking about how many years soldiers have to serve at the army because I would like to live here in Panama in case we got married. There are lots of foreigners here, they get jobs with no problem in the area of Telecommunication which is well paid. Here getting a job is easy for anyone who knows english. Indeed, I haven't met him in person, it's been 8months of cam. I met him last year by the end of Ramadan, almost one year ago already, he was learning spanish in a webpage named livemocha. I was helping him with the language, he's a fast learner and after a few months we started using cam and started our long distance relationship. I knew it was going to be hard but well... He introduced me to his parents, sister and friends the second month we were together. Everything through the cam of course My parents are telling me if we get married and he came here, they would buy a house for us, they say life is easier here, that I should think with my head, not just with my heart. Anyway, I'll see what happens, so far we are very much inlove, there's always a solution for everything.Thanks to you all for the informations, as you see I make many questions xoxo
  3. I'm sorry, but I've never been to any other country, and Turkey is so far away from my current home, it's a little scary, I mean, I have everything I need here, a family, a house, a car, a job at Maersk, except my boyfriend, if he can't come here I think I'll have to go there and it's not easy to think of starting from zero so I'm just trying to know as many things as possible about the place I'm going.About the East I'm wondering because he told me he had to go there, for a person like me who has no idea about the army's rule it's hard to believe that somebody can't decide where to go or not, but well, I see that's exactly how it is. I think it's even more difficult to understand because we have no army in Panama, we only have national police and unlike my boyfriend's job you can quit anytime you want.Sorry if I made you guys confused, I'm just worried about all these new things.Thanks for your posts though.
  4. Sorry if I caused any confusion but of course I'm still in Panama. I haven't married him yet. My family is here, I work here and I'm saving to go to Turkey because I know I can't go there and start working immediately.My boyfriend is from Bursa but he is at the base in Bandirma, he graduated from military school and has been working in the Air Force for 2 years now... what exactly is wrong about that?
  5. Hi again,I would like to know if it's mandatory for all soldiers to go to the East of Turkey? If it is indeed mandatory... what's the minimum of years they have to stay there?If you have any knowledge about it kindly provide it to me I am trying to know as much as I can about this because there's a possibility that when my boyfriend and I get married the Air Force send him to an Eastern base. He's a Sergeant, he tells me we wouldn't be in danger but I am not really informed about how things are there, if I can get a job... if schools for children are as good as in western Turkey... Would there be any restraint for me as a wife?My real concern is if it's mandatory for them all to go there, he tells me for 7 years but he's been wrong about army rules before (I don't want to think lying so I'd rather say wrong).Thanks in advance for all the help you can give me.
  6. Hello I'd like to know a little bit about the situation in Eastern Turkey nowadays. I've been searching but I've only gotten answers that go back to 2007, 2008, 2009 but nothing from this year.I live in Panama but my boyfriend is Turkish and he's in the army. He tells me as part of his job he will HAVE to go there for at least 4 years but I have other Turkish friends who say they don't dare going to the East, specially Southeast, it kind of scares me because these words are coming from Turkish citizens. I really want accurate info because I don't like prejudging, I can't say it's a bad place to live because I've never been there. I asked my boyfriend if there's a way for us to stay in the West but he insists saying he HAS to go... If indeed we have to go live there once we get married I'd rather be informed specially on the security subject.Does anyone have updates on how things are in the East?Thanks in advance.
  7. Thanks to you all for kindly answering my questions. Abi, my boyfriend is a Sergeant. I don't mind about him staying in the Air Force but the idea of not being able to be with him was killing me. Thanks for everything, there are still so many things left unknown but I'm sure I'll learn with time. XOXO
  8. Thank you so very much for this info. I cannot express my gratitude, I can just say thanks for your prompt response.I will tell my boyfriend so he can be aware of this and investigate more about this subject instead of just believing his chief's word, who might as well not be updated.I don't know if it's true but I would like to be clear on something else, is it mandatory for all soldiers to work for 25 years without the option to quit and work somewhere else with a different career? is there any punishment for leaving the air force before a certain amount of time?Thanks in advance
  9. Hello everybody,I hope I can get some help regarding the Air Force politics on relationships between a Turkish soldier and a girl from abroad. I'm 21 years old, I'm in an eight months relationship with a boyfriend I love so much. He's 24 years old and works in the Air Force. We had been very happy, making plans, until a few days ago when he asked for vacations to come meet me. His superiors asked him if this relationship was serious and he told them he wants to marry me in a couple of years, which we've had discussed, but they told him it's forbidden for them to marry a non Turk, they explained it's for security issues.Please if anybody knows how this works please tell me, I'm truly desperate, every dream we have is crashing down, please, any information will be treasured. If you need more details don't hesitate to ask, I'll be glad to provide them if that way I can get some help.Thanks in advance.
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