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  1. I think it was easier to meet my boyfriend's parents without common language. I didn't need to keep up conversation nor be worried I'd say something silly
  2. I'm sorry to say this, but you will never see your money again. It's obvious he used to just to get that money. Anyway I hope you find a way to make him pay one way or another.
  3. Getting a job out of tourism without knowing Turkish can be quite mission impossible. But you seemed to be talented language learner, so why not to start studying Turkish right away?
  4. And in the worst scenario, you wait a few weeks in Turkish prison that they are able to send you back home.
  5. I guess you would have the best chance to find him if you went to Marmaris and the place where he worked. You could ask someone, and if you were lucky there could be someone who worked with him or knew someone else who worked with him. Marmaris is big now but somehow it feels like everyone knows someone who knows someone who knows third one and in the end you end up to find what you looked for. If you were lucky.
  6. I don't know if it was surprise to anyone that everything you upload online can be tracked.
  7. Well, being a muslim doesn't automatically mean that husband will lock up wife to house, she will not be able to talk to anyone or anymore, they will take a daughter and lock her up in other house and not let mother and child to see each other never again. Of course this kind of things happen and it's good to be cautions - still doesn't mean every religious Muslim man will terrorize a wife. She surely knows her husband well enough to know if it will be like that or not. So if she is worried, there is reason to be worried. If he has decided to practice his religion and live like that, there is not much to do. Either she get used to it or she does something else with her life. Maybe she should walk away?
  8. She sounds a lot like typical Turkish girl - well of course I have no experience, but what I heard of them. She seems to struggle whether to be modern or follow rules and values she has been taught. I can't say much to help, but I feel sorry for you and what you are getting through, it must be hard. But don't worry about sex, once you get married (including religious marriage) she won't feel guilty anymore. I don't think neither of you should compromise who you are. If you cannot put your lives together as you are, then there is no future anyway.
  9. Well, of course you didn't have any fight when you were in Kusadasi, because you did exactly how he wants things to be - you stay home unless he is with you! You can meet controlling guys anywhere in the world, but is it how you want to live your life? Being controlled, watched? Are you sure you want your husband to decide when you can go to see your family, when your family can see you? If relationship starts with such a control, it will get worse and worse. It might be that in the end, he decides that your family in England is bad influence for you and denies you contact them at all. You might be without money, without communication channels, if he decides so. How will you go back to UK then? You make yourself believe that it's Turkish nature to control and that's why right to do so. That's exactly reason why this kind of guys go for foreigners - they know foreigners forgive lots of things thinking it's part of culture, when Turkish women would NEVER accept their behavior. News flash: it's not set in Turkish genes to control women, it's just affect of personality and how men are raised.
  10. I think all those question about gifts, separate rooms, behavior etc. you should ask him. Everything depends on family, there is no one rule for it. It all depends on if his family is religious or not, are they modern or not. So ask him, I'm sure he appreciated that you are concerned about such things and want to learn before hand! And well, when it comes to men, the biggest surprise of your life can be engagement or that he bought Playstation 4 with FIFA 2014
  11. I remember my boyfriend saying at the beginning of relationship that a girl is good wife material only if she knows how to make good pilav
  12. aaaww so nice to hear that everything went fine and you really enjoyed your time there!
  13. Does it really matter where is he from if he doesn't treat you right? Are you seriously thinking that nationality or ethnic background gives someone right to control you? Even if he was from Control World, he is not supposed to tell you what to wear or what to eat unless you asked him to do so.
  14. I'm speechless - and not because I'm amazed by this invention! I'm just like... seriously?! But yeah I kinda get now why all my friends say that houses are extremely cold in UK.
  15. In istanbul I have always been advised not show too much naked skin - so if I wanna wear short skirt it's fine if I wear leggings or tights with it. And winter time in Istanbul is not really the time to walk around bare skin - it's freezing cold there (says Finnish who is used to -20C weather). I think just think what is warm and nice and you gonna be more than fine.
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