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  1. I want to know if it is illegal criminally to post someones picture and write about them in social medial and other online places. A Turkish man destroyed my life and did a lot of very bad things and is trying to use foreign women to get visas as he is very poor has alot of debt. I found out he is also writing other foreigners to try to befriend them to try to get Money. I posted his picture and wrote about what he did to me to warn others. He went to police and made a complaint and after 3 hours I was told that it was illegal in Turkey to post someones picture and write about them??? I asked for the law to support this and was given TPC. ARTICLE 134. I know he gave it to the police. The police basically forced me to remove it and didn't seem to care about what he had done, most recently telling me to go to Istanbul, promising to be waiting at the airport, have an apartment ready then not showing up and leaving me in the street in the middle of the might with no place to sleep and I had to foot a huge hotel bill. Prior to that he was trying to get a fiance visa and money for his debt. Are there any lawyers who could clarify??
  2. Is there a way to find the address of the registered owner of a car by its plates?
  3. My b.f. told me that they will put him in jail for 1 year because he went to court and they gave him some time to pay off his debt and now that time has almost passed and he didn't pay off his debt. He said its something like $20 or 20 TL I don't remember exactly for each day in jail. Is this true? I don't understand because in a previous post I was told that there is no debtors prison. He wanted to fly back with me with a fiance visa but he said they blocked his passport because of this action with the court and his debt. Is this the policy in Turkey? Can the court and will the court put someone in jail for not paying off their debt after the court gave them time? Can a passport be blocked for debt that was not payed back after a court hearing?
  4. Hi, just wanted to post that I did not receive a fine. I flashed my exp. residence permit he looked at it and let me go through! He did however investigate my passport pretty thoroughly so if It was just a tourist visa I don't think I would've gotten so lucky. I 1st gave my passport then when He was surprised to see no stamp for ahhh 1 1/2 years, he was like do u have another passport then I pulled out my residence permit. and walked right on through.
  5. I was told recently that if a Turkish citizen owes debt they can't leave the country until the debt is paid? Is this true? Does it apply to any amount of debt or over a certain amount of money? Also, must the debt be delinquent for the travel ban? I looked online and discovered Turkey still has debtors prison, which I was unaware of. It seemed like if the creditor turns the complaint overt to the police then the police will go look for the person and if they don't pay put them in jail?? How long do they have to go to jail. Someone said 1 day for every 5 TL is that true? Does anyone know about this?
  6. I looked on the chart. I'm confused because it say daily $1 but max $25 then it says remaining months $5. I don't get it. So, does the $1 a day, max $25 apply to the 1st month then $5 a month after? Also, it says $$ but is it fined in LIRA?? Can anyone clarify? If I renew my residency permit I won't get a ban, worse case pay a fine and have to leave and return? The chance of only getting banned is when I leave with expired permit?
  7. I'm a U.S. citizen. I overstayed my residency permit by almost 6 months. It will be 6 months this week. when i went to renew I was told about the new health insurance policy and I was planning on leaving a lot sooner but got delayed. At the time the fine was cheaper than buying insurance and new permit but now I don't know. I want to leave and come back on a 90 day tourist visa but I can't find out how much the fine is. I have read on forums some people don't get fined, others different amounts. It seems up to the discretion of who's working customs. I'm thinking if it's going to be a lot I might as well renew my residency permit. If I renew the residency permit BEFORE i leave will there still be a fine? Trying to find the cheapest route. Also, will i get a ban? I don't want to leave and have all my stuff in Turkey and not be able to get back. I've called U.S. embassy in Turkey, no luck there. Anyone know?
  8. I am Living in Turkey. I have been with my boyfriend 4 years. Its time for a trip home see some family do some business. I want him to go AND I need his help with some business matters. I have been given conflicting info. Some people say for him to NOT mention me as they will think he won't return but I am Living in Turkey and have residency for 3 1/2 years now. Can't he just say he wants to go on vacation with me or will that be an immediate denial? Would it be better to say that he is just going to see the U.S. and take a language course to improve his Englishand show some documentation that he plans to take a.course? I've talked to alot of people who have received visas just by going to some language course. seems like thats how everyone gets it unless you have a super good govt job or your a doctor etc which he's not . He can provide bank statement He can also prove he has steady job although its not a super good one I just don't know which route. What if he said he was going to purchase some property there for investment purposes to improve his life in Turkey since the $ is double to TL??? He was denied before years back He tried a couple times. They never told him why His English wasn't good then,I don't know if that plays a roll. Now he speaks good A lot better than most here thanks to all my talking with him. I really want him to get the visa and I can't wait for any delays and I have to be back in the states very soon. Anyone have any experience getting a U.S. tourist visa?
  9. I have been with my boyfriend for 3 years. I lived with him in turkey for 2 1/2 years. He signed the rental agreement which proves we are serious and lived together. I have a residency permit in Turkey. I went back to U.S. for Christmas. There was a family emergency that happened after I got there and I wasn't able to go back like I wanted. Since I have decided to stay a little longer to make money. I want my boyfriend to be able to come to see my country. I have heard that they basically deny everyone who doesn't have a lot of money or a very good job. He is working but it is not a very good job. I really need to see him, I can't wait any longer and I want him to see my country so he can understand my culture better. I have heard that if he tells the interviewer for the visa that he has a girlfriend in the U.S. they won't give him a visa for sure. I have also heard that it's better if he is sponsored and has a place to stay when he comes so I don't know which is true. I just don't want to take a chance on him being denied for the tourist visa to come to U.S. I have all documentation showing we lived together and that I resided in Turkey for 2 1/2 years with him. Will this help us or hurt us? I have never done this before so I don't know the best route. Has anyone done this?
  10. Hi Abi, is there anything on this site that shows a way he can delay his service or pay do avoid military service?
  11. Hi, and no he hasn't asked me for a penny. I think he actually prefers to stay in Turkey. He has had opportunity in the past to leave long before ever meeting me. I don't understand how this University school works here but he said he has changed universities many times and started over. Since he hasn't graduated yet, can't he just continue on with his university and postpone until he graduates and then he will only have to serve 6mos which is a lot less than 18mos.Is it true that after 29yrs he can no longer delay going to the army for any reason?
  12. I am trying to find a way so that my boyfriend doesn't have to go to the army. He is 29yrs and he has not finished university but has gone to several years of university, but just keeps changing the school and not finishing? I don't understand the schooling process here but I have heard that if he is in university he can delay going tot he army.He tells me that he doesn't want to go but MUST. That at 29yrs there are no more delays even if you didn't finish university. He said the only way he can pay to get out is if he leaves the country for 2yrs.Is it possible for him to continue at university and delay going to the army after 29yrs? Is it possible for him to pay his way out w/o having to leave the country? Is there anything he can possibly do to delay or avoid going into the army?Please, someone help us!!
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