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  1. Thanks for your replies [email protected], mitchmoud and all - Im sorry that I conveyed inadvertently that I want to avoid the Turkish language. What I meant to say was that I wanted to avoid medium of instruction in Turkish. My concern was that my kids coming from 4th and 1st grade would find it difficult to attend let alone understand classes in Turkish. Is there some way the schools help such kids blend in?? I assume that parents like me veer towards private schools only for the medium of instruction which is English. If I was sure that there wouldnt be unnecessary pressure on my kids to learn and speak Turkish quick enough to do well in schools, I would probably not mind a good Turkish school. I sincerely hope to learn the Turkish language and would want to do the same for my kids if I intend to stay in Turkey for life!! Obviously, my husband cant get far in either real estate or tourism if he doesnt know the local lingo. And its not right to depend on others to run your business while you chill yourself by the [email protected] - Whats the best way to pick up or learn the Turkish language for adults i.e. my husband and [email protected] - Is it really difficult if you do not speak the language at all? Would the first few months be really tough for us as a [email protected] - So then the fees ARE that high! Which puts a dampener on our plans! I really wish and hope there was some good option for the schooling since I really want to come to Turkey although my husband would rather opt for Australia if he had the choice. In this case, I plan to influence his choice!! Thanks and hoping to interact more with all you wonderful people!
  2. Im a home maker from Mumbai, India. My husband is a businessman here and we have been living here since birth. We have two daughters aged, 8 and 5 yrs who go to an IGCSE (Cambridge University affiliated school) here in Mumbai. Its a very high class school and the education is really good. We have been thinking about migrating to another country for quite some time. After countless hours of research and fact finding, we have shortlisted three destinations in our mind, obviously Turkey being one of them. As far as Turkey is concerned, we would like to move and invest there in property. My husband is into real estate development as well as travel and tourism here in India. In Turkey, he would like to pursue setting up a business in the future. We are interested in talking to a consultant for relocation services and hope to visit Turkey sometime in Nov - Dec this year. Financially, we are pretty sound. My husband and me own assets worth approximate 850,000 USD in India. The only reason we would like to move to Turkey is the dream of a better life as compared to an over populated and polluted India. We imagine Turkey to be a country of great weather, sandy and beautiful beaches and generally a calm life. Please correct our vision if wrong. I have been able to gather a lot of information from the Internet. The only thing that disturbs me about the whole decision is education. I understand the public schools are not that great plus they include the Turkish language which we would like to avoid. As I mentioned, our kids study in IGCSE (Cambridge affiliated institution) here and we would prefer to continue the same there. But all institutions I checked have annual fees ranging from 15,000 to 25,000 USD per year. Frankly, this is quite beyond our means. Is this really the only option?? Are there schools that are good and charge reasonably? Our annual fee structure for schools in Mumbai is 3000 USD for the year per child. Do we have an option that falls in the same category?? We were considering living either in the European part of Istanbul (if thats only where we get good schools??) or Izmir or Alanya and around. Can you provide us info on the cost of living of a family our size?? Can we start a grocery store or a supermarket in the city / town we live in and make good enough to live a good and content life?? I hope you will be able to answer us on these questions and especially about the school fees etc.. Thanks
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