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  1. You can also put a clean pebble (small concrete ) in your kettle and leave it there . Every time you boil water scale will adhere to the pebble rather than the kettle .
  2. Hi Steve

    Don't say you have no friends! I will be honoured to call you as my friend. I have noticed that you are from Ireland,please tell me about your interest in Turkey and whether you have acquired a place of your own in Turkey or whether it is your regular holiday destination. I have a place near Bodrum and its called "The Village", about ten minutes drive from ...

  3. I am now a proud owner of a new villa in a new development called "The Village". I must admit that I had some serious concerns to begin with as I was not getting enough information being sent but now the villa has been completed it looks stunning with mountains as a backdrop. This development is on the road D330 and 10 minutes drive from Bodrum airport. The development is coming in three phases with phase one almost completed and all the properties have been purchased in phase 1. There are 3 villas and 23 one bedroom and two bedroom apartments with communal swimming pools as well as the the villas having a small private pools. Second phase will have 75 units including 7 villas and after the second phase there will be a third phase coming in. Close by two big supermarkets are being developed which would be very handy for all the shopping needs. I think for anybody interested in investing in a Turkish property it will prove to be a solid investment which is just opposite Vita Park Golf Club.
  4. Hi I am new to this forum so do bear with me if I am making any mistakes. I would be interested in finding out if anybody has bought new property being in The village close to Bodrum Airport near Vita Golf club. The developers are SCV Koraglu and the completion date was to be Feb/2010 but this date keeps on shifting. New completion date is end of July/2010. The developers are probably very nice people but are not very good at communicating as to what is going on. It would be nice to hear from anyone who has bought a property in phase one and their experiance. RegardsKamal Bhardwaj
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