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  1. I would like to have some clarity on this new law regarding residence permit . I have a villa in Bodrum which has been bought about 5 years ago . If I apply for resident permit do I only have to pay for this once and it gets renewed every year as long as I have a property in Turkey . Also would this cover my wife as well .
  2. Sounds like a great idea ,particularly if you can apply for residence permit from UK .
  3. You can also put a clean pebble (small concrete ) in your kettle and leave it there . Every time you boil water scale will adhere to the pebble rather than the kettle .
  4. Hi Joe, I have been to " The Village" in Bodrum for five weeks and came back last week. My Villa is kind of finished with minor issues that need to be resolved. However all this will be done in due course. Phase 2 work is due to start in September/11 as they have just leveled off the site and will be laying down foundations in September. Phase 1 work is almost complete with all the swimming pools functioning and I have not had any problems whilst staying there. I do believe that the phase 2 is expected to be completed in 2013. All I can say is that the progress of work is bit slow but they are genuine people and have been looking after us. If there is any help that I can give please feel free to send me an e=mail [email protected] Regards Kamal
  5. Bhardwaj

    Tuzla Forum

    It appears to me that there are not many people from Europe settled around Bodrum and Tuzla lake. There are many new developments going on but like Steve I have not come across many people on TC forum sharing their experiences. I have just come back from Turkey myself after spending 4 weeks near Tuzla lake. I have spotted lots of flamingos in the Tuzla lake on my daily walks but found Turkey to be little bit cold in February/March. I am thinking of going back again sometimes in May, hopefully it should be little bit warmer. I have already written about the villa that I have acquired in "The village* where there are 23 units mostly owned by foreigners. I am quite happy about the place but they are little bit slow in their finishing off the work. It would be nice to come across few more like minded people to have a sense of community - perhaps I should pay more attention to learning Turkish.
  6. Hi Steve

    Don't say you have no friends! I will be honoured to call you as my friend. I have noticed that you are from Ireland,please tell me about your interest in Turkey and whether you have acquired a place of your own in Turkey or whether it is your regular holiday destination. I have a place near Bodrum and its called "The Village", about ten minutes drive from ...

  7. If people are still wondering about flamingos in Tuzla lake, I would like to say that I am seeing a big flock of them on my daily walks.
  8. I have been to Agora and as you have said they are quite reasonable. We have also been to to a restaurant in Bogaizchi called Bargalia where the food was nice but very expensive, I have to start looking into buying a car.
  9. Your place looks beautiful. I have just come back from Bodrum and can't honestly say if there were any flamingos but when I was there in September this year I did see lot of sea gulls in the Vita Golf park lake but no flamingos. It would be sad to see if these lovely birds disappearing from the lake. I am new Villa owner in the area but already I am finding that to live there having a car is a must because all the shops and stores are at a distance. Eating from nearby restaurants is very expensive even more expensive than London.
  10. Thanks Sunny I am looking forward to get back to Turkey again. Its difficult to keep your feet in two boats. Soon I hope that I will make lots of new friends in Turkey.
  11. Thanks Abi and Nitrox but there was a lot of anguish whilst waiting for its completion as there was lack of information coming forth. At present only two families have moved in and soon all the other units will be occupied. My Children came out see the villa whilst we were still out there and it felt like heaven as the say away from the maddening crowd. I am making effort to learn Turkish as I have found that English is hardly spoken although eyes, smiles and hand gestures can speak volumes.
  12. I am now a proud owner of a new villa in a new development called "The Village". I must admit that I had some serious concerns to begin with as I was not getting enough information being sent but now the villa has been completed it looks stunning with mountains as a backdrop. This development is on the road D330 and 10 minutes drive from Bodrum airport. The development is coming in three phases with phase one almost completed and all the properties have been purchased in phase 1. There are 3 villas and 23 one bedroom and two bedroom apartments with communal swimming pools as well as the the villas having a small private pools. Second phase will have 75 units including 7 villas and after the second phase there will be a third phase coming in. Close by two big supermarkets are being developed which would be very handy for all the shopping needs. I think for anybody interested in investing in a Turkish property it will prove to be a solid investment which is just opposite Vita Park Golf Club.
  13. Looks like my waiting is over because I have been advised that my place will be completed by 16/08/10. I will have to arrange flights to go out to Turkey and take possession of the property. My only concern is that I do not want to pay off the balance until I am fully satisfied with the construction of the property. Can any one advise whether it is normal for the developers in Turkey to ask for all the purchase price cleared before the transfer of the deeds.
  14. I often get accused of chatting to complete strangers when I am abroad. I never do this living in London.Strange!!!!!!!!!Kamal
  15. Men usually have a lot to say but when with wives/partners they just shut up to be on the safe side. Its the argument they can not win.Kamal
  16. I have been advised of who my lawyer is and I have spoken to her and had responses to my e-mails. All I would say to you Del that as long as you are holding the money you will be listened to by all concerned. If you are paying for the services of the solicitor then you have every right to find out who he/she is and you should be communicating vice versa. Delgan I have got nothing against our developers but they have done absolutely nothing to make us trust them. We are buying these properties and not accepting them in charity therefore they could be little bit more responsive to our mails. Like I have said before I am an optimist but I don't want anything left to chance and more information that we can extract the better it is. Congratulation for having had the mortgage approved but hold onto that money until you are fully satisfied. I would like to extend my gratitude to Abi giving us so much information which has prompted me to send another e-mail to my solicitor asking for more information.
  17. You are absolutely correct, the lawyer was recommended by the agents in UK and I would have to say that other than signing the contract and getting money for military clearance she has not advised any more as yet. You seem to have a lot of knowledge on the subject of buying the property in Turkey and I am trying to be as careful as I can be because other than couple of holidays that I had in Turkey, I know very little. I will take this up with my solicitor to get more information.
  18. Hi Abi Apart from POA you have also pointed out about TAPU and Habitation Certificate. I am aware of TAPU but would like to know how long it will take take to get it when I am there in Turkey. I am thinking that my solicitor will see to it before funds are transferred to the developers.I have not heard about Habitation Certificate until you mentioned it. Perhaps you can tell us more on this as well as TAPU. I am just trying to be very cautious in my approach to buying this villa.
  19. I am sure that they are getting on with the building but communicating back with the clients is also important. When people don't talk mind starts wondering as to what is happening and starts painting a bleak picture. I am hoping that it will all go as planned and that we will be very happy, but there are a lot of bad stories out there such as builders taking out bank loans on the property. You can give power of attorney to your solicitor but my advice to you is that you should be there at the time of completion to check the property and make sure that you get the title deeds (TAPU) transferred to your name even if it is costing a pretty penny. You are at least working, I am a an early retired person living on occupational pension from BT but assigning the property to my name should not be left to somebody else. I am looking forward to here from them that phase 1 is all completed and some pictures on the website. Regarding the visa, one can split up 90 days over six month and can go out to Turkey when the flights are reasonable.
  20. Believe me I am an optimist as a person but these people are doing in my nut. I gave not had any response from the developers in any shape or form. Out of frustration I sent an e-mail to my solicitor and followed it up with telephone call. She spoke to the developer and was advised that things are progressing and the developer was critical of Peter's information. I am hoping that the completion is still for 7/08/10 but I can not be sure until I hear from solicitor. Word of advice to you if you want to accept it, having paid about half the money don't pay any more until the title deeds (TAPU) is in your name. There are so many cases of people losing out serious amount of money and this is why I am telling the developers that the completion to me means when I am in the property and get the title deeds in my name. I have been looking for flights and there is nothing cheap in August.
  21. Just to advise since our last post that the solicitor has advised that the balance need not be paid until the completion of the property i.e when we take possession of the property. I am holding back until I am advised by the solicitor to transfer the balance. My advice to you is to do the same because it can be very problematic after all the cash has been paid. I am keeping a close watch on the flights to Turkey at present and they appear to be expensive. May be flights to other places than Bodrum could be a better bet.
  22. I have not opened the bank account as yet but HSBC seems like a safe bet as they operate in both countries. The other thing is that you require tax ID in Turkey before the bank account can be opened. I will be able to transfer the balance to my solicitor who can transfer the funds to developers on completion.I do wish that Peter was communicating so that I can plan head and make the buying of villa as smooth as possible. As we are living in UK and buying in Turkey it does not make it easy for us if we have unhelpful developers. As far as the money is concerned it is all sorted out but we have to feel very safe and secure with parting of our money as it can be very difficult to get them to sort out their mistakes afterwards.They may be fine bunch of people but they have done nothing to allay distrust which can only come through communicating - they only have themselves to blame.
  23. @delgan That is precisely what the problem is with these people, not keeping everybody informed. Last set of pictures that I have seen are on the website of The Village Koroglu. I do keep writing to them but they ignore my e-mails and Peter only comes back very briefly demanding balance to be paid. I have spoken to my solicitor and made her aware what the developers are asking for and she she will be coming back to me after speaking to developers solicitor. She has advised me that I need not part with any more money until completion of the property. Completion date for my villa has been set for 7/08/10 but I am not booking any flights until they advise that it is ready for me to move into. I have missed some bargain flights because of their dithering.You should have had the dimensions of the rooms when you signed up to buy your flat but if you haven't then you can ask them to give you room dimensions. I will be glad when its all over so that I can enjoy my place. Peter has been employed by the developers to look after the British people so that there is no language barrier but he is next to useless. How can you trust somebody who does not communicate with you.
  24. Hi Del Thanks for your advice. I have sent an e-mail to my solicitors to advise what I need to do. I don't think the developers are right in asking to be paid off completely before the possession of the villa by myself. Awaiting response from my solicitors.
  25. @delgan I am not having too much of a problem with Prime as they are very helpful in doing what they can. My problems are with the developers because they are not very communicative. Yourself and myself through forum know more about each other than what I have found out about the developers in the last 6 months. I have been advised by Prime today that Peter has told them that 7/08/10 is the final completion date in fact it should be completed by the end of July/2010.
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