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  1. Hi Kamal, nearly finished the oak flooring in my kitchen, took longer than I thought! I will be able to talk Turkey again now. Have you heard anything from developers since your last post? I haven't had any communications, even about completion date. Did you have any luck with flights? Our friend bought on royal heights, and was struggling to get flights cheap enough, as they were traveling out on the 1st Nov when the cheap ones seem to finish.
  2. I was taken to Legal Independence by the Cornhill rep, after she explained to me about not using the building co's solicitor, so as far as I know they are using someone different, which would be the case for you Kamal as you also are with LI. Abi, Is there a way for us to check which solicitor they are using? I will check my contract and see if it is on there. I will also get David Morris, my UK Cornhill rep, on the case as soon as possible, he has proved invaluable on the comms front. On a happier note, for me that is, just had confirmation my remortgage has completed.
  3. Thanks for the heads up on the new visa Kamal, I didn't know they had changed. As I understand it, you can be in turkey for a total of 90 days in 180 days, so you could have a fortnight in Turkey every month for six months, if you wanted (could afford the flights more like).
  4. Glad to hear that your solicitor is helping you out now, must ease your mind a bit! How did you get on with the flight search? Was it any better with other airports?I think the new runway at Bodrum is nearly finished, so hopefully next year more flight providers will come on board and make it even cheaper for me and you. Did you get any pictures sent over?
  5. @Bhardwaj Last night I was reading the posts here about banks and which types of accounts to have. Do you have a bank in turkey already? Peter is going to pay our rent into a Turkish bank account, which we have to open soon, but which one? At the moment, HSBC pay 9,75% interest on one of their accounts, but as I understand the rates are dropping, much like what has happened here I guess. I am going to look at the banks referred to in some of the other posts, to try and make some kind of informed decision! Ken, aka Ben Densin, refers to Garanti bank and rates them well, and I think they have a branch in London too. Of course, I will try and find one close to The Village, if possible.
  6. Did you get any pictures from Peter? I haven't had anything apart from the plans/drawings for my place, so I can work out size of windows for curtains, and see if I can fit a corner sofa bed in. Was there any luck with the solicitors, sure getting close for you now!
  7. @Bhardwaj Our Rep in Bodrum, Antoinette, advised us to pay through the solicitors and I was unsure why, now, after reading your last post, I think I understand better. Even though I will be transferring the money to them, they will be holding an amount back from Koroglu, until snag list is satisfied, BUT, Koroglu are safe in the knowledge that all monies have been paid, and will endeavour to put right any problems for their last bit of money. Whereas, if we pay them direct and have stuff that needs doing, there is little or no incentive, financially, to rush and make good. Bad press for them if they don't rush, as they are going to be showing phase 1 to potential phase 2 buyers, so...I think you will be safe, and your villa will be as perfect as it can be, hopefully! Is there a way for you to make the final payment to Legal Independence, and have an amount held by for snagging? Koroglu will be happy you have made the payment, L.I. will be happy to have the money in their account earning interest, and you will be happy. I would not be happy to pay Prime, who are in essence, Estate Agents, and I am not sure if they are able to handle money, apart from their commissions! I don't know how it stands legally, perhaps someone can enlighten us please.
  8. Hi Kamal,after trying, and failing, with emails to Koroglu construction, I remembered the Cornhill, "Client Liaison Mananger" saying email him and he can get things done.Well, no sooner than I email him, he replies and sets to work to get the answers, which have all taken less than 24hrs!Have you tried going through your contact for Prime Overseas? After all they are as involved in this sale as you are, if you don't pay, they don't get their commission, its as simple as that.Did you take out a rental agreement with Koroglu? We took out 20wks winter, 20wks summer, if possible within the first year, enabling us to get sorted for advertising etc.As they are involved with the construction of the flamingoparkavm.com Peter said he would be having architects and managers staying as close as possible, and you guessed it, The Village is one of the closest.Don't know what kind of rents to expect normally, but they are giving
  9. @Bhardwaj Wow, I actually got an email from Peter the sales manager today. "Everything is going well with your apartment. Floor tiling is finished, electrics connected. Doors will be tilled this week. Your apartment number is B 1.
  10. Thanks for the info Abi, I will enjoy the bargaining. Is there anything that you would consider really cheap, or should I say good value, in Turkey for the purpose of furnishing an apartment? Rugs, nets, crockery? Might start a new thread if it hasn't already been asked.
  11. We didn't go for the furnished option, hoping to do a better job ourselves in furnishing the place.
  12. @Bhardwaj We were latecomers to The Village, and were shown the last available apartment on the first phase. As we viewed and decided to buy the first week in June 2010, and the Military clearance on average can take 3 months, we have a later completion date, which hopefully will be before the 26th October, because we hope to stay there! (I am hoping they will bring completion date forward a few days.) Interestingly, I noticed on thevillagebodrum.com site, there is a 6% discount if full payment is made, were you made aware of this? I wasn't but 6% saving would have been nice, still payable over a few months I think, because of the clearance issues etc.This is the link to 6% discount option if you want to take a look, ignore me if I am going over stuff you already know. It seems to have taken me ages to type this up, as I keep getting interrupted, I think I started over 2 hrs ago!
  13. Ah!, the old disappearing text trick.After getting lots of calls from In-laws and Friends about this in general day to day use of computers, long emails etc. I now recommend the following:-Type your text in your favourite editor, I always say openoffice.org as this is FREE, M$ compatible, and autosaves! (you must save after creating new document, to enable autosave function)Then just select all (ctrl+a), copy (ctrl+c), then paste (ctrl+v) into your forum/email/whatever. My Stepfather-in-law does this now, and I no longer get the 'how do I......' phone calls.p.s you can use Notepad, Wordpad, Vim or countless others, if you can remember to keep saving as you type.
  14. @Bhardwaj, was a bit worried about paying anything before military clearance and signing contracts etc. But I am informed this is quite usual (still in the back of my mind though). We went to Bodrum with Cornhill Overseas, and the service has been second to none. Their rep, Antoinette, was fantastic and while in her company, she paid for all our food and drink. There was no hard sell, and we were impressed with what she showed us around the area, not only properties, but the beauty of the surroundings and the infrastructure being put into place. There is a second runway close to completion at Bodrum International, and they are installing water mains (drinking water) almost everywhere it seems. While this is not what everyone wants, the onslaught of tourism, for me it appears to be a good investment opportunity. We spent years traveling rural France looking at places to renovate, to live in and as a letting business, but what we could afford and the amount of work involved (I like renovating, my wife doesn't, well not how long I take anyway!) was very prohibitive. We were not thinking at all about Turkey, but jumped at the chance of the offer from Cornhill.
  15. @Ken Grubb, will keep you updated. @Bhardwaj,We were over in June and ours was the 'last one' left apparently (B1-3), and it was being tiled the week after. I think the places were being finished from the back of phase one to the front, as we looked at one of the rearmost villas and it was complete. There were 3 foot deep trenches around all the blocks where they were installing water pipes, and these were to be filled in made good and turf/path laid. The swimming pool was basically finished, with a small kids pool adjoining it, which wasn't on the original drawing. As you have said, contact is at best sporadic, but hopefully that means they are so busy getting it ready, they don't have time to 'play' on computers, as my wife likes to say! Hopefully they will deliver on their delayed promise, we were also told of the rains. It's nice to talk to someone in the same boat as ourselves, and yes, if we can, it would be great to meet up, before the AGM (cant believe I am going to be a part of this!) Whereabouts are you based? We live just outside London, in Essex. Look forward to hearing from you.
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