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  1. heartily fed up of the person who piles the one bin in the village without a lid high with thrown out food because they can't be bothered to lift the lid on the empty bins beside it. Nick and one of the neighbouring ladies just spent an hour cleaning the village square because it was stinking.

  2. A stone house is summer, brilliant, at least ten degrees cooler inside than out. Courtyard and pool surround too hot to walk on currently.

  3. wants to watch Torchwood now....stamps foot

  4. okay, really really feeling this heat now....scorchio +

  5. time is weird here, days seem long and leisurely but you turn round and a month has passed. Thought I hadn't blogged for a few days and it's nearly two weeks...ooops.

    1. samanthaozkara


      I couldnt agree more with you about days feeling long but months are flying by!! xxx

  6. was sort of dreading the electric bill as Aydem hadn't been out the village for months, just found it on the door and it was half what I expected. Cheerful now :-)

  7. kneading bread in this weather is hot work

  8. hate nasty vivid afternoon dreams

  9. to midnight snack or not to midnight snack????

  10. why would people rather speak to a man that knows nothing as opposed to a woman who knows what she is talking about! Pardon the fact I have breasts!

  11. This weeks guests just got an impromptu tour of our friend Ahmet's organic farm and were gifted with a few kilos of cherries to see them on their way. Usual lovely Turkish generosity.

  12. warm enough for night time swimming under a new moon. Love June here.

    1. Vic801


      Who's June ? :-)

  13. homemade lemonade - love it now we're heading into the high 30's

  14. Was just lying by the pool watching a sweet little dove preen herself in the garden when a larger dove flew down, hopped on and sh*gged her into the ground. Romance is officially dead!

    1. samanthaozkara


      hahaha that just made me giggle xxx

  15. Hmm, no Cherry Festival this year, apparently couldn't get sponsorship, all the local money going on electioneering!

  16. today so far - ram worming tablet down cat, photograph cat being offended, photograph dog being smug about not having tablet rammed down throat, find lone flea on dog, vigorously dose all dogs and cat with flea treatment, photograph horrified cat, wash hands a lot, make Victoria Sandwich.

  17. Actually has a nice haircut!

  18. may risk a haircut, haven't had one for two and half years

  19. I've had that nagging, "you've cocked something up" feeling for the last few days. This morning I realised what it was, I wrote Happy Christmas instead of Happy Birthday in Spanish on my Dad's birthday card. I am now the official family linguistic pillock.

  20. fantastic mulberries on Selcuk market this week

  21. wow Kirazli gets its own little highlighted paragraph in the new Lonley Planet guide to Turkey, and a nicer review than Kusadasi!

  22. my neighbour has two adorable baby goats, the current guests had fun cuddling them this afternoon, they really are sweet.

  23. stupid busy with bookings this year, when you could have filled the same dates three times over you really wish you had more houses!

  24. lovely trip to Selcuk market, stocked up on everything, back home and by the pool by lunchtime, excellent result.

  25. first day of 30 degrees, sat by the pool and podded peas, sorted my photos from May, enjoyed the heat.

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