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  1. Can somebody translate this is normal, basic english Because i think i found my answer now ... Just to make sure Citizens of EEA member statesCitizens of countries in the European Economic Area (other than British and Irish citizens) and Swiss citizens obtain permanent residence status automatically after five years' residence in the United Kingdom exercising Treaty rights[9] rather than ILR. The rights of EEA citizens are not governed by UK Immigration Regulations[1] but rather the EEA Regulations. Under the law as it existed between 2 October 2000 and 29 April 2006, a citizen of an EEA state or Switzerland could be granted permanent residence on application after four years' residence in the United Kingdom exercising Treaty rights (five years from 3 April 2006). Prior to 2 October 2000, citizens of EEA states were deemed to be permanent residents immediately upon taking up residence in the UK to exercise Treaty rights. The change in the law in 2000 was retroactive. Hence, for example, a German citizen who arrived to work in the UK on 1 July 1986 would have been treated as a permanent resident between that date and 1 October 2000. From 2 October 2000, the status would be reverted to that of a temporary resident if an application for ILR was not made. On 30 April 2006, with five years' residence exercising Treaty rights accrued, that person regained permanent resident status. What do you guys think !! Can i get married for English laws ?? And not by Dutch laws ...
  2. Hi Sirin.. Thank you for popping into the forum. I live and work in a hotel, so giving him a job and accomodation and get that in black & white is no problem. So you think i only need a International Birth certificate from holland and my non-inpedement form from the registra office here ? to get married in Turkey ? I can not thank you guys enough ! Keep the right info going please... Still no reply from Uk Border Force. Sirin, thank you for offering your help in the future, I think i might need it ! Maybe you can help me with the translation of some official documents aswell ? Or am i very cheeky now ?
  3. Wow ... this is great guys ! Thank you.... Have just send a massive email to UK border force and waiting for reply now ! All this visa sh*t drives me up the wall ! First I need to find out if i can marry him as an English person cos that seems to be so much easieras only going to the registra office, put my name in the book for 21 days and get my inpediment form. As from holland I need so much more, which i understand is very normal. Keep the good tips coming .... I WANT TO GET MARRIED IN JULY/SEPTEMBER !!! With your help we might just make it ! -x-
  4. Hi Sue, Debbie, Lucid, Sunny & Abi,Thanks for all your comments but still not much of a help im affraid Am I the only one that finds all this very confusing ?? Why can nobody, including the home office not just tell me what to do ? The Dutch consulate or the English one don't even know ! They keep sending me back and forth. I don't know where the start or the end is at the moment. What a mess !! Sirin ... Help me !!
  5. Hi AbiThanks for your replayI am realy worried now you knowMoving back to Holland is not realy an option and becoming a british Citizen is a lot of hassle. Offcourse i will do it if nessasary. I will wait to see what Sirin has to say in this matter. Ones again, thanks for your replay and i will defo keep you informed !
  6. Hi Everybody. I am pretty new on this site but i was hoping for some good helpfull feedback. I am a Dutch Girl, living in the Uk for the past 10 years, I am engaged to my Beautifull Turkish man and we got married infront of an Imam last February. To legalise our marriage for law I would like to know if I can classify myself as being English or Dutch ? I don't vote in The Uk and never register myself or anything like this. I am just back from Turkey where we got serveral documents from him, like a kopie of his ID, birth certificate and some sort of single certificate (stating he is never married before)Also, If i would class myself being Dutch and have my papers from Holland all sorted, Can i still get him back to The Uk where i work and live OR can i then only get a Dutch Visa for him ?? I was looking at a settlement Visa for 2 years, which would be the best, i ThinkCan anybody help me on this ?? All tips would be much appriciated .... Lots of love ... Jasmin
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