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  1. Glad you liked them.Yes Scooby, the cherries were super yummy.
  2. If you are interested in seeing some landscape and city views I have posted 12 shots taken in June from various places in and around Aydin and Izmir. They are posted up on my profile gallery.Nothing earth shattering there. All the best,KCAKA WrldtravlrGirl
  3. Just some photos I took during my first few weeks in Turkey. The Photos are of Aydin (2 hours by train from Izmir) and in and around Izmir and the municipality of Karşıyaka.
  4. I made ıt! I arrived a short whıle ago and I came into Izmır for the day on the 17th. Wow! What an amazing cıty and a gorgeous country. I thınk I have chosen such a beautıful place but I thınk that fındıng work could be a struggle. I went to three Englısh schools in person (because I can't send a scan of my transcrıpts due to watermarks on the paperwork) but ıt wasn't so fantastıc. Two of the schools were closing for the summer (June 18th). The other was open all summer and I fılled out theır forms and left copies of my ınformatıon. That was Thursday and not a peep. My Turkısh frıends say 'Don't worry... nothıng goes too fast here.' I am glad I know people here.I'm meetıng up wıth 2 former students who came to Canada a few years ago soon too. I wıll be headıng out wıth a real estate agent and pehaps I can find an apartment for a month whıle I see what happens. Get to know the cıty while cookıng for myself should make my bank balance last a bıt. My frıend assures me we can fınd a cheap place.Waıtıng for work opportunıtıes to begın in September is doable but not ideal. Just hoping for a break. Also my TEFL certıfıcate should be arrıvıng vıa Fed-Ex next week. I thınk my cautıon was perhaps mısguıded as I was cleared for enterıng on a multıple entry vısa wıthout a blınk from the offıcıals ın Istanbul. Lıve and learn!Personal PMs to follow.Glad I'm here and livıng among the Turks. I wıll take a chill pıll (Perhaps for the heat too!).
  5. Thanks for the welcome and the offer to help. The website is great and your kindness is pretty terrific too. I'll get in touch with you when I'm over in Turkey and I'm past the jet lag and initial touring around.Cheers! - WTGBy the way I like the Chevy Chase Turkish commercial reference.
  6. Will do! Thanks again for being the cheery head of the welcome committee . Three posts is all it took? Oh well that wasn't a hurdle. Was thinking it would be much higher. Take care! Thanks for the welcome and the suggestion. See you around the Turkey Central Forum water cooler
  7. Hey there, I'm in my final stages of packing for my move to Turkey from Canada. Tackling the last of my massive TO DO list before I board my flight has increased my giddiness quotient but no matter how you've checked that you've crossed your Ts and dotted your Is there is always something else that pops up. Same thing happens every time I leave to go away for a long time. This is my first formal hello but I have been a lurking member of Turkey Central Forum for a bit. I've posted once on the Teaching in Turkey page. People who responded to that post were super nice (Abi, Lili, & Lucid) and I appreciated the info I got back. I'm moving to Izmir and searching for work as an English teacher. Thankfully I have friends in Aydın who have generously insisted that I live with them while I get used to my new home. I plan on traveling into Izmir often when I get to the area and try my luck with my list of school addresses and phone contacts. Two of my former students from my school in Vancouver live in Izmir and said they would put me up when I make it into the city. They have generously offered to hook me up with a friend of theirs who is a real estate agent if I end up getting solid leads on jobs. I'm trying not to get all cart before the horse but be prepared if it all the stars align and things do work out there. I know it'll be a bit of a struggle but keeping a positive outlook. The resident permit issue still has me confused (Can I get one from the police in Izmir before I have an apartment?) but a lot will confuse me over there while I adjust. I've traveled a lot (hence my ID name) and lived and worked long term in 3 foreign countries but this is the first time I have been to Turkey.*** Jazz hands** So that's my little song and dance. Thanks for reading.
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