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  1. Oooh, shouldn't be reading this thread at work, very peckish now!!! Must try that pogaca recipe Debbie, so many of them seem to be made with a pastry, rather than yeasted bread, which makes them too crunchy, and they dry out too quickly. The one I have uses yeast, but also butter and oil, so the one you've posted looks slightly healthier, and the pics of it on the link look so scrummy. My two boys adore pogaca, and I usually freeze a load, keep a bag of them in the freezer, then warm them in the oven for their breakfast. Cukur, your cake pics always look so yummy, I'm very impressed. Good idea about freezing cakes in slices Scooby, might try that, it saves waste too. Jane
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    Thank you all so much for your replies, very helpful indeed. I shall go away and read those links now Abi. Karyn, thats exactly the sort of explanation I was wanting, very clear. Phew,
  3. janeonal


    I seem to be reading all the time about Apostille, in relation to legal documents in Turkey, but I'm really unclear as to what it is, and how and where you obtain such a thing, particularly in the UK. Can anyone enlighten me please? In simple terms please, not 'legalese' Jane
  4. Oh dear, I thought Adem was unusual - oh, well, he suits it now!! None of the people I know in Bodrum/Turgutreis have one, I must have a sheltered life. Adem is no. 2 son, when I was pregnant with no. 1 son, I chose Sami - it wasn't until 2 1/2 years later when pregnant with Adem, that hubby realised I'd chosen a name that worked in English too!! He'd never heard of Samuel being shortened to Sammy!! I love the strong names too, like Ecder, but couldn't face having to explain it constantly in England. I like Z names too, like Zafer, but hubby vetoed them - the usual "I know someone with that name, and I don't like them" !! Jane
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