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  1. I've talked to the Pastor of the church (Kerem Koc) and he said that they would translate the basic things into English soon. I'll inform you again when the English version of the web page is ready.
  2. @Ken Grubb: I'll liaise with the head of the church and forward him the translation (English version) request.
  3. Hi Sirin, Thank you for your message. The church has a website but unfortunately it is Turkish: http://www.antalyaprotestan.com/ It must not be easy to found a church in Turkey. As far as I know there are some obstacles in practice but I don't know very well what they are. God bless you.
  4. If you live in Antalya, if you're a protestant and like to go to church then you can visit the new Protestant Church in Antalya. Address: Kisla Mahallesi, Soytas Ulukut Ishani, 3rd floor, number 13, Gulluk/Antalya
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