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  1. please could someone translate this for me many thanks in advanceben melek ara beni
  2. My hearti love you so much and im so happy with u, im so lucky to have you,u fill my heart with so much joy, u give me love which i have never felt before, u r my heart u r my life never 4get this.many thanks
  3. why the blood tests and i believe i need to translate my documents into turkish where do i get this done and also i was married before to an albanian national divorced over 6 months ago but the divorce hapened in albania now it says i need a decree absouloute but just got the divorce papers from the courts in albania saying the marriage has been dissolved and got it translated into engllish will that be ok in place of the decre absoloute? manythanks
  4. many thanks abi,still sum things confuding me but hey mite be able to work them out.
  5. Hello all,i am new to this forum and wondring if someone can help me fast i am 25 and due to marry my turkish fiance who is 24 in 2months time in turkey, i am british, but have slight idea of wat i need but hoping somone could give me the basic list of wat i need becoz i find some of wat we need confusing, also a rough costing of it many thanks.tara
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