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  1. Hi GodbrotherThe direct and the best translation of Organized Crime would be Organize Suclar. Although it suggests a singular phrase in English, it is used as plural in Turkish. Suc = Crime, Suclar = Crimes. There is even a police department called Organize Suclar Dairesi (Organized Crime Office) in Turkey. I hope that helps.
  2. Hi Cetin. I can understand your frustration about green card issue. Our car insurance company does not provide a green card, but what they say is that we should take the insurance policy with us and that should be enough. Of course that will not be the case when driving through Serbia. Since we could not get an insurance cover for both Serbia and Macedonia, we're advised to buy insurance at the border. So, I really don't know and have not come accross anybody knowing (yet) that this insurance we'll buy at the Serbian border (Croatia > Serbia) also means Green Card? Is Green Card a separete paperwork that we need to buy along with insurance or not, a big mystery. Neither British Foreign Office nor official Serbian Tourism Office touch on this subject. But I will not give up searching for the answer and let you know as soon as I know. RegardsSelim
  3. Thanks techguy. In that case the person who will drive out is who owns the car, that makes sense. Me being an additional driver doesn't mean I can't leave Turkey without the car. RegardsSelim
  4. Hi Cetin We have not yet sorted the green card issue yet. We're looking into it at the moment. As soon as I know I will let you know. But I guess it must be some sort of related to DVLA. There are also other issues that we are trying to sort out here in the UK before we set off, such as vignette ticket buying online (road tax). I'll have a look at the web site you've mentioned, thanks for that. I'm sure we'll know more very soon. RegardsSelim
  5. Thanks Cukurbagli. I will post all the info we'll experience along the way once we've got there all in one piece. I'm really looking forward to it. WE're not in a rush, so another extra day shold not be a problem. I think AA website gives almost all the necessary information to get there safe. So, here is another question, I wonder if anybody can help, I will be on the insurance as an extra driver. The car will be registered to my friend. I know for a fact that whoever has the registration can not leave Turkey without the car. Would that be the same case for me, well I don't think so but it's best to ask. Because I will fly back to the UK on the 5th day. RegardsSelim
  6. Hi everyone. It's been a long lasting dream for me to drive to Turkey and finally I'm going to materialise it. A friend of mine and I will set off from London towards the end of April by a 1lt Nissan Micra. Our plan is to arrive in Denizli in 3 days. When I was trying to get some info about how to's I've come accross this website and it's extremely valuable. I've read almost all the posts about driving to Turkey, but one thing I've noticed that almost everybody uses Belgium way straight after Calais. I was wondering if there is any specific reason for this. Maybe it's more straight forward bt we'd like to see some countryside as well. We're thinking of going down to Reims (FR) after Calais (FR) then to Germany over Karlsruhe > Stuttgart > Munich > Salzburg (Austria) > Village (Austria) > Zagrep (Croatia) > Belrade (Serbia) > Skopje (Macedonia) > brief entry to Bulgaria over Petrich > Kavala (Greece) > Komotini (Greece) >Ipsala Border crossing to Turkey > Kesan (TR) > Eceabat (TR)(Ferry to Canakkale) > Izmir (TR) > Denizli (TR). I wonder if there is anyone who took this route. Of course there will be a lot of obstacles along the way awaiting for us. Does sat-nav work in all these countries along the way? I'd be very glad if somebody can give me any advice, suggestion or anything really. Thanks Selim
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