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  1. No way should you ever in any way have anything more to do with this man. Do you really want to be a slave for the rest of your life? Plenty more fish in the sea look for a nice one next time.
  2. Hİ I am sure you will all know who I should ask to do this inspection but I am not sure so ı am turning to this forum to help. I have had some building work done on my house and the builder has caused almost as many problems as he solved. For an example he has cracked and allowed welding fall out to make holes in my patio tiles but says the tiles were old so not his responsibility. The list could go on but it would be very boring. Many of the items seem very small but as you add up the items that need redoing the amount begins to become quite significant. ı have written him letters detailing my complaints with varied success some of the things are getting done but some he is sticking on. Before we go any further I would like to have an inspection to veryify what is his responsibility and what is not. Who should I approach to ask for an inspection? And yes I do have a contract and have not paid all the money yet. Thanks for taking the time to give me a hand questingbeast ;
  3. İf he was only after your money you would be getting married very soon so relax on that one but the above comments are very good and you will have to do lots of talking and thinking. Job in the summer, I think not on a tourist visa unless you work for somebody that will apply for a work permit for you and that is getting much harder now to get.In my experience many Turkish/European marriages end in disaster, be very careful.
  4. Hi I would be very interested in suggestions about how I should proceed.I live up a mountain above a town but still in the Belediye only about 5Km out of town but at the end of the above services. I have had a telephone for 6 years and used to use the internet on line now Tedaş have put a cable across my telephone line only a couple of M above my telephone line and every time we have a storm the telephone box with all the wires in it gets blown. Telekom are unbelieveably uhelpful about this calling my a liar at one point when I went in to point out that our phone had been out of order for 6 weeks but of course they still bill me. Tedaş are unlikely to be any more helpful as the huge concrete poles that they put in where very expensive so I haven't even bothered going to see them.Do you think that a visit to the Kaymakam might help? Our local mayor is unlikely to help as it would be a controversial non vote gaining move for him.I have tried to complain to Telekom by using their website but it just keeps throwing me out.Any suggestions where I could go from here?
  5. Yes a difficult one and as you are in a position of loco parentis a situation that you feel obliged to become involved in. However if you are to retain this girls confidence at all you should not press her too much on the subject. Teenagers to not like to be pressed on anything. However if you feel concerned tell your immediate superior and the child protection officer. You will then have reported it but do keep the avenues of communication open with your student so that she has someone to talk to if she wants to. Dont mention the subject to her but gain her confidence on other subjects and you may find that in time she may confide in you and of course discuss thia course of action with the CPO.
  6. Well ı don't know if I am an idiot or not but I certainly met a crook any suggestions would be helpful. According to the Bitish consulate you are advised to use a solicitor to make purchases for you, I amnot so sure it is a good idea. the story unfolds but ı will keep it brief.2 years ago when it was fine for yabanci to purchase land outside the belediye ı wanted to purchase 37 donums. I had someone who I thought was a good friend to be my co purchaser but she dropped out at the last minute. My solicitor ( the brother of our belidiye yabanci helper and advisor) made the purchase but instead of putting it in our joint names he put it in his name only. I did get him to sign a document saying that the purchase in his name was only temporary and as soon as I got my Vatandaslık, it would be put in my name. he then pressed me to purchase itfrom him jointly and I got my cousin over from the UK to act as my other purchaser, went to the noter power of attorney, paid money for taxes etc.One year later he hasn't made any attempt to perform the purchase. My husband chatted with some friends who are in the judiciary and told him that legally the land belonged to my solicitor and if he wanted to sell, tranfer ownership etc there was nothing I could do about it. their advice was to sit tight at the moment and not rock the boat and concentrate on getting my vatadslık so I would be in the position to own the land by transfer.They also told me that his behaviour would not even merit a rap on the knuckles. In the UK it would be classsed as a clear case of frud apparently in Turkey not. Any suggestions about what to do to protect my investment without alienating my so called relaiable solicitor
  7. You really couldn't say anything much worse. ı know that you were upset but see where your inability to think before you spoke took you, the only route out of here is an apology and maybe write him a lettter explaining how sorry you are. As Steven Hawking says just keep talking and grow up the both of you. you are both acting like selfish self centred children not thinking of the other person's needs
  8. questingbeast


    I too think that you should talk to a lawyer. The British Embassy has a list of ones that they reccomend and speak English. But if I remember anything from my own divorces, don't move out. It will be difficult but you can call the apartment your home if you move out it will weaken your claim.
  9. Thank you every body for coming back to me with such good information. I have found an on line divorce service in the UK which seems the best way to go as they are very helpful and knowedgeable. It makes sense married in UK divorced in the UK as all the paperwork is there and the ability to do it on line is a wonder of modern technology.
  10. We are both English nationals and were married in the UK. We now live in Turkey how can we divorce in Turkey if at all or do we have to divorce in the UK too? How do we go about divorcing in Turkey please?
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