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  1. Vic801,I am biting my nails, that's a plot for a novel taken from real life.
  2. Vic801,It has always struck and amazed me, such people as Mehmet and his behaviour as you're describing it. "Serefsiz" stands for a person with no honour... BUT please keep in mind that generally Turkish people are helpful and friendly. I was once literally ripped off on a taxi in Ist, but I was alone and not very adequate - I didn't feel well, the guy smiled, shook my hand and spoke good English, still I ended up without a noticeable bunch of money in my pocket. Sad. Stupid of me. But nevertheless, I keep coming to TC when I can, just don't use taxis alone in Ist anymore.All the best to you and Mr P!!! Keep us informed!Cheers,Nana
  3. Vic801,what a breath-taking story! Contrary to what you said before about stopping you if your chapters are boring, I'd say - keep writing them!I totally understand why you ran away from ROI and others to a calmer Turkish land.
  4. Anyone from here going to attend 2nd ISTEK ELT conference in Istanbul this April?

  5. Nana


    The city I love
  6. Hi, Lassie! Really glad to hear about such a place, the atmosphere you described is hard to find. But some degree of preciseness concerning salary could be useful.
  7. As a person who is currently outside of Turkey, but have gone through adaptation back to my native foods period, I can easily tell you the things I miss:ayranyoghurtblack tea in small glasses (it took me a while to get used to consuming green tea in almost half a liter containers)coban salatasimenemen sucuklukahvalti tabagi) the mere sight of the plate itself and its traditional contents
  8. Nana


    Read the article given by Abi. Isn't it 4 wives (max) a man can be married to in the Book? Correct me if I'm wrong.I really doubt many men would engage in polygamy in economic conditions nowadays, providing all 4 with equal houses, clothes, etc. You need to be rich to do that.
  9. Thank you, ladies.Will keep you updated.
  10. Hi, everyone!Has anyone heard anything about Ukla Academy in Bursa, any idea what the management is like (adequate or not), the pay and any other comments about job-related experiences in that school would be appreciated.Thanks )
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