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  1. İt also depends on how religious he is. Some do not accept hand holding or kissıng until a firm relationship is established and some do not accept kissing on the mouth at all. All forms of public display are normally not allowed although you may see hand holding etc in the coastal resorts or large cities.
  2. As people have stated the information you receive can vary from office to office. day to day and person to person. There are three main ways to apply for Turkish Citizenship. . 1. By bloodline -either mother or father has citizenship. 2. By marriage - after three years of marriage to a Turkish Citizen. 3. After 5 years of residency. Each case has differing requirements. 3. You are only allowed so many days out of the country in the 5 year period, İt was a total of 6 months but don't know if that is current now. Also most offices insist on a degree of Turkish and in Antalya they now insists you complete the Belediye course to stage 1 and receive the certificate. (this information from the Nufus office Alanya current as Aug 2016) Your local Nufus has a printed sheet showing the requirements, here in Alanya it is supplied only in Turkish. The process is lengthy taking approx 18 months to 2 years from the start and involves police interviews and checks. Re allowing more than one nationality - that is dependant on your country of origin - the UK has no problems with multiple nationalities Germany does not accept. İf anyone wants more detailed information please send me a message. As stated this is current from Alanya office for the Antalya region and as so much it is not standard but these are the people you have to satisfy before they forward your file to Ankara.
  3. Most people would not approve of people living together before marriage that is assuming you do, also any form of affection in public is also not approved of. How you dress can also call attention to you as most people especially in the East are very conservative. There are groups for foreigners, just do a few searches to try and find friends and work on your Turkish the walls come down when you can communicate.
  4. You say you like travel even if they release your boyfriends passport he will need a visa for any country he wishes to visit it is expensive and complicated to obtain visas so travel outside of Turkey will always be a problem for him.
  5. İts not just Turkey - officials the world over enjoy enforcing the petty and frequently non-sensical rules and regulations.İ feel it compensates them for having a boring job and a boring life.Re popping out of the country. İt would still be the one phone every two years for a yabanci.
  6. The laws changed again on the 9th July don't know if the Uk site has been updated but İ read something about the contents of the new bill on turkishlove site.
  7. You would still have the registration problem. Re what do you do with the i-phone, my hubby uses it to impress his friends İ tried one and hated it too heavy too difficult and İ am a bit of a technophobe.
  8. They are a law unto themselves unfortunately. Re lots of papers better to give too much than miss something they later say they need.Good Luck. Re Turkishlove site. Please look at the site before making comments. İt's very supportive of Turkish relationship. İ found it and this site very helpful when we applied for a holiday visa.
  9. On a serious note. Obviously İ am not immune to attention and when it comes with sun. sand and good looks it can be very seductive. also in the western world women are constantly bombarded by meda images of abnormally slim young women wearing cosly outfits and spending a fortune on cosmetics which unfortunately leads middle aged, less than perfect fgured females vunerable to any attention even from obvious romeo types.Lets be honest their daily life might be best described as a bit humdrum and a Shirley Valentine type adventure can certainly spice things up. What we need is a reality check. İn all relationships there is give and take and as they say ''No such thing as a free lunch'' as long as both parties (lets remember the men also need to be taken into account) know the score then let then get on with it.However in my experience here it's often taken for a serious romance which will lead to greater things. İ think you have to be delusional to expect a quick fling often started within hours of meeting to develop into a meaningful relationship, this course is the hub of the problem.So to sum up. Ladies if it's a quick ego boost you want whilst on holiday and your old enough and wise enough go for it, remembering to keep your feet on the floor and your wallet closely under your control. İf you have the funds and want to spoil your holiday romance do so, by the way my deffinition of spoil is buying meals and drinks and possibily a shirt or such, anything that comes into three figures does not qualify as a gift. Go home with happy memories and a blush to your checcks not a debt the size of a small third world country, a nsu or a broken heart.
  10. Have managed the link and am still confused. What has Kurdish reproductive rates got to do with Turkish/yabanci holiday romances?Can't get the image to open someone tell me what it is please as İ have a very inquiring mind - or to put it simply - İ am very nosey.Kindas the words arrogant - opinionated - rude and ill-informed come to mind and that's just if i don't desend to your level of personal insults. You obviously consider yourself a cut above mere peasants, however, may İ remind you of an old English saying ''Manners maketh the man'' and from your postings İ would suggest you sir are no gentleman.
  11. Could not open the link.Not sure İ understand the point you are making. Re Kurds v Turks the majority of yabanci women İ know are married to Turks in fact İ am the only woman İ know in Alanya that is married to a Kurd so there goes that theory. İ suppose you would judge me to be upper middle class as İ went to university - Bristol and Paris. However, my paternal grandfather was born in Belfast work house and my father was an unskilled factory worker. My husband's grandfather was a large land owner who employed people to work his land.Perhaps your problem is that you let stereo types colour your judgement. As for İndian - Pakistani etc. You may not be aware of the fact but there would not be a health service in the UK without these nationalities as the majority of inner city hospitals are staffed by doctors from these countries. Would you define these men as low class?
  12. Look at the site turkishlove.com it has lots of people in your situation and lots of good advice.
  13. You see them in most tourist restaurants . They walk towards the table with a sway of their hips and of course making sure they have intense smouldering eye contact at all times, a bit like the İtalians and their pelvic thrust.
  14. Rubbish Article. İ don't understand why anyone would think that some young, snake hipped and drop dead hansome turk would not fall instantly in love with me.Judge for yourself. İ am a middle aged model built for comfort not speed . Ok the paint works a bit scratched and the headlights are getting a bit dim but the rear fenders still in good shape apart from some wrinkles in the chrome. İn fact the birthday suit is in remarkable nick for the vintage may need a quick press to remove some of the creases but looks good in candle light or viewed through a filter or in fact through a fine duvet cover. Get in line romeos as the song says ''İf you want it here it is better hurry cos it's going fast (well reasonably fast unless there's an incline)
  15. Lovely very modern and easy to find your way. Enjoy.
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