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  1. Hi Su, Thank you for letting me know, do you know if the person bought from Ispala or uk? And is that Euro or turkish lira E150? Thank you again.
  2. Hi selim,I have read your post, i have been planing to drive Turkey end of July, i was looking information about, roads, rules, insurance and paper work and haven't diceded yet wich road i will be travelling. I like to ask you did you get Green Card yet if you got it where did u get? About leaving your car; maybe you should cheek this with border aggency when u enter Turkey. You can also get info from www.silayolu.com most of the post are people who travells from germany or austuria. I find a bit confusing because everybody want to say something even they never had any experiense, it's good to read have a look, i hope you will find some answers. Pls let us know about your jorney. Good luck and have safe jorney. Take careCetin
  3. Thank you KKW Hi Debbie, Thanx for the link it's very helpful and i am greatful to all of you who help me to find some answers for my jorney to Turkey i will deffenetly get contact with Sue, i got a lot of quiestions to ask :-) Thanx again. Take care. Cetin
  4. Thank you Sunny, that is right they do give green card in germany. I have find out i can actually buy this insurance on the turkish border, they said i can do 3 to 6 mounth or year and i have been told 3 mounth would cost about
  5. Hi KEITH, Thank you for replay, i am really fed up trying to get Green card over the phone with UK insurance companys. I been insured with Direct line with full comp insu. I will be ok if i go on italy and greece, but if i want to go from serbia i will still need Green card. I have been looking every single web page to figure it out if any companys would do, or any one who can give me advice, but no luck so far. I am not sure if i will be able to get only 4 weeks while i am staying in Turkey, i really don't want to pay 6 mounth or a year. Would you pls kindly let me know when u go Turkey how did you get on with green card issue :-)i hope you will have a safe enjoyable jorney. Cetin Hi KKW, thank you for replay, i like to ask you Have you travell Turkey by car, did you actually bought green card on the border? if you did; did you have to go back to quei for entering, i am worried that if i get from border i got to go back and wait for hours again i gues it's going to be quite busy, and i will be takeing my 6 years old daughter. Also can i get green card on the way to sirbia? Thank you. Cetin
  6. Hi all, i hope i can get some info from u guys,I been trying to get green card for turkey bur my insuranse company dosent cover Turkey :-( 1) Can get this insuranse any other company, do i need to cancell my direct line?2) How long do i need is it anual of can i get for only 3 mounth?3) Do i need to inculede for any other country on my way, i read something like EU countrys don't need green card any more?4) Do you know any insuranse company who sell green card? THANK YOU [email protected]
  7. Well only thing i can say to you, try him, pretend u r someone else and want to know him on internet or friend of yours maybe pretend for you, also if he dosen't ask for any money or present from you, if he keeps calling you and telling you he is thinking of you, if he talks about your past like how u meet and what he liked about you, when you stop calling him if he is worrie about you then i am sure he cares about you! Give him a chanse i know Turkish man has bad reputation but sometimes we should blame women who visit turkey for sex, i know alot of married women who cheated their husband. Good luck with your relationship!
  8. Don't worry mate your car is safe :-)
  9. Hi sunny, thank you for replay. I been looking entitaments for Isabella, bought a few games, musicals and cartons. Also bought 3 camera for car rear, front and side, and 2 camera inside (i can recorde all our jorney and watch when isabella grove up also it might help the other people who wants to know what would be driving Turkey), 1 spy pen and spy key holder camera for doggi roads, i had expariense before in turkey somebody hit my car and they said i hit their car :-) but this time i am prepared and also it's good for safety for me and my daughter. Now only problem is i need somebody tells me about road, accomidations, i got gps but i need peoples exparience. I am hoping somebody will tell me what to do and not to do. Have you drove to Turkey before? Take care.cetin
  10. Hi Abi, thanx for your replay and advice, I think it's a bit sceary driving all way to Turkey with 6 years old, I got DVD player for Isabella (my daughter) she doea live in st Ives Cornwall and i drive down cornwall very offten it's take me drive 6 hours from Cambridge but when i am driving with isabella it's take 10 to 12 hours :-( I am sure our jorney will take list 4 or 5 days... I will deffenetly report what i am doing and also write down daily on here. It might help the other people for their jorney.
  11. Hi Cukurbagli, do i know you your face very familiar? Did you used to live in kas or visit, i gues u live in Cukurbag, anyway; first of all thanx for replay. That would be great if u can make it like i said i need someone to help me and share driving, i wouldn't minde driving alone but when i got 6 years chat box with me, it's would be hard work. I got BMW 523 quite big car and we won't taking alot of stuff with us, there will be plenty space. I do service the car very offten
  12. I am planing to drive Turkey with my 6 years old daughter in August for mounth. I never drove there before and i don't know what kind of paper work i need, My daughter and I both British (I am Turkish born) citizen, i need a few info like:How long I can keep my car in Turkey? Is that true registration plate need to be singed as GB? How is the Roads, is it safe to drive at night? What Kind of Insurance do i need?if anything goes wrong with the car what could i do? What is the best way to drive safe and confortable?or any recomendetion about travell to Turkey or any advice? Like i mentioned above i don't minde having company with us, prefer somebody who has childe same age as my daughter and who can drive, i am happy to pay all the petrol cost. I hope i can get some advice. Thank you allcetin
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