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  1. You're perfectly correct sunbun! There's never an issue I can't solve here in Turkiye by pulling out the old sorun yokphraseology. your volley?
  2. actually,sunnyone, some of my best friends are...oops, were, politicos and journos...but that's cause, after several decades of false starts, I determined that slummin is the guaranteed best way to have fun! As to where I be, not to split hairs, but where I am and where I want to be are slightly different critters: let's just say I've cut out the local Emlakis in favor of some from further afield, who understand when I say I want arsa with a sea view that doesn't mean a want a reserved seat in the Sea Horse Restaurant with whom they've got a certain arrangement. Perceptive readers will backtrack to my carreta comment and lock in my coordinates with gps precision. nothing, yet, from Taner Bey?!? What brought me here? I better think more bout that before answering! :blink[1]:
  3. thanx sunny.....got a message into the man @ Tuzcuoglu Transportation.be happy to oblige on the bio stuff, thing is, us retired spooks never really git back to knowin the difference tween "fact" and "fiction"...so anything I might choose to write would need be taken with a very large grain of Tuzu! Fore you go thinkin that we be just trailer trash though, we're still up a peg on politicians,[who know the difference very well and always blend the two to their convenience of the moment], and journalists[who merely bend the two to the the most obscene degree necessary to collect their pay packet] so maybe I'll just settle in here like one of them egg layin carreta carretas!
  4. Last fall I spent some time sussing out what it would cost me to build a 10 m boat here in Turkey, using local materials and labor. After discussing it with a few guys I met who are in the business of building boats, I figured I should revisit the whole idea, as just for the wood[pine- nothing special at all] alone it was going to cost me $20,000 TL or more. I’ve left behind in North America a boat of similar dimensions, flybridge sedan model from the 60’s, made of 7/8’s mahagony on oaken frames that is in good enough shape to last another 40 years. IF I can get that baby disassembled and into a sea can[less than $3000.00 delivered Izmir] I figure I will be several thousand dollars ahead of the game, and in possession of a quality of materials much superior to what is available here. When I read this portion of the forum months ago I seem to remember the moderator had recommended the services of someone in the freight forwarding business who was offering help on the forum for questions relating to importing. That was a few months ago, I tried the link to this persons’ posted commercial site and found it to be dead. So I am back here with my particular question, but would be glad to have a reference to a person 'in the bizness.' My question is this: Is there a glaring hole in my logic for the following: there are two ways to go about this – go with importing the boat as a boat – no idea whether this is good/bad or indifferent in terms of duties/regs/taxes etc., - or bringing in the shipment as component parts – wood – steering cables, fuel tanks, so on and so on. The latter is my much preferred choice, particularly as I am not planning to ship the engines, which I will change out for diesels here, and make other modifications which will leave it a substantially different[hopefully better ] craft. In the latter case I would be writing up a shipping list of the various pieces, which, even if some had a little duty attached, seem to be far cheaper than replacement cost here. The tariff pages show the wood as duty free, or no more than 2 percent. In the slender time I've been here, I've learned to expect the unexpected: if a hidden problem exists for my scheme I would be best forewarned about before proceeding further – if that is the case, I’d be much obliged for any such disclosure or input a reader might care to offer. Though my plan seems an excellent one from where I sit, there’s many a slip tween cup and lip. Possibly this post would be better situated in a boating related thread, but I’m placing it here for now.
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