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  1. When I first lived wth my now husband in Turkey, I used to think what a pullava preparing breakfast for him was compared to my usual cereal & milk in a bowl (!)...until I also got used to & loved salad, tahin pekmez, olives, cheese, cooked salami etc etc nearly every day!!!! (At first I found it so strange chopping up tomatoes & cucumbers first thing in the morning!!!)Anyway, I now love Turkish food & try to make a few dishes myself, I really love things like tahin pekmez, rose jam, cemen, soguk (sorry no Turkish keyboard!) & beyaz peynir etc etc Thankfully, there are Turkish supermarkets here in London where I can still find a lot of these products but I was just wondering what foods are you now addicted to ie olives, dolma etc that you never had before going to Turkey & what do you think you wouldn't be able to live without if you left and couldn't find those products elsewhere?!!! Natasha
  2. hahaha lol!!!! Yes, it's true I am now also used to the shrug and tut! However, at first I was in a shop asking if they sold something and the man was doing the tut and eyebrows raised and leaning his head back, I thought what on earth is he doing?!!!!!!! lol!!!!
  3. I am used to it now but did anyone used to get annoyed at first when having conversations with their other half about plans or things you were definately going to do and all they would reply would be "inshallah" instead of yes?!!! I used to see it as something negative as in "hopefully" or "maybe" but now am just used to it!!! It always has to be inshallah!!!
  4. hos bolduk! Thanks! I was just curious as there is always such a long "yabanci" queue at Istanbul airport on arrival & my husband has usually already got our luggage by the time I am through!!!! Natasha
  5. Go to the British High Commission in Lefkosa, Northern Cyprus and ask for Mr Tuncel Berk he is the head of all these issues and recently provided me with my paper of no impediment to marry my Turkish husband, he is very helpful and friendly, call and ask to speak to him first so you get an appointment & go straight through without any queues and speak to him in a private office directly, you can tell him I said hi he will probably remember me, he has all the info and is a great guy! Good luckNatashaBy the way we married in Turkey so if you want any further info on that let me know, mainly for the reason that we were just living in Northern Cyprus but my husband is Turkish and all his family are Turkish and in Turkey and they would be the main people attending the wedding! As previously stated, my paper of no impediment was sent to Antalya as we were marrying in Turkey and it was the nearest British consulate, so we had an early honeymoon and went there for a few days to pick it up and get it signed and stamped, but all the preparation beforehand was done in North Cyprus with Tuncel Berk, it was a bit expensive and time consuming but we got there in the end! Then when we came to Turkey we also had to do medical tests before we could get married (simple blood tests) and sign other papers etc at the Belediye where we wanted to get married! Once all the paperwork was ready we had to get married in 10 days so be careful not to make the mistake like us of getting everything ready early then having to get married before the wedding party date! Good luck and let me know if you want any more details! Natasha
  6. Thanks a lot for that information!!! NatashaBy the way, can you apply for Turkish citizenship after 3 years of marriage even if you havent been living in Turkey?! ThanksNatashaSorry...& can you still keep your British passport aswell? Can both be valid at the same time?! Natasha
  7. Hi again everyone! I just have some questions I wanted to ask as I recently married my Turkish husband, do I still have to purchase a Visa every time I come into Turkey and queue in the long queue with all the other "yabancis"?!!! Or will it be recognised that I am now married to a Turkish citizen?!!! Also, what other benefits may I receive in Turkey? Would I be able to work there and receive any maternity benefits for example? I was just wondering what the main differences will be or what I would be entitled to as we are now married? Thanks a lot for anyone who knows the answers and replies :0)kendine iyi bak! Natasha
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