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  1. @marknjen>No problem--always glad to be of "service before self"
  2. @seanjackdan> You may have sold your property for the same price but the value assed by the Turkish tax system maybe greater; moreover, property taxes are paid each year on the tax "values of land and buildings" at varying rates. In the case of the sale of your property a 1.5% levy is paid on the sales value by "both the buyer and the seller". And unfortunately, you have to pay that 1.5% tax prior to transfer of ownership/TAPU. There's no way around it as the individual who sold the property to you in 1997 had to pay the same tax but I would imagine at a lower amount. Note: It is right because you sold property and regardless if you did not make a profit off the sale, you're still liable for paying taxes. Just imagine if people bought property, paid the initial tax, then sold it whether at an increased or less value but never had to pay taxes on a re-sale--All owners would be extremsly happy and the government would not be compensated tax wise in stimulting other parts of the economy, etc. I feel your pain but buying off plan was perhaps your first mistake--best of luck.
  3. @Natasha> and CONGRATULATIONS.... ....on your recent marriage--You'll be sure to find Turkey Central very helpful, informational, and accomadating and best of wishes towards gaining your citizenship
  4. @marknjen>Welcome to Turkey Central (TC)! Your more than welcome to introduce yourself in the "Meet and Greet" section of TC; although, it's not a requirement It's always nice to have a working knowledge of why you've joined TC and/or a little background which would aid our memories during future communications. And not withstanding a change of heart towards vacationing in Turkey--We would like to hear about your trip for sure I hate to be the bearer of bad or a little disappointing news but the truth over pleasantries must always prevail, especially given the long distance you intend to travel from. Yes, you've picked a lovely destination; however, your a-bit behind by trying to acquire a relatively fair and moderate villa rental for this upcoming Aug. Most Turks or foreign villa owners utilize their property during the Aug and sometimes through Sep as it's [Aug] the hottest month or their finally able to take a holiday [sep] before the rainy/winter season begin.Chin-up though, all it not lost Along with asking members for their input, I suggest you look at the forums concerning rentals and property under the heading "Turkish Property". Next, you'll find that most if not all villas have been booked, steep in price, or may even be listed as booked as a ploy to get a higher rental contract from you because the owner may lead you to believe they canceled a "confirmed Rental Contract" to allow you to rent, etc. And of course, I'm not advocating every villa owner regardless of nationality adheres to this practice but be wise, be very wise because you'll be up against a lot of "booked" villas with offers of unique re-workings to get you rent the property at the owners designated price. Next, yes Turkish males have been known to acquire a bad reputation for their eye-guaking and sometimes touchy-feely behavior once you've allowed them to enter your comfort zone. And be forewarned not all Turkish males behave this way so you will have to use your better judgment once you start experiencing the culture. Besides, you shouldn't overly concerned because you'll have your hubby with you:-) And as for your "Precious-Three," your actions and concern should not change to a much greater degree than it currently is in the UK. Yes, I little but more eyes-on and close proximity but they should be fine.I've found two (2) sites that still has relatively good rates for the month of Aug--Click on the following links to view their website: 1. Thomson's to check it out. They only have three (3) Turkish locations available but all 3 are excellent for what your looking for. 2. DEAD LINK This is an excellent site and it contains ample information that would prove extremely useful to you.Good luck and remember....availability of villas and flights increase as we get closer to Aug--Best of Luck and Travels! PS: Both Alanya and Bodrum have exceptional water parks
  5. @Dande>And be wise not to sing "Death Trip" by Steve Harley And Cockney Rebel prior to or while during flight
  6. Yes, Sabahattin and sunny is right concerning having a [slight] difficulty, i.e., a need to aquire a certificate of impediment from the British government. Hopefully, Sabahattin informs us of why it is not wise aside from the above neccesity to get married in Nortern Cyprus as many have done so in the pass...I for one would really like to know afterall information is a key to life's progression
  7. @ces88>You can marry where ever your heart desires And yes, Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus is a de facto independant of replublic [of Turkey] and your marriage certificate would certainly be honored in Turkey! Just ensure regardless of where you intend to live as husband and wife that visa's are applied for depending on nationality, etc. Lastly, I'm not sure if you have arranged the events of your marriage already but I encourage you to contact Chris Hall the Operations Manager of Pilot Events, Cyprus. They offer marquee services throughout cyprus as some of my colleagues have gotten married with use of this business. You can click HERE to access the website or email him at [email protected] wedding day and best of luck!
  8. to Turkey Central (TC) Sarah--I saw that you made the greeting's section--fantastic! I replied to your questions on the topic tiltle labled, "Location in Turkey" which can be found in the "Turkey Generally" forum. Yes, Abi and Cukur provided some great insight...you came to great source of info.PS: Oh, yes Cukur, please don't remind me of the sometimes depressing winter periods...with the rainy season, cold weather, dark clouds, and very few people roaming about And Ben/Mods...the more and more I'm on this site, "I realize why and how important it is to you as well as others---your hard work was not/is not done in vain my friends--"You have provided a beacon of hope, friendship, and information multilaterally in many respects"!
  9. Welcome Sara and I usually inform folks to introduce themselves in the "greetings" section (as I sure you will soon). However, your inquiry beg's an inital question and answer:1. Why are you figuring Turkey to be your choice of move?2. You mentined "retirement hone" does that mean you don't intend on working no longer?3. There are many locations on the middle to western block of Turkey where you can find what your looking for so it's pretty difficult to provide an exacting location to fit your request but here are a few, cesme, Assos, Bodrum, Side, Fethiye, Marmars, Kusadasi, Anlanya, Alanya, and kas.4. I would suggest you make a serious holiday trip for let's say, " a month or so" this upcoming spring/summer and visit each of the places discussed--there's nothing like being in the [location] elemet as opposed to people explaining thier individual element to you :)5. There's a high Brittish presence in Turkey and you won't be shortchanged in that regard for sure.6. Do you plan on living pemanently in Turkey?7. Do you plan on renting or buying a home? Regarless of your option, "READ" the forum concerning Moving To And Living in Turkey and Turkey Property for Sale or Rent ....Be wise, be extremely wise in this area and ask questions to those Brittish members who live in Turkey!8. Do you intend on purchasing a vehicle in Turkey?9. Do you intend on shipping your belongs to Turkey?10. Assuming your married, is your husband accompanying you? I just feel Turkey is not an ideal place for a single foreign woman of any age, espcialy if she intends to move there permanatly....having a social cirlcle of expats is a good first start though
  10. @Angela>Superlative post and astonishing prices! Thanks for the top-notch information!
  11. @blackpearlrr>Welcome to your individualized pre "one-stop-shop" on anything Turkey You've arrived at a wonderful and very informative site filled with members eager to assist you. Congratulations on you and your husband's upcoming assignment to Turkey. I was stationed there in the late 90's and it was an awesome assignment. I'm sure you'll get your fill from member(s) who are actively stationed there right now but If I must say, "buy GPS for your vehicle and ensure you purchase or are able to download maps for Turkey'. As much as I was able to get off the base back then, "GPS hardware in my vehicle would have worked wonders and saved me alot of headaches " Good luck and I'm sure you'll love the assignemnt...get off the base and explore when you get there--so much to see...so much to eat....so much to buy...so much to enjoy...so much hospitality....so much history!
  12. @Cukur>And you darn good at it
  13. @Abi> No problem....sometimes I feel like both...ha ha he he Well I pasted the whole article, figuring it may have been under, darn it I forgot the word...oh, "Censorship"...how can I forget after Joz beat it in my head
  14. @Cukur>If anyone is deserving of the "Technical Mod of the Month" award it's certianly you--thanks for staying and here's a proud wave of the in your honor
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