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  1. @Natasha> and CONGRATULATIONS.... ....on your recent marriage--You'll be sure to find Turkey Central very helpful, informational, and accomadating and best of wishes towards gaining your citizenship
  2. @Dande>And be wise not to sing "Death Trip" by Steve Harley And Cockney Rebel prior to or while during flight
  3. Yes, Sabahattin and sunny is right concerning having a [slight] difficulty, i.e., a need to aquire a certificate of impediment from the British government. Hopefully, Sabahattin informs us of why it is not wise aside from the above neccesity to get married in Nortern Cyprus as many have done so in the pass... I for one would really like to know afterall information is a key to life's progression
  4. @ces88>You can marry where ever your heart desires And yes, Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus is a de facto independant of replublic [of Turkey] and your marriage certificate would certainly be honored in Turkey! Just ensure regardless of where you intend to live as husband and wife that visa's are applied for depending on nationality, etc. Lastly, I'm not sure if you have arranged the events of your marriage already but I encourage you to contact Chris Hall the Operations Manager of Pilot Events, Cyprus. They offer marquee services throughout cyprus as some of my colleagues have gotten married with use of this business. You can click HERE to access the website or email him at [email protected] wedding day and best of luck!
  5. @Angela>Superlative post and astonishing prices! Thanks for the top-notch information!
  6. @Abi> No problem....sometimes I feel like both...ha ha he he Well I pasted the whole article, figuring it may have been under, darn it I forgot the word...oh, "Censorship"...how can I forget after Joz beat it in my head
  7. Hello All: As I was surfing the web, I came up on the below story.... It's a very interesting read and I hope not to offend anyone but it is after all a VERY BIG SOCIAL NIGTHMARE! I'm heading to some TU website to get further information....heck, I just may stay my butt in the USA ***************************************************************************************************ANKARA, Turkey
  8. @screamlead>I'm glad to see things worked out but your a better man than me--I'm with everyone else--he wouldn't get a dime out of me, especially after explanation from my son and the fact that he may have melted the keyboards. All in all, it worked out. In the future, if you ever run into such problems again--NEVER buy a new laptop--there are many cheaper ones, sometimes the same models that have been refurbished.
  9. @scoobydoo>I had the same problem when I lived in Portugal. I suggest you contact your landlord and inform him of the problem, he maybe able to work a deal with you, i.e., providing cleaning solution, reduced rent (good luck:-), or if he own another apartment in close vacinity, he may offer you to move and work a deal with you. It seems the apartment may have been empty for a reason. I was renting a house in Portugal and the mildew was rampant all thoughout mainly because there were many open airways I had to close-up and the house was in a high mildew area, low to sea level, and often humid. I suggest you try the following:1. Wear rubber or latex gloves. Spray the wall with a solution of 1/2 cup (4 fl oz/125 ml) chlorine bleach, 1/3 cup (3 fl oz/80 ml) powder laundry detergent and 1 gallon (4 l) hot water, working from the base of the wall up. (Or you can use a commercial mildewcide, though it's much more expensive than mixing your own.)2. Gently scrub away surface mildew using a plastic scrubber sponge.3. Using the scrubber sponge, rinse thoroughly with fresh water.4. Once dry, consider applying a coat of paint containing an antimildew agent so you don't have to do this again any time soon. Next, I would seriously contact your landlord and have him come witness your problem and ask him if he would be willing to pay for the items to have the apartment clean and be very tactful while discussing it with him afterall it's his place and I'm sure he would not want the mildew to get any worse--Good Luck!
  10. @Lucid>Wow, sorry to hear you having such a difficult time... I hope things work out for you! Slightly , but I was wondering if any expats have difficulties with the use of TriCare in TU and what is the process like, i.e, hospital stays, medications, visits, etc? Thanks,
  11. @Devilhawk>Dude are you kidding me, "I'll settle for Adana's weather at the present moment for sure" Wow, Okinawa must have been nice and splendide!
  12. @Devilhawk>Boy, what wouldn't I do to get lost in Adana right now--it's freezing cold in these parts!
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