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  1. Sorry Debbie,Getting married again is just not an option. Is there anyone that can suggest any more ideas on this subject please???
  2. Hi Debbie,To be honest getting married again in Turkey is really not an option for us, we only got married last year in Northern Cyprus and I think it would be like an insult to that wedding ceremony. Our original marriage certificate though needs to have an Apostil Stamp fixed to it before Moldova will recognise our marriage as being legal and no one seems to be able to do this for us. Its like banging your head against a brick wall, it really is!!
  3. Thanks for trying Sunny,Looks like just keeping our fingers crossed and hoping someone on here can come up with an idea for us. We seem to be going round in circles with all the relevant government bodies, with all their advice differing and all ending up with no Apostil Stamp on our original marriage certificate and costing us a fortune in the process. Fingers crossed anyway for some help and advice.
  4. Hi,I just think there must be an easier way than getting married again in Turkey, surely there must be!!! I have never come up against so much red tape in my life, Moldova Asking Turkey to do something that Turkey cannot do and the one country Northern Cyprus who should put the Apostil Stamp on the marriage certificate cannot do this because they are not signed up to the Apostil Stamp treaty. Please you guys get your thinking caps on here because we are lost as to what to do Many thanks
  5. Hi all,Well after 12 months now of trying to solve this problem out I still cannot get an Apostil Stamp put on our marriage certificate, I have even got a solicitor in Turkey and the best he can come up with is having the original marriage certificate translated into Turkish and have an Apostil Stamp put on the legalised translated Turkish copy. But sadly the Moldovan authourities have stated the Apostil stamp must be put on the original marriage certificate not a translated copy of it and the Turkish solicitor has said they cannot put an Apostil stamp on a marriage certificate issued in Girne, Northern Cyprus. Please can anyone help me out here because I am totally and utterly lost now as to what to do next. Many thanks Dave
  6. Thank you LawyerinIzmir, I will give the Moldovan Consulate a call in Ankara and see if they can help us. Dave.
  7. Hi Angi, Yes we ave tried the Turkish Embassy in Moldova many many times but all they ever say is it is nothing to do with Turkey or Ankara because we did not get married in Turkey and that the Apostile stamp must come from Northern Cyprus, but they cannot give us an Apostile stamp because Northern Cyprus is not signed up to the Apostile treaty, so round and round we go again. Plus the Moldovan government officials all say the Apostile stamp on our marriage certificate must come from Turkey as Moldova does not recognise Northern Cyprus any way and plus Northern Cyprus cannot give us the Apostile stamp even if they wanted to because they are not signed up to the Apostile Stamp treaty so round and round in circles we go again, it really is never ending. I am just reading the Apostil link now that you sent me and Moldova will not issue an Apostile Stamp at all because they say it must come from the country of origin and Northern Cyprus the state of origin of the document cannot do this either because they are not signed up to the treaty. Many thanks Angie and if anything else comes to mind please let me know Dave
  8. Hi Fil,Yes its certaily complicated and we have been going round in circles for seven months now without any success at all!! I thinks its beause Northern Cyprus is not signed up to the apostile treaty of countries and therefore cannot attach the apostile stamp and is only really recognised by Turkey and so they are the only country that as the right to attach the apostile to our marriage certificate (I THINK)The marriage certificate does have an official stamp on it, put on at the time of our marrage in Girne registry office Northern Cyprus, but sadly Moldova will not recognise this stamp until it has an official apostile stamp attached to it from Ankara Turkey. Any help would be fantastic. Dave.
  9. Hello all,My problem is my wife is from Moldova and I am English and from England, I was born there and we got married in Northern Cyprus (Girne) last June and I am at the moment in Moldova with my wife Anna and we went to get my wife's documents like passport, driving licence, identity cards etc changed into my surname. On arrival at the relevant Moldovan government office to make these changes we were asked to produce the marriage certificate from Northern Cyprus and the lady inspected the document and then said this marriage certificate was not legal in Moldova because it did not have a official Turkish apostille stamp on it. No one told us at the time of our marriage that my wife would need this apostille stamp fixing to the marriage certificate and I have since contacted the registry office in Girne were we got married and they told me they could not put this Apostille Stamp on there and that it must be done in Ankara Turkey. The one thing I do know now after many many hours on the phone to various government departments in Girne Nothern Cyprus and Lefkosa is that the people there simply cannot help us and do not have the authority to fix this apostile stamp to our marriage certificate and that it can only be done in Turkey apparantly. I have no problems with it in England because England recognises the marriage certificate as legal, but for my wife sadly the Moldovan authorities will not recognise it as legal until it has this official Turkish Apostille stamp attached to it. So until we get this official Turkish apostille stamp put on our marriage certificate my wife will not be able to change her name on any of her documents in to my name and our marriage will not be recognised as legal in Moldova and this is very very upsetting to my wife and also myself. I hope someone on this forum can help us because we have had so much differing advice on how to get this apostile in the past and all have proved to be incorrect, so please any good advice will be most gratefully accepted on how we can procede and obtain this apostille stamp on our wedding certificate and making everything legal and correct. Many thanks,Dave.
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